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Monday, July 8, 2013

Adventures of Snake III: I'm Done!- CCoursey Reporting…


       At this point everyone in my vampire family hates me except Snake. I was called for the first time by Amy to tell me what a slut I was, when I hadn’t looked at Snake that way once.  One he was introduced to me as Amy’s, two I wasn’t interested at the time in that stuff, and three his avi really wasn’t that appealing to me.  I had also experienced my first day as a stripper in the clan’s club…  Let’s just say I wasn’t so great on a pole.  One of Ophelia’s friends came to the club to teach me and a few others how to emote.  ‘Brutus’ is one of the most awesome emoters I know on Second Life to this day and the best part- he’s a really great guy.  So I sign on to SL where the clan that hates my guts ignores me, another stripper ‘Genie’ befriends me, and I go to the emote class.

                Brutus is a big ol’ boy, but he writes like Shakespheare.  I’m telling you ladies that man can make any woman blush, fan themselves, and cross their legs.  He gives us examples and note cards then suddenly I’m teleported back to my room.  In open it says: I’ve been killed that I have been sent back to my home location.  I tp back to the classroom, apologizing, because I’m one of the clumsiest people alive, I just know it’s my fault somehow.  We get started again and I’m sent back once again to my room.  Then it happens over and over.  It’s absolutely ridiculous, making my SL lock up and boot me off.  I get back on, Snake tells me to tp him right then, so I bring him to my room and he teleports me ‘somewhere safe’.

                It was too.  I met one of the nicest, sweetest ladies on SL that night, (we’ll call her Sabrina).  Sabrina brought her husband down and they talked me through going to the help button and hitting pushes, bumps, and hits to see who had hit me with a script.  I couldn’t see it since I’d been knocked off, but I knew where it was at least.  They also explained griefing, which is a horrible, dirty practice I detest.  Someone in the clan that was supposed to be like a SL family had griefed me.  Of course, Brutus was absolutely sweet about it, friending me, telling me not to worry, and to contact him with anymore questions, but at the time I felt like I had done something to deserve it when I hadn’t messed with anyone.  I was upset with the whole episode had went to the one person who hadn’t lied to me Victor.   Victor was aggravated that it happened, but waited until Sabrina had taken me out and about before he came to put in his two cents.

                Sabrina did take me out.  Where none of the women had really taken the time to talk decently to me, she did.  She took me around, answered questions about SL dating (everyone seemed to be of mind that I was dating), and took me to some great shopping spots.  She even helped me design a great avi just for stripping and gave me a gown she had made.  She was a wonderful woman, very sweet.  When she finished Victor came to pick me up, and she highly approved of him…  For some reason Victor seemed to intimidate the men, but the women would all jump in my box to tell me ‘Good job’ or ‘Kudos’.  *Shakes my head* I guess it was my own naiveties that I would talk to anyone, I didn’t care how old or what they looked like.  Not everyone is like that.

                Victor spent hours showing me about griefing.  He loaded me up with an anti-griefer’s kit and then he impaled me, shot me, and gave me guns to shot him.  It was fun, especially listing to his monologue on places to avoid in the south.  It was a really great ending to what had started out as an awful day.  Before I logged Snake seemed comforted that I was in a good mood and discussed becoming a vampire.

                No.   Someone apparently had it in for me, I knew nothing about the actual vampire part of the game, and who would want to be part of that kind of family?  He shrugged it off and wished me a good morning and I went on to Real Life.

                Second Life moves fast, as if you didn’t already know.  I log in and find out hey the clan is having a changing ceremony and I’m going to be turned.  I jumped Snake’s box, but Ophelia and him were already discussing it.  She didn’t think I should be turned either.  He had fought for me to be turned, then bought me a beautiful dress, I was left with no other option.  The ceremony was long and smoky, but at least I didn’t end up naked- much to a few’s disappointment.  The other two that were changed got congratulated in the clan’s chat, I didn’t.  I was excited though, I told Victor, my polish man, and my cowboy.

                I went out with one, he was still as new as myself, and celebrated.  We pose-balled it.  Yep,  pixeled.  He ended up in a wall, it was very short sentences, and I played with camera in disbelief entire time.  Not only was it not going to be a great time, but the Queen jumped in my box wanting a tp…  So my first pixelization was a terrible disappointment.  I felt a bit dirty, a bit shocked, and a bit guilty.

                With everything going on, with the horrible pixelization, and knowing people just didn’t like me I decided Real Life held enough stress.  I wrote my resignation from the club and turned it in to Snake, giving him two days notice that I was quitting Second Life.

Cris Coursey


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