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Friday, July 26, 2013

Adventures of Snake V- Ccoursey Reporting…

 Snake was now claiming I was his sister…  I wasn’t given much choice in taking him as family, Poet was eating it up.  He was flirtatious, forward, and all about demand.  He came off in a way I just knew I would not be able to handle him and I’d have another minion thinking I would be his girlfriend.  The only difference was this one was more forward and blunt about what he wanted.  I don’t remember if I didn’t have enough Lindens or what excuse I found, but I did not bite him straight away.  Instead I went to Snake, I explained in the best way I could I did not want that soul, that he was not the type of clan I wanted to start and deal with, I wanted people I could relate to so that we could have a tight-knit group.

                Snake did as Snake will always do- ignored what I was saying.  We opened the club the next day as usual, Victor had said he was going to come time and again, but had only made it twice.  I liked having him there, I liked when my polish man was there, and even the lycan, Cheech, I had met.   They were people that made me comfortable, even if I was nervous knowing one of those three were there served to calm me a little.  Cheech was the newest man I’d met, the first actual lycan. 

 I’d questioned him about different things about being a lycan and even tried to talk him into coming to my clan.  He explained I was poaching and that it was frowned upon by clans… Who knew?   We made it through that night with no problems, had traffic, and it was starting to become routine.  Snake would take off with the current woman of the night, and I would take over the club until a point that I would either take off to learn more about clubs or go hunting at the Freebie Galaxy.

                Second Life was becoming more familiar to me, I was becoming braver trying things, and I was becoming more comfortable as being the female of the clan.  I was starting to search out my own answers to things, I’d met another vampire that did not mind answering my questions.  I wasn’t depending on Snake so much for answers, but I was depending on him to make decisions.  Then my world was rocked, Poet dropped in while I was dj’ing.  He was back and ready to be bitten, no excuses.  He stuck around until the end of my shift, waiting until I could take him to the bite room and turn him.

                Snake was down at the club in an instant.  He was thrilled, there had not been women in the last clan that would actually hunt, so he’d never had many men around.  We were in each other’s boxes trying to argue whether he should be bit, and Victor walked in, distracting me.  He’d been on to me several times about not getting greeted as he walked in, well today I did not have time to take my rebuke.  I had a dominant male sitting like he owned the place and Snake telling me to make him mine.  Strip for him, sleep with him, do what you have to do just bit him, get him in.  Victor did not say a lot, but took off.  I was distracted enough I slipped and was okay let’s bite him.

                Snake was not a bit deterred, he drug us both up to the bite room to get a HUD, and then tells him, “Cris tells me you are a bit forward with her.  If she bites you, then you will listen to her.”  Can you say ‘Wow’?  I had Poet in my box wanting to know why I felt that he was forward, and apologizing for anything he might have done to make me think he would not follow my lead or be open to what I had to show him about SL.  It did calm me, I did bite him, and his attitude took a whole change towards me.

                Poet was a role player from other games, he asked questions I had never thought of, and he actually talked to me and listened to what I had to say.  He was coming to me, treating me with a respect I had not actually been given on Second Life- he was treating me like I knew what I was talking about.  I felt responsible for someone else’s Second Life.  It was a whole new feeling, I was very careful not to complain at first or question Snake in front of him. 

 I did not want him to know we were still at the point of learning to swim by ourselves in the big pond. *Smiles*  We definitely were little fish floundering around the big sea at that point.
                Sabrina contacted us.  She’d built on to her SIM and wanted to show us.  We took Poet over to introduce him.  It was beautiful.  She was a wonderful builder, she’d built a beautiful under the sea landscape and a gorgeous island paradise.  She seemed happy that I had a decent minion.  I stayed in his box, telling him different things about being a vampire and how great Sabrina was.  He was inquisitive and interested, I finally felt like I had someone on Second Life I could talk to.  Snake was just ready to start a clan and felt like this was the way to do it, that I was throwing something into the mix and he would not be the only male if I kept up my hunting.

                I finally was starting my Second Life family and Snake was thrilled.  We took Poet hunting with us, but really we were on call doing our thing and had found a spot where both of us knew what to expect from the other.  We had found a level of comfort where we could start building our clan, our club, our family and Poet was the first hard, the first challenge, and the first hill we were able to tackle.  We were a small force, but a force to be reckoned with at this point, because we were able to work with each other’s flaws and strengths and we were determined.

Cris Coursey


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