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Showing posts with label adventures of snake. Show all posts

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Adventures of Snake VII- Ccoursey Reporting…

            We had started our family, our clan, and things were coming together.  Kimber was awesome.  Snake showed a bit of interest in her, but Poet stepped in and stomped that…  That ended up backfiring and Kimber and Poet became a bit more than friends.  ::Sighs::  I think that was the point where Snake decided we should be more than friends.  He started getting friskier and more free with his comments.  We would take the two out hunting, shopping, or spend a bit teaching them about the club.  I was usually with Poet and Kimber with Snake.  I loved them.  I am tenderhearted anyway, but I became attached fast, because they were as excited about everything as I was.  We had very little in common, but it was the fact we were taking the journey of Second Life together and relying on each other that bonded us.  

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Adventures of Snake VI: Branching Out- Ccoursey Reporting…

            Snake was DJ’ing for half the night then I would take over.  Poet was an absolute blessing.  He was already a valued member by logging in, volunteering ideas, and he was a hunter.  Where Snake would DJ and have a crowd of women, I would be surrounded by men and trying to push them the stripper’s way.  Poet was bringing women in, he was running interference and it felt like he was trying to look out for me when Snake would take off.  Snake did take off- often.  It bothers me the women he associated himself with were so quick to be alone with him, I would tell them he was a ‘dog’ and they were all over him.  *Shakes my head*  Poet and I discussed the club and clan, he became a true friend I valued and trusted.  He also was able to bring into clan his first blood doll- ‘Kimber’.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Adventures of Snake V- Ccoursey Reporting…

 Snake was now claiming I was his sister…  I wasn’t given much choice in taking him as family, Poet was eating it up.  He was flirtatious, forward, and all about demand.  He came off in a way I just knew I would not be able to handle him and I’d have another minion thinking I would be his girlfriend.  The only difference was this one was more forward and blunt about what he wanted.  I don’t remember if I didn’t have enough Lindens or what excuse I found, but I did not bite him straight away.  Instead I went to Snake, I explained in the best way I could I did not want that soul, that he was not the type of clan I wanted to start and deal with, I wanted people I could relate to so that we could have a tight-knit group.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Adventures of Snake IV- Ccoursey Reporting...

                Snake , my liege, my boss, my friend was devastated that I was putting in my notice.  Victor, my closest friend, wasn’t pleased.  He told me to walk away from the clan, have fun like him, forget those that didn’t like me, that they shouldn’t ruin my experience. 

 Between the two of them I was torn…  On one hand I did enjoy talking to them, I did have fun at times, but I didn’t want to have Amy or Ophelia on my mind while I was dealing with my real life.  Snake went out of his way to have someone teach me to DJ even so I wouldn’t have to work the pole any longer.  I felt lost and lonely on Second Life, I wasn’t getting a lot of the concepts, and there was a lot of drama.  I logged off, telling Snake and Victor I would think it over, but it just seemed too much for too little.  I could just give them my e-mail.