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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Make a Wish in Second Life- sarahelisebeth Brenham Reporting…

Wouldn't it be great if Second Life© came with a lamp that produced wishes? Let's dream a little and see what wishes we would make.

 It would be interesting if the Lindens gave us all a magic lamp so we could make whatever we want to happen quickly and without catches. While this is unlikely to happen, I did ask several people what they would wish for if they did indeed have a magic lamp.

The most popular answer that people gave was they would improve the SL Viewer. Games and online programs that require computers to be greatly updated, can exclude many from using them. Why might this be? While the price of technology has gone down, the economy is still feeling the effects of the recession. In Second Life’s case, Linden Labs made the software to be most compatible on computers that have all the latest pieces of hardware and programs on it. Many would like to make SL accessible for everybody.

Along the lines of increasing the functionality of Second Life, a lot of those who I polled said they would like to see mesh clothing be better designed to fit avatars. While avatars come in various shapes and sizes, perhaps there is a way to create mesh apparel that is able to mold to each person’s body. 

One of the best things in asking folks what they would like to see in SL, is hearing ideas that could be implemented into or started on Second Life in the future. One thing that someone would like to see is an event that would be similar to the world fair. For those of you who don’t know what the world fair is, it is an event where people and businesses come together to showcase exhibits that they have made that pertains to a theme or issue. The way Mr. Reve Monde saw an event like this could take place in Second Life, is that people would create builds and those that won enough votes, would be added to a preselected sim. 

There was one woman’s dream that while its intent is good, has the capacity to spark a heated debate if it were to come true.  Amohe Noel wishes for people to be honest about their genders. Second Life was designed for folks to do and be whatever they want to be, so the need for people to disclose their sex isn’t necessary. However I feel that those who use SL as part of a business they have or assignment that they doing for a degree that they are receiving in Real Life, should be transparent about their identities. I also think it’s important for people who plan on meeting others from Second Life in RL to be truthful about their genders.

While the Lindens may never give us a magic lamp, why don’t we all take responsibility for making our dreams come true.  Besides that, we would never want a magic lamp in the hands of a griefer. Could you imagine the chaos that it would create!

The SL Enquirer would like to know what wishes you might have. Please feel free to use the comment box below to share your thoughts.


  1. I wish my less-able friends could wake up tomorrow, able to speak, walk, and other things they couldn't before.


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