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Friday, July 5, 2013

Spotlight on Lisisme Dubrovna: Grand Canyon, the Beauty of Simplicity – Glossom Resident reporting…

Carved by the hands of Lisisme Dubrovna, the Grand Canyon is one of the most powerful forces of nature virtually portrayed in Second Life.
Located on three outstanding regions with tremendous landscapes, it excels in all the opportunities it has to offer that outdo the expectations. Proficient in sports (radical sports, water sports and ground and air sports), it is also a place for relaxation, romance, shopping, art and for unforgettable experiences.

Music is a very dominant element that mirrors the multicultural atmosphere of the Grand Canyon. There are several clubs, each dedicated to a music genre: from blues to salsa, rock to R&B, etc… Outside the clubs, one can enjoy the nature and wildlife, discover those secluded romantic spots, relax on the various campsites available or have a picnic in the shadow, explore the underwater Mermaid Park, the Enchanted Forest, the Japanese Garden or travel to the old west.

The two beautiful lakes, Crater Lake and Lake Tahoe, the last located on the Lake Tahoe Ski Resort, are two of the Grand Canyon's greatest attractions. Separated by a wooden walkway, the lakes are set on completely different environments. On one side, Crater Lake, unveils a sunny day that appeals to the use of a light clothes. On the other side you will find Lake Tahoe surrounded by snowy mountains and ground. Both offer fantastic opportunities to spend a wonderful time.

We have talked with Lisisme Dubrovna, LIS on request, the woman who got fascinated by the amazing venues she crossed with in the beginning of her journey in this virtual world and dreamt of doing something big one day:

SLE: Why did you start the venue? What was your inspiration?

LIS:  First my RL brother and I bought a full region where we were going to build homes and rent parcels but it didn't go well. Then a friend encouraged me to terraform on a homestead he had. I went searching for land textures and a friend had the one which defines the Grand Canyon. Texture Carver has left SL so this texture is uniquely mine now. Another of my textures is custom made so also unique. They give the sim its natural beauty. So I was building at this friend's sim and created mountains, but nothing special, just fooling around. One night I woke up at 5 am with the idea of the Grand Canyon, so got up and logged in to see if it had ever been done. It hadn't, so I bought a homestead and built it.

SLE: So can we say that your inspiration to build the Grand Canyon came in shape of a texture?

LIS: Yes, pretty much.

SLE: Was your initial plan to have the Grand Canyon located in three regions or did you feel the need to expand it over time?

LIS: I used a full region to create dance venues and shopping and placed the Grand Canyon in the north sim. Then a friend was impressed with my work and gave me a grandfathered homestead that became Crater Lake and Lake Tahoe.

SLE: Is Grand Canyon a faithful replica of the real Grand Canyon or does it also reflect your imaginary?

LIS: I went to the Skywalk and it reflects my notions of the Grand Canyon as much as possible. My Skywalk is different but the same concept: a glass walkway out over the canyon like the real one. I built and maintain the sims with an ideal in mind: to give residents of SL a place for peace and quiet and beauty and to have fun and enjoy quiet romance. And it gives newbies also a lot of experience learning to move around.

SLE: What kind of events do you host in your venues?

LIS: We have live singers and DJs and we have hunts and simply tons of activities for everyone. I have tried to offer many things which people enjoy in RL: hang gliding and canoe and many vehicles and free horses. I built many horse trails.

SLE: Could you tell us what the estimate number of daily visitors is?

LIS: I'd say about 20,000 avatar hours for all 3 sims. That is hundreds of avatar visits per day. We have had well over 200,000 visitors over the past year.

SLE: Is this your only venture or do you have other venues or any other business?

LIS: I also own a sim called Green Land in partnership with StormyFox. I am creating a Zen sim for meditation and peace gardens. It hopes to be a place for people to meet and discuss good things they can do in SL to promote happiness and acceptance and find peace and equilibrium.

SLE: With so many projects in hand I can’t imagine the time you invest to keep your venues up and running. Do you manage them alone or have staff to help you?

LIS: I have some staff. I have about 4 active rangers. Willie Frangilli is an Estate manager; he watches over the sims for griefers and does restarts. WanLi Resident is also an Estate Manager, she meets and greets and guides people and watches out for objects which don't work properly.

SLE: Is the Grand Canyon a never ending project?

LIS: Always.

SLE: Thank you so much LIS for agreeing to be interviewed and for showing us your venues.

Words are not enough to describe what awaits you at the Grand Canyon. Consider it an invitation to visit it and don’t forget to share your trip adventures with us.

Until then!


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