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Friday, July 5, 2013

Technology: Mesh Studio- Jessi2009 Warrol Reporting...

So what do you do? Luckily there is a great and handy mesh tool that you can use to create mesh objects and that tool is…Mesh Studio.

Mesh Studio is the brainchild of TheBlack Box and Anjin Meili.  These names may be familiar to you if you have used the very popular Sculpt Studio, easy to create sculpt tool. The tool allows creators to create standalone mesh models or to create mesh models that can be manipulated and edited in real life 3D mesh creation tools.

Mesh Studio supports all of the prim types for Second Life and uses default texture mapping. Creators can remove faces and objects created are available in the .dae Collada format. Mesh Studio also allows creators to create 1 face textured objects or multi fact textured items.

The program has an extensive support system, including a website with step by step instructions and two support groups, one in English and one in German. Builders Brewery also has regular classes on Mesh Studio.

So just how easy is this tool? Very easy in fact. You can start by rezzing a regular prim in Second Life and inserting the script into the object. After you insert the script, you touch the object and decide which mesh settings you wish to use.

For example you can create a low, medium, or high quality mesh object. Once you change your settings, create the mesh object. An internet browser will load and you will be given the .dae file of the object you created. Upload the .dae file into Second Life and set the parameters. The new mesh version of the prim you created will be in your inventory. Rezz the item and you will now have a mesh version.

Of course these steps are not 100% complete; there are many options that you can use to create your mesh object, but they give you an idea of just how simple and quick this program is. You would also need to understand Second Life build techniques to create and texture your mesh objects. You can buy your copy of Mesh Studio from the Second Life marketplace and start creating your mesh objects today.


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