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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Music in SL: Interview with Leo McLaglen and the Bands of Alts - Piers Diesel Reporting...

In Second Life we are a world within a virtual world. 

People from across the globe, log into this virtual platform every day.  Others come here due to what they have seen in the news, heard in the media or are invited by friends.  Many people also come here to make money or just to socialize with people from all over the world that they may have never had the opportunity to meet in Real Life.

Leo McLaglen a Second Life performer who has performed at many top venues, Leo invited me to his home to have a chat about his singing in Second Life and also Real life.

Leo McLaglen: Hello Piers, welcome on my land

Piers: Thank you and thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to sit down and have a chat. So can you tell me a bit about yourself?

Leo McLaglen:  Sure I’m from the Netherlands. I play in a cover bands not only in SL but also RL Not only do I sing but I also play the guitar and do a lot of acoustic performance also which is fun.

Piers: Nice. What kind of music do you play?

Leo McLaglen: In SL and RL it's a lot of old rock and roll, blues, some classic rock and some surf instrumentals.

Piers: So what brought you to sl? Was it the music?

Leo McLaglen: No, not directly. I read something about in a newspaper that was in about 2007, when it was a huge hype and it made people rich so I became curious and joined. However, I feel now things have turned to normal proportions.

Piers: So would you say the music industry in sl has changed?
Leo McLaglen: I only know the music industry in SL as it is now as I joined the industry at a later stage in my SL life.

Piers: How long did it take you from joining SL to performing here?

Leo McLaglen: I started playing after a couple of years after joining SL. In the beginning I didn't really like it. Seeing an avi standing there, hardly moving or making the same movement all the time but after a while I reutilized that by playing in SL folks all over the world could hear me. Then I began to think that's a very interesting idea and now i like to do it very much, especially fun if I read reactions in the chat or people typing the words to the song in chat.

Piers: So would you say your fans help spur you on?

Leo McLaglen: Oh yes, of course. Just like with an RL gig. If you play in front of people that don’t react you have a very hard time but if they get of their minds! Then it's real fun.

Piers: So which venues do you play at?

Leo McLaglen: I have weekly gig at Vincent's Blues and Jazz bar. 11-12 pm SLT

Piers: So apart from performing in sl what else do you like to do?

Leo McLaglen: Sometimes I go sailing with one of my sail boats, see some other artist performing, search for interesting sims as there is so much to see in SL. Or if I do not want to do much I will stay at home and change some things on my land.

Piers: So what advice would you give anyone thinking of entering the sl music business?

Leo McLaglen:  I don't see SL as business. To me it's just fun I get some tips when I play, but also have to hire a stream. But I don’t play for the money, it's just fun to do. If you view it like this think anyone will enjoy performing in SL for as long as they wish too.

Piers: Well thanks for sitting and chatting with me.

Leo McLaglen: You're welcome and thank you for interviewing me.

Leo McLaglen is a performer you would be disappointed if you missed him.

If you wish to hear Leo perform then teleport down to
Vincent's Blues and Jazz Bar (Weekly at 11am SLT)

Group Leo McLaglen and the Band of Alts:  57bd0990-cfd0-6429-3be9-a5b65eaca5af


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