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Showing posts with label jazz. Show all posts

Thursday, June 30, 2022


Soooooo..I was bouncing around my favorite dance venues and when I got to Frank’s Elite, I stopped.  On the wall was a sign, advertising something called CUTS.  Well…my investigative reporter instincts kick into overdrive, and I simply HAD to learn what this was.  I managed to get some time on the calendars of  a couple of gents who are arguably among the busiest guys on the Grid, William Zeta (WZ) and Patrick Pearson (PP) and they agreed to chat with me about this highly innovative program.   Concert Under The Stars – “CUTS”

Josh (Thomass1 Bellic) JB:  So tell me Patrick.  As the Head organizer of CUTS, have you managed projects of this caliber before?  Share with us some of your background here in SL?

Patrick Pearson (PP):  I've always loved music, and find myself always wanting to explore musical traditions.  Prior to my time here at CUTS, I was a DJ and learned a lot about connecting with audiences.  The opportunity to be involved with CUTS presented itself in 2015 to fill in as producer for our Euro CUTS.  After that Jay Jones, who was running CUTS at the time, asked if I could fill in once a month. Sadly not longer after that he passed way and the mantle fell to me to continue the tradition.  DJ Filo Tani also helped keep CUTS alive when William took over.

JB:  So then, what is it that makes CUTS different from other dance events out there?

PP:  The question itself makes this somewhat incongruent from the concepts of what CUTS means, at least to me as this is not a dance event but an opportunity to provide an experience to enjoy concerts over several genres, touching the styles of romance, jazz, pop or rock as a whole. Under the covers, with the help of the collective of the band referred to as "The Usual Suspects" makes it sustainable and memorable week after week.  Not only is the music different, the stage is different, the costumes are different, and the experience is different.  It's the closest event in SL to being at a concert in RL.

JB:  Where do you find your talent?  And the Tribute bands?  Where do THEY come from?

PP:  The talent of the band referred as The Usual Suspects, who are regulars that help provide a look to the current weeks tribute band members, help to make it so enjoyable as a team as add authenticity to the performers, and they truly  have fun during the shows. As to the source material, I have made it possible to obtain the well recorded concerts ensuring the high-quality sound is maintained. These can be found online or via my own private collection of CDs. 

JB:   Who was the brainchild for CUTS and what were you hoping to accomplish?

William Zeta (WZ): The founder of Frank's, Nanceee Sinatra, was the innovator that create CUTS (and many of Frank's offerings).  She wanted to create a safe space free of drama, to come and enjoy listening, dancing, and being in good company.   She created something special, and we are honored to continue her traditions and add our own little twists.

JB:   Where did you get the inspiration for CUTS?

PP:  As Frank’s Elite (aka FEG Frank’s Entertainment Group) is under the guise of a romantic venue over its main years, we try to lean toward a more romantic leaned set of concerts.  However, we also try to diversify the style of music as well. Given the seasonal climates or some special weekends like Memorial Day, Cinco de Mayo among others, we look to give some Latino influences or some classic rock or some fun pop to reach a broader audience while being true to our regular base to give the variety needed.   It is particularly fun when we find a concert or an artist that we can introduce to our members that they never heard, but learn to love!

JB:    And how have the crowds been since you started the CUTS series.  Are the Guests responding in the numbers you had hoped?

WZ: Elite is a member-only venue, so it's not so much about the number but about the quality we provide our members.  With that said, we have between 40-90 avatars attend.  We have managed to keep the base over the years and some shows by their nature are very popular and will a greater audience.  That being said, overall it’s been quite good and sustainable even now, in spite of copy-cats trying to duplicate what we do. 

JB:    How might someone learn of any special events coming up at any of your venues.

WZ:  If you belong to any of the Frank's groups (e.g., Franks Place Elite Club, Franks Jazz ***VIP***) you will get notices.   Or you can stop by Frank's Jazz or Frank's Elite and look at the board in front of the clubs.  It contains a lot of info about upcoming concerts, DJs, live singers.  There is quite a lot going on.

JB:    I understand you also have a Loyalty Program? Tell me about that, please.

WZ:  It's called Frank's STARS.   You earn STARS for the time you spend and enjoy our venues.  For example if you spend two hours dancing the night away with us, you will earn 20 Frank’s STARS.  You can redeem your STARS for the goods and services we provide at Frank’s Entertainment Group, such as Private Events and Parties, Chateau d’Elite Dinning, Weddings.   You can also buy a day pass for Elite or a night pass for CUTS.  There are STAR vendors around the club which have that and other merchandise you can get in exchange for your points.  

JB:   And what of the future? Any new developments on the horizon.

PP:  We are always looking for ways to improve CUTS from the music to the technology for putting on shows.  We're also looking at ways to expand how DJs and Artists can reach an audience.  Lastly, we have been working on visual interactive experiences that immerse members in art and music, a completely different way to experience SL.  

JB:   Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

WZ:   Sure.  Here are some upcoming shows:


July 1, Canada Day @ Frank's Elite

~ C.U.T.S. 12PM & 8PM: Nickelback Live in Rock in Rio 2013


July 1-4 Elite Beach Weekend @ Frank's Elite

~ 4th of July Celebration


July 3, Sunday 7-9pm @ Frank's Jazz

~ Etta James


July 17, Sunday @ Frank's Jazz

~ Fleetwood Mac Tribute


July 21, Thursday. Amazon Dancers @ Frank's Elite

~ Michael Jackson dance show, 5PM


July 31 Sunday @ Frank's Jazz

~Marilyn Monroe Tribute


Also stop by Bogart's for some Karaoke, and Sphynx Jazz for close intimate performances.


Sooo...there you have it, Folks.  Straight from the Man who Knows.  See if you can “Make the CUTS” and join the team for a night of romance and dancing under the stars to the grid’s favorite tribute bands, every Friday at Frank’s Elite.  Believe me.  You’ll be glad you did.  And so will your dance partner.

Be There!  Aloha

-          Josh

Thursday, March 17, 2022


No exposé’ on popular romantic sims in SL would be complete without including the various iterations of Franks that are to be found by the intrepid entertainment aficionado.  Long a mainstay of the “Fine Dancing” genre, Franks Entertainment Group, consisting of five separate entertainment venues, ranks among the finest on the grid.  

While attending a Tina Turner tribute concert a few nights ago, I happened upon Mr. William Zeta, Owner of Franks Entertainment Group.  While Miss Turner was off-stage changing costumes, I managed to corral Mr. Zeta and ply him with questions about this most remarkable and Iconic venue.

Josh (Thomas 1 Bellic)  (JB)  Hi William. Thanks for agreeing to chat with me. What a gorgeous place you have here. Frank's Elite has long been iconic among the fine dancing venues in SecondLife. How did you happen to get involved in this business?

William Zeta (WZ):   Thank you very much. Frank's Entertainment Group (FEG) has a very long tradition in second life. Fortunately, from the beginning, I've been part of that (some as inspiration but mainly as a silent partner paying tier fees). For example, folks might not know, Sphynx Jazz Club was where Nanceee (the original founder and sole owner) first danced in SL, my home SL became what is Frank's Elite today, and my home's name Chateau d'Sphynx inspired the name for our famous dining experience—Chateau d'Elite.   And, when Nanceee left, she handed the baton to me. 

I'm proud of the history of Frank's Entertainment Group and excited about the future of Frank's. 

JB:  I understand Frank's Elite is not the only venue you manage. In fact, I have heard there are actually five main venues. Tell me about those please?

WZ:  Frank's has been in existence for 15 years now. We have seen many copy our name, even use our builds, and tag our name in their social media to use all the good nature and experiences we have built over time. But I would like to clear up some misinformation; all of our venues have been in continuous operation, are open, and are the first of their kind venues and experiences in Second Life:

·         Frank's Jazz—This venue is open to all, with DJs, live singers, and an event or two poolside (don't miss the Playdolls monthly pool party:).

·         Frank's Elite Jazz—Our private club with events and shows for members only.

·         Bogart's Karaoke Bar & Cafe—Our fun and informal space that releases the singing performer in you.

·         Sphynx Jazz—Our small intimate performance venue, with the tagline, "bring your ID, not your EGO."

·         Chateau d'Elite—Our private dining venue

We also have many smaller spaces to enjoy from Nina's Hall, Chez Frank, Elite's Chapel, Frank's Jazz Pool & Beach, etc.

JB:  Surely an operation this size is more than a one-man show. Who are some of the key folks who help in sim development and management?

WZ:  “Man show” is probably the wrong gender! We have a great team of women that are inspiring! First is Ms. Persia, our GM, and my right (also left) hand woman. She has an incredible work ethic and attention to operations that allow Frank's, to be Frank's. Sphynx Jazz Club is run by Ms. Yukie Le.   Ms. Pru is our decorating expert. DJ Patrick produces CUTS. DJ Filo focuses on marketing. And, our builds are done by Mr. Wetherby. Ms. Nina, Ms. Tali, Ms. Quinn, Ms. Rosa, Ms. Ninette, Ms. Jenn, Ms. Rati, and Ms. Jolie are critical parts of our management team. And we're excited that Ms. Petra Steele recently joined us, focusing on creating new types of events.    Talk about a powerhouse team!   And, of course, our team is supported by many wonderful hosts, DJs, and live singers! 

JB:  So…what is it that makes your venues different from all the other Dance venues out there?

WZ:  We never forget who is first and foremost in our minds every day. All our decisions begin with and end with how this benefits those who visit our venues. In fact, I spend a significant amount of time talking with members about their experiences. They have taught me much. We know that people feel better when they leave our venues. It is always reassuring to hear from our VIPs, members, and guests who say their first or significant second life events happen at a FEG venue.

Another key difference is that our purpose is the experience in our venues and the quality of our services. I mean, look at our team! Have you ever seen a large and talented group like ours focusing on guests and members? That's their sole job. That's meant to engage and delight! 

Lastly, we invest heavily in developing our own technology specific to our venues. For example, none of the karaoke systems were available as simple and easy to use for streams and voice, so we wrote our own.   We use a new event production system for CUTS and new immersive shows. Stop by Nina’s Hall to see what I mean:  There is a lot behind the scenes, such as a custom loyalty program--Frank's Star Points, and so much more.

JB:  I understand you also have a Loyalty Program? Tell me about that, please?

WZ:  This is another exciting innovation, and nothing like it existed in SL before. Today our guests collect Frank's Star points by visiting and engaging in our venues. You can use those Star points toward services, such as our award-winning Chateau d'Elite dining experience, Forevermore Weddings, gift certificates, flowers, and various cute and fun gift items. You use our STAR point vendors like you would use $L in vendors you are used to seeing. But that's just the beginning. The future is exciting as we focus on the total experience and have the capability to build a unique experience for our VIPs and members.   Our guests and members create value for themselves just by engaging with our venues.

JB:  I imagine there must be a lot of details to take care of in managing an operation of this magnitude. How do you prioritize them all?

WZ:  Frank's has been great at creating safe and engaging spaces for folks in Second Life for over 15 years, always honoring our past while innovating and changing continuously. You know you are successful when there are many copy-cat clubs out there. We've never worried about copy-cats. Instead, we focus on what we bring today and how we innovate in the future.

Creating the musical experiences, we have a great lineup of live singers and DJs that call our venues home. Many performers partner with us and work collaboratively on supporting and improving their show in ways that go beyond just their performance. 

Lastly, but equally important, is a safe environment and memorable experience for our guests and members ensured by our fantastic staff. They make all the difference.

To put it simply, our priority in order is VIPs, Members, Guests, Entertainers, and Employees.  

JB:  And what of the future? Any new developments on the horizon. Or additional Venues planned?

WZ:  I'm excited by all the focus on metaverses in the tech world. We are in the initial stages of leveraging the new tech we created last year. We will push that as far as we can, creating unique experiences! We will be producing new types of entertainment (more on that soon)! And a new venue? Hmm... possibly!  


JB:  Is there anything else you would like to share with our SL Enquirer readers?

WZ:  We have some great events coming up! 

NEW!! SpinMasters DJ—A fun competition between DJs. March 27th at 7PM-9PM. Poolside at Frank's Jazz. Smart casual and swimwear are recommended. You should soon see an announcement of our competing DJ's.

Saint Patrick's Weekend—Irish fun from March 17th to March 20th in all venues. It's not just a day for us, but an entire weekend! Dress like a Leprechaun.

Our 15th Anniversary Celebration. June 19th at all of our venues! A fantastic run enjoyed by so many guests, members, staff, and owners!

So, there you have it folks,  Grab your dance partner – or meet one there – and head on over to a Franks Entertainment Group venue for what is truly destined to be a Night to Remember.  Even if you used to go there, but haven’t lately,  give them a look-see.  It will be well worth your time.

Be There!



Franks Jazz

Franks Elite

Bogart’s Karaoke Bar & Café

Sphynx Jazz







Sunday, December 11, 2016

Christmas Music Showcase Today at Roadhouse Blues and Jazz Club - Starting 4pm SLT

The Christmas season is here! The Roadhouse kicked off this weekend with a Christmas Tree Lighting on the back deck accompanied by some classic Christmas music provided by Dj Real. 

Join us today to continue the Christmas festivities! There will be cookies, cupcakes, candy canes & eggnog. Don't forget to grab a stocking hat as well.  There are plenty of great dances for couples and singles. Mix and mingle around the tree or take a ride on the train.  Come on down to the Roadhouse and celebrate with us.

Sunday 12/11/2016   4:00 pm slt
Christmas Music Showcase / Harry Connick Jr.- When My Heart Finds Christmas

Sunday 12/11/2016 5:00 pm slt
Christmas Music Showcase / Kenny G - Wishes  A Holiday Album

note: the Showcases are recordings played from start to finish with no interruptions with some information given on the musicians or other facts known before the playing of the recording begins

Friday, March 18, 2016

Introducing the New Heart's Heaven Ballroom in Memory of Heartlite Jewell

 Heart's Heaven Ballroom is a little contemporary ballroom. We play music from love classics, Jazz, Blues, Classic Rock, Rock and pop. All are welcome. We are also going to be starting events and have a Trivia ball set up for entertainment. 

This is a formal and semi-formal wear venue owned by the late Heartlite Jewell.  This venue was her baby that kept her going. It was her life. 

Mrs. Jewell put up a big fight with her illness but ultimately her health declined. she always  fought hard to stay as long as she did.  She would always say keep my ballroom going.. so we did and made few changes. 


Visit us, enjoy the atmosphere and help us keep Mrs. Jewell's memory alive.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

THE LOUNGE Grand Opening : Saturday 27 June, 12-8 PM SLT

~The Lounge~ is SL's newest home for all true Jazzthusiasts.  We welcome lovers of Jazz in all it's forms and genres. From classics by Basie, Coltrane, Gillespie, et al, to Bossa, World Fusion, Jazzanova, Swing, Electro-Swing, Funk and more, we love it and play it all!  

A true Jazz venue in SL is hard to find.  We've staked out our turf with expert DJs catering to knowledgeable patrons who enjoy the best of Jazz in all its forms.  Many are only familiar with "smooth" Jazz, or Bublé-style crooners, but at ~The Lounge~ you will hear it all, from hard bop to modern to the classics.  There is no better place than ~The Lounge~ to immerse in the cool and relaxed ambiance of great music, in great company!

So we are excited to announce the Grand Gala Opening of ~The Lounge~, Second Life's newest Jazz club, on Saturday 27 June. It will be a star-studded event, ongoing from 12:00 noon SLT through 8:00 PM, with an encore show on Sunday featuring yet another stellar lineup of DJs.  

For our Grand Opening, we have prepared a fantastic lineup of your favorite DJs, as well as a special appearance by the fantastic saxophonist Trowzer Boa, performing live with a mix of his favorite Jazz covers and some of his own compositions.  To close out our grand finale on Saturday, DJ Xaphy will showcase her homage to the sultry days of old Havana, with her "Nights in Havana" set.  Here's the program:

Saturday, June 27th:
    12-2 PM - DJ Speelo Snook
    2-3 PM - Live Performance by Trowzer Boa on saxophone
    3-5 PM - DJ Harry Hargreaves
    5 PM 'til Closing - DJ Xaph "Nights in Havana" Revue

Sunday, June 28th:
   12-2 PM - DJ Riff Gaffer
    2-4 PM - DJ Strider
    4-6 PM - DJ John Nordic

For this gala opening, we strongly suggest formal attire.  Please share this invitation with all your friends, and let them share this day of great music, fun and dancing!

Inworld Contacts:
Xaphyre Ansar - Proprietor
John Nordic - PR
Dai Oanomochi - Manager

Follow us on Facebook!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

VIVA LA DIVA! – A Fireside Chat with Miss Diva Stone -Mackenzie Abbot Reporting

 "Do Right Woman" ~ Miss Diva Stone LIVE

As a reporter, you have to learn to keep emotions and feelings separate when you report on events, to remain neutral in opinions and generally be someone other than you for a while.  However, when it comes to Miss Diva Stone, I for one will go doe-eyed and girly in a split second and not give a flying damn how pathetic I look.  Ever since I heard her sing my name, I’ve never been the same.  So when I asked her for an interview, and she agreed, I literally turned into a prime number and exploded.  She arrived almost as nervous as I was and brought her Master and Chain Sister for moral backup.  We sit by a fireplace full of candles and the coffee starts to flow.

M: So, Miss Diva, first of all thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with me, first of all, when did you discover your talent for singing?

D: I began singing when I was in 3rd grade in French class. The teacher was teaching us a song called "Alouette".  And I would sing louder than the whole class. But instead of singing along, I would be ad-libbing.  I didn’t know what it was but I had heard my mom doing it when she sang in different venues in Detroit, and then later at home for my Dad. So I was imitating her in me in big trouble.  I still know that song.

M: But I bet you didn't do it in the style of Aretha Franklin!

D: I tried my hardest I am telling you and my teacher (French Canadian) did not find it funny, but my Mom did.  She wanted to pull me on stage.  And sing in front of thousands of people. She sent me to classes and coaches.  But my nerves...that was the real problem I had.  I would go out on stage with her and puke.  It was my Dad, who focused me.

M: And how did he do that?  How did you overcome the nerves?  Do you still get nervous?

D: Well first, yes I do, but not as nervous as I used to get.  My Dad would make me sing in front of him, I mean real close in his face. When I tried to close my eyes or if I would get woozy, he would thump me on the forehead and say "Are you weak? Are you Mine? Then act like it “I was so pissed at him the first time he did it. Then it would be for him and the family then for him and his co-workers.  Then it went to the middle of K-mart!  He was super focused and determined, I thought he was just crazy.  He would make me sing him to sleep and in the morning, and after work.  He was relentless.  So, the first time in a while after the puking incident, my mom was opening for Anita Baker at the Fox.  She was singing "If I Could" by Regina Bell, I was standing back stage with my dad right in front of me with this look on his face like "Don't you embarrass me!".  And when he called my name, he smiled and pulled me in close.  He said "you have my strength in you. Use it" then he thumped me in the head for good measure.  And I went and stared at my mom for the first part of the song, she pointed at my Dad, he smiled and pointed at the audience.  I love my Dad, I love him for that.  And that was all she wrote.  I was 10 by then

M: So with your Mom's voice and your Dad's determination, you became who you are today?

D:  Indeed.  I must say, I am still finding who I am and it still takes a lot of determination and practice and I doubt myself even now.  I just have a few more tools in my packet to use to help get me through. Not to mention a few good people always ready to thump me in the head or give me a pep talk.

She looks at her Master and Sister, sitting close by

M: What doubts do you have?  I mean with a voice like yours, what could you possibly fault about yourself?

D:  I sometimes don't hear myself the way other people do. I am extremely hard on myself. I am a perfectionist when it comes to this music thang.  I hear every fault and crack and broken board in my voice before it leaves my lips and I am always drilling myself and trying for better. It’s not just the sound that I critique.  I have to feel what I am singing in my core. If I can’t connect to what I am singing, I don't do it. If I can’t make myself Happy, or Sad, or Aroused with a song, then I trash it.  I cry and laugh and sometimes bring myself to the brink of an orgasm when I sing. I have to feel every song. And that’s not always easy.  Especially if I am not happy when I sing a happy song for example. I have to find happiness, so my audience will FEEL my joy.  You feel me?

M: Not since the circus event no, but yes I do generally.  Oh god that sounded bad...ill rephrase that

D: Laughs

M: But to answer your question, yes I feel everything; every intonation, feeling and emotion in every note you sing.

D: And that is when I feel I am doing a good job, when I am worthy of the applause...

M:  As an ex entertainer myself, I know about perfectionism and self-critique

D: It can be nerve wracking.  But so worth it in my opinion.

M:  Indeed, half the battle is overcoming the fact that people have come to hear YOU.  The rest is gaining their admiration and love through applause. 

D: yes! Exactly

M: Which is why my stand up career fell flat.

D:  I don’t know why, you are funny as hell.  It was a joy to work with you, truly.

M: slips Miss Diva L$100 and whispers "Keep Talking"

D:  I still panic before every show here in SL

Mιʂʂ Dιʋα Sƚσɳҽ giggles and tucks the money in her top, and continues..."Your wit is basically unmatched and refreshing"
Smiles ..."more?"

M: Someone once told me that when the nerves go, it's time to jack it all in.  Do you believe that’s true?

D: I do, the nerves keep you hungry and open.  Open to growth and striving to get better.  They keep you yearning and thirsty for that new thang, that new edge the new lick or trick in your voice. A new height and pull with you vocal folds.  NEWNESS!  And new things are always more exciting.  Keeping them guessing and hungry right with you, in the moment..stuck

M:  Let's talk more about you as you are now.  When I first heard you sing my name, it was like aural magic.  I thought to myself "there is one special talented and quite frankly gorgeous lady whose vocal talents are unmatched anywhere in Second Life"

(Leans over and takes back the L$100)

M: How would you describe your style?

Mιʂʂ Dιʋα Sƚσɳҽ winks, pulls 100 more from her purse and places it where his used to be. 

D:  I would describe it as RAW.  It is sexy and sensual, even the songs that are not.  I make them that way. It’s raw in that I like to appeal to the animal nature in my listener... I growl and grovel and please and moan and whine...I’s guttural.  It’s from my soul to yours.

M: I can certainly vouch for that!

D:  I want to be felt as well as heard. My sister is saying personable and personal. I completely agree!

M: How did you find about SL?  Is there much difference between performing in real life and in here?

D:  I was watching TV one day and I saw a commercial for it, it seemed similar to the Sims Family which I played in my spare time. Then I googled it and saw realistic experiences of a sexual and graphic nature and let’s just say..I was feeling like that at the I SL. And as for singing here. It is very different for me because I am used to the theatre and singing on stage in plays and such in RL.  So it was an adjustment to go from that.  Full power, no mic singing to having to hold back and still give all of my passion and soul in my music.  But, I do enjoy not having to spend hours..wait I still spend hours getting my avi ready so scratch that.

M: Who were your singing idols growing up?  Did you have any?

D: Oh I had many, my Mom being the top of my list. Then it was Etta James, Rachelle Ferrell and Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin, and Whitney Houston definitely

M: Is there any of them in your vocal performances?

D: Oh yes! My growl and raspiness are a product of Etta James.  My runs and licks often stem from Rachelle Ferrell, and Whitney Houston.  My Power comes from my Mom and Aretha Franklin.  My Moan exudes Nina.

M:  So where can people find out more about you and where you're performing?

D:  They can join my group or my subscriber. But If they search my name, I have in my profile, my schedule, a list of people who are blogging about me and in this case writing articles ^^ :), and I also have links to a few songs in there as well. For booking and to obtain a bio they can contact me directly or my most AWESOME manager and good friend Misitblu Verino.  I have some videos also coming up soon to YouTube.

She is still a bundle of nerves by the time I conclude the interview.  She tells me she enjoyed the experience of being interviewed and the nerves appear to leave her.  I wish I could say the same.  I’m still a wobbly gibbering wreck on the inside but ever the professional on the outside.  After all, I’ve just interviewed my favourite singer of all time and can still hear the raw sexiness in which she sang my name, all those weeks ago.  Will you excuse me a moment?

Information about Miss Diva Stone can be found in her group secondlife:///app/group/52977b51-79dd-f423-8c05-c621e712fc89/about

Friday, January 23, 2015

Spotlight on the Elegant Luciano's Jazz Club & Lounge – Sunny Love Holiday Reporting…

Fans of Jazz music know that Jazz is synonymous with elegance, class, and grace. So one would, of course, want the venue that they enjoy their favorite Jazz music in to possess the same qualities. In order to truly enjoy and have a realistic experience at an jazz venue in Second life, the atmosphere must be light hearted, fun, friendly and “all that Jazz”. After attending the grand opening of Luciano's Jazz Club & Lounge, I was convinced that this lounge not only upheld all the qualities previously mentioned but so much more.

As soon as I teleported to the red carpet, my imagination sent me to a very upscale Jazz club in New York. I was quickly greeted by the lounge manager Sydney de Prata with a warm smile. After showing me my seat with a few friends that had already arrived, my heart was warmed with the flow of music and drinks. I waited with anticipation for Luciano de Prata to take the stage, and grace the packed room with his voice. 

Now, I have heard many live singers before, but none with such a silky smooth voice as Mr. de Prata. As the drink flowed and the dancing began I snuck up to the 2nd level on an elevator quite unique to second life……where I was glad to see another bar (more liquor…yay!), and classy lounge area that included a greedy table. Everyone was down stairs enjoying the event but I imagined men with black tie suits and cigars would be filling this lounge up once word got out. I was completely impressed overall with the event, and as any good reporter would, I contacted the lounge staff to find out more information. I was delighted that Mr. de Prata agreed to meet with me knowing how busy his schedule was. 

The following is the delightful conversation Mr. de Prata and I had:

Sunny: Hello Luciano, Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with me today. Wow the venue is very lovely. I understand the great Catta Grizot, the creator of Atrium Designs built this club for you. Please explain to our readers the story behind the design.

Luciano: I'd love to. Even though I am Norwegian I've spent most of my adult life in New York,      where I've worked in music and entertainment. One of the theaters I kept returning to always caught my eye in a special way. It was so timeless and inspiring. The Bowery Ballroom originally built as a shoe store in 1929, believe it or not. I took inspiration from that for the facade of Luciano's. That is however the only similarity it has with the Bowery. I don't have the skill-set for building this as I wanted it to be, but Catta Grizot happens to be a good and old friend of mine. She loved the idea, and together we had it finished in about a month. She did it amazingly, I must say. No wonder she is so successful.

Sunny: Wow…..that is wonderful, and I must say it looks very real life like. What was your inspiration for opening Luciano's Jazz Club & Lounge?
Luciano: Throughout my years in Second Life, it was most of all the incredible live music that made me stay. I particularly love the ballroom jazz clubs that has become a true SL trademark.
Still, I always wished for a more intimate kind of Jazz Club as well. Like you would find in Manhattan's theater district or the Latin district in Paris. A quaint venue with that certain timeless atmosphere. That is why I decided to create Luciano's.

Sunny: Ah I see. I was able to attend the Grand Opening which occurred on December 27th, 2014, and I must say I felt the intimate, elegant, and timeless atmosphere as soon as I walked in the door so job well done. Since then, your jazz club has reached the top 10 of jazz clubs on every Saturday on the traffic stats…..that has to be exciting. What do you think helps contribute to the overnight success?

Luciano: Well, I like to think this was not a long-shot. Neither was it a spontaneous project. I have been toying with this idea for years, and built the venue about 20 times in my head. But timing seemed right now, and I got all the right people involved in the process.

Sunny: Yes, I think great staff always makes the difference! Speaking on staff….How many musical acts do you have currently playing here?

 Luciano: We have live concerts with a series of singers every Friday and Saturday as well as DJ's. So far this year we have booked acts throughout April, most of them for several gigs. I believe 8 different singers in total.

 Sunny: Other than Jazz…….What type of music is featured at your club?

Luciano: Naturally we try to feature as much jazz music as possible, but we also play quite a bit of blues, pop, rock and a bit of Latin American music.

Sunny: Always nice to give a variety. So tell me….where can people find out about upcoming events at Luciano's Jazz Club & Lounge?

Luciano: We have a very active Facebook page that I would recommend checking out. The web address is Also, people would be wise to join our group in-world. As we advertise all live music events there.

 Sunny: There are many talented people in sl who are always looking for a warm, and comfortable club like yours to perform at. How would one go about auditioning to perform at your club?

Luciano: Every Thursday we have Open Mic sessions between 5 pm and 7 pm slt. If someone stands out at one of those we will often offer them to come back to do a paid concert. Also singers and agents should feel free to approach me personally if they wish to play here. I pick all acts for the lounge myself.

 Sunny: Oh I am sure you have a great eye for talent. I was really impressed with your natural singing voice…..Have you been preforming in SL long, or did you just decide to do it for your club?

Luciano: I've been performing all my life, but I never thought I would be doing it in SL. It was in fact just after opening the club; I realized it would make a lot of sense to occasionally do a concert myself as well. And I've quite enjoyed it, to be perfectly honest. But I still prefer to come in here on a Saturday, sit at the bar with a glass of red, and listen to someone else blow the audience and myself away.

Sunny: That is amazing! I truly enjoyed meeting with you today. I am quite sure you are going to be doing big things in 2015. I wish you nothing but success! Thanks you for your time.

Please take time and visit Luciano's Jazz Club & Lounge, located on the wonderful sim of Lago De Prata The staff makes you feel at home, the atmosphere is inviting, and Luciano's voice is heavenly. Take your special someone for a night on the town, you won't regret it.

Client Preferred Contact: Luciano de Prata or Sydney de Prata

Friday, June 27, 2014

Premier Jazz Club presents: "The Beach Boys" LIVE in concert July, the 5th 9 PM SLT

 Come join us for an amazing show from one of the most captivating and influential bands of the twentieth century. 

 This award winning group will entertain you on a trip down memory lane with their smooth sounds. They are sure to offer you an amazing performance and a night to remember. 
Premier Jazz Club, where dreamers come to dream...

Friday, April 11, 2014

Re-Opening of Elite Sounds of Jazz @ Seychelles Isle- April 12th at 2pm SLT

Elite Sounds of Jazz owned by Foxhaven2000 Hecht will be re-opening it's doors on Saturday April 12th 2014 at 2PM SLT-with even a more robust atmosphere to please the toughest of critics it is an inspiring venue designed by ericaanne Hastings who has completed many popular venues for BOSL.

Elite Sounds of Jazz-Premier will be the go to place... most attended venue in SL where "Elite Meets Elite." World-Wide Live Shows and Air Artist- are among the best on the world-wide grid!

Established in 2009 with hundreds of favorite fans! Nestled on the best properties in SL beach resorts@Seychelles Isles. Explore the island you will find Elite Sounds of Jazz by Masina a rock venue surf-side with a quaint tiki bar for socializing.  Meet friends... be entertained...pampered and swept up in a romantic fantasy... like none other in SL.