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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Overheard in SL - Lacy Muircastle reporting ...

Wills:   Being popular in SL is like sitting at the cool table in the cafeteria at a mental hospital :D

[13:08] Zane: I hear LL is working on the smell-0-vision thing...
[13:08] Zane: right up there with chat lag ;-)
[13:09] Clint: I cannot wait for SSB to take effect grid wide!
[13:10] itsme: a smell option in sl??? i better stop eating onions
[13:11] Zane: what's latest news on SSB?  is there a percentage done?
[13:11] Zane: LOVES onions
[13:11] itsme: zo do i but with a smell option in sl idk hahahaha
[13:11] Yannis: so far, SSB only got applied on the "beta" servers
[13:12] Clint: starts to create SL's first Deodorant
[13:12] Yannis: magnum, le tigre....
[13:12] Zane: oh those are beta?
[13:12] Bonadea: would make men change and buy clothing more often that's for sure
[13:12] itsme Nyle: so*
[13:12] Zane: really?  I thought it was farther than that
[13:12] itsme: inserts funny smell eaters in his shoes
[13:12] Zane: gosh it will be 2 years before they finish
[13:13] Yannis: 2 years?
[13:13] Yannis: really?
[13:13] Zane gives itsme a "beware of shoe sniffers" sign
[13:13] itsme: hahahah ty zane
[13:13] Yannis: someone is highly optimistic, I see... since when did L.L. finish ANYTHING in just two years? o.O
[13:14] itsme: and them find out in 1.5 years the ssb wasn't the way to go
[13:14] Clint: Change clothes MORE?  We already change our clothes 6 times per show!


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