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Sunday, August 4, 2013

That's SLife - by Lacy Muircastle ....

Dear Lacy, I have been in Second Life for over two years and have been in the dating scene just as long. Within my time here I must have slept with about 25 guys. As time passes, my interest in sex in SL has faded and doesn’t seem as exciting as it once was. I recently met a great guy that is so much fun to hang out with but he is interested in more. I am afraid if I don’t put out, he will move on. How can I bring back that desire again so that we can have an exciting relationship? Should I just fake SL sex to make him happy?

Struggling with SL sex

Dear Struggling, let’s consider a few things,  what is your motivation for being in SL in the first place, are you here to socialise, or are you here to use the platform as a creative outlet, or maybe a combination of both?  I am going to assume for the sake of this column that you are here to socialise.  Next what does socialising mean to you, are you here to take a break from a mundane RL, or are you looking for a meaningful relationship with a view to taking it into RL?  I am going to presume that it is the latter since you mention you have been ‘on the dating scene’ for most of your time in SL.  Therefore since I have assumed that you are looking for something real to transpire, my advice would be that you to fake the SL sex, it will give you some insight into whether your guy has any kinks you may not be able to deal with.  You can bet your bottom dollar, that if he wants to tie you up in SL he is going to want to tie you up in RL.  You may think that you are just going along to keep him happy, but sex in SL is so cerebral anyway that you will find that you derive some satisfaction from it yourself, plus you will know what makes your man tick so much better, giving you the opportunity to decide whether you want to pursue the relationship or not. 

Good luck and much happiness

Lacy M


  1. Ugh, this is really an issue? Tell him to go to a porn site and relieve himself.

  2. lol @ Serra's comment. Apparently it is an issue for this busy girl. lol


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