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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Vintage Fashion Finds a Home- Jenna Odisark Reporting…

For those into role play or portraying different historical eras you will be excited to find out that there is a new vintage and retro. One of the most difficult areas of doing role play in a vintage time period is to find the proper fashion to wear.

 This new endeavor is a partnership with Old Time Prims and 1920's Berlin. Frau Jo Yardley and Mila Edelman have teamed up and are opened a new sim for supplying the retro and role play communities. The name is Old Time Prims.  It is a simple, basic straight to the point name, and one that is known as a place for vintage fashion for some time in Second Life. The new sim is striving to be the ultimate place to shop for vintage and retro clothes and items. They cover pretty much everything between the Victorian era and the 1960s.

1920 Berlin's Frau Jo Yardley explained that the aim will be to offer quality and authenticity, so she and Mila Edelman handpick the shops and make sure that the items there are from the right age and look good. She said, “We will keep expanding as long as we find shops that we think are up to scratch and fit in with the theme. We will personally invite shopkeepers to come and join us after hearing about shops that might be something we're looking for. We listen to what people in the vintage and role play community are excited about and then see if those creators are interested in opening a shop with us.“

Mila Edelman had envisioned something along the lines of a new sim a long time ago, when her popular Old Time Prims shop started to grow over time. She explains, “Well, even my wonderful friends at Esoterica knew, way back when, that Old Time Prims would someday outgrow her space there. We did make plenty of room for that to take several years, but someday, it would happen. We had always planned that, if Esoterica was still open by the time Old Time Prims outgrew her space, I'd keep it as a satellite store, and open a full sim for the main store. And eventually the time started to come, that Old Time Prims needed to expand to her own sim. With over 1000 individual products, well, she's getting big.”

To take it back to the beginning, they met back in 2009 when Frau Jo Yardley, new to Second Life, came into the store at Old Time Prims. Being in-world only a short time, she had an idea for a historical era sim and decided to try to make it work. “We met when I was still a ‘noob’ in SL. I was only a few months old when I decided to start the 1920’s Berlin Project and realized I wanted some freebies and shops in my sim. Old Time Prims was and is one of the best vintage clothing shops in SL. So I contacted her, she got excited about my plans, and soon we realized we shared the passion for history. Our dreams and plans for SL are very much alike so we soon decided to cooperate on projects such as 1920s Berlin.”

Mila Edelman also remembers the conversations they had as they began to cooperate, “She explained that she was opening a 1920's Berlin sim and she needed some free clothing to offer visitors, many of whom were unlikely to have a huge collection of 20's clothing in their inventories, especially at the time. From then on, we discovered how much our pasts and our future goals matched up as far as history and education, and finding a way to make a grand place for people to enjoy the past fully.”

As many know, Mila Edelman also co-owns the 1920's Berlin sim, as well. Jo Yardley, the other owner, and her, discussed possibilities, and how they could best leverage placement. They decided that both Berlin and Old Time Prims could be best served by attaching it to Berlin's teleport area, and making it a much bigger shopping area for historical clothing, than they had the room to do on Berlin alone. Jo Yardley said of this aspect of the project, “I only needed half of the prims of a full sim for my own store, so we opted to move all of Berlin's teleport area vendors to the Old Time Prim street just meters away, and make it one excellent place to buy the best in historical clothing. This also allowed our vendors more prims to work with, and, since the Old Time Prims side isn't limited to the 1920's and 30's, they could offer more, or all, of their goods.”

The new sim opened late last year. The name of the sim is “Old Time Prims”, however, they style it as "Historical Market Street". Shoppers are able to find clothes from historical eras, as well as furniture and plenty of fun little gadgets. Their goal is to offer the best in historical shopping, in one place, as they have mentioned that many of the smaller ventures are disappearing. Since this sim is not restricted to the offerings of what would fit into 1920's Berlin. They explained that they are very much looking forward to inviting shops who cover much more eras. There will be no emphasis on any one time period, as they want people to be able to find anything in the vintage arena, not just items from eras the two of them particularly favor.



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