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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

BREAKING NEWS! There is a sloppy BOB THE BUILDER Griefer on the Loose!

SLE POLICE REPORT -Lucifer Skizm- 8/6/13

It has been reported to the SL Enquirer that a Bob the Builder type of griefer escaped from a local  SL quarantine  recently and has been running amuck across the grid. Witnesses say they saw what allegedly appears to be a local clown, Lucifer Skizm defacing property belonging to Glossom Jonesford. 

Apparently Mr. Lucifer decided it was cool to take his shovel and start excavating land around a home that did not belong to him as well as board up windows and drop random objects and a  flea infested bed around like a slob.

The victim is shaken up and can’t imagine the atrocities that took place on that, in her quiet humble home. It appears this griefer used her residence to do his dirty deeds and leave his mark. Hazmat has been called to the scene.

Please be on high alert. Lucifer might be traveling with two goon accomplices; Annice coba and Demerol Texan. If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of this griefer, please don’t get to close.  Call your local pest control unit or take matters into your own hands by muting and banning this festering clown.

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