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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Where Art and Machinima Collide: Tutsy Navarathna.. – Piers Diesel Reporting…

In Second Life we have art galleries where artists are able to show their Real Life paintings and art work in Second Life for others to enjoy across the globe who may have never gotten the opportunity to have seen their work.

Tutsy Navarathna 
 I am a big fan of Machinima in Second Life; good Machinima where it leaves you deep in thought and wondering how it was created.  Art is also something which I like doing in Second Life with regards to photography. So, when I discovered Tutsy Navarathna work( Winner, UWA III 2011 & Jury prize of Machinima Expo 2011), it was only natural to interview him about his work both as an artist and his work in Machinima.

Piers. How did you start out in machinima?

Tutsy. I discovered Second Life in 2007 and as every noob do I had to get used to the interface: I learned to walk, to run, to fly. I saw my avatar bumping like crazy against the wall, or walk without moving forward, no idea why. I ended up with huge stuck on my body things that did not want to go, and of course, crashed ... I greeted people who did not answer me. I asked for friendship without success. I chased girls who laughed at my gross robot awkward appearance. I travelled through this new living space, seeking what might be interesting to do in this world. Then I took a bit of confidence in myself,
And I met a photographer who exposed in SL. He was for sure one of the first to do that. He had a gallery of several floors full of pictures. I thought it was fantastic. Inside SL, it looked like a sort of journalistic document. It was a discovery for me. All of a sudden, Sl had taken a new dimension. It was no longer a game but offered a real “second life” where there was even the option of leaving a testimonial of the activity people could have in this world.
So I also started to take pictures and accumulated hundreds of photos. My second life took sense.
One day I learned that it was also possible to film in SL and that such films were called machinimas.
Being already a movie maker, I quickly understood the process, it just needs a screen capture piece of software and some editing knowledge. It fascinated me right away and I attended a first machinima contest with a short film that won the second place! Here, the thing was launched.

Piers. How do you use for your SL machinima creations?

Tutsy. SL is a fantastic tool for all designers, whether they are photographers, builders, animators, filmmakers, writers, fashion designers or having any kind of creative activity.
In my case, I consider SL as an epitome of environments giving opportunities to share talents and expertise. Overall there is a real support between people within the cyber community.

Piers. Has machinima changed throughout the time you started out in SL? Also in what way?

Tutsy. I think that when you are a resident of SL, you need to know what you can do well in this world where you can spend so much time. The strength and weakness of SL is proposing nothing specific. It is the residents who create the world and just like in real life, if you lack imagination or if you are not adventurous, virtual life can quickly become boring. Creation is one of the possibilities to live his virtual life in an interesting way.

Piers. What software do you use to film?
Tutsy. Working on a Mac, I use a very efficient software named "iShowU HD". It allows you to capture images in full HD standard with the Apple codecs or in H264. I use Final Cut Pro 7 for editing my footages.

Piers. What are your three tips in filming?
Tutsy. I have only one, which is to be passionate :)
When you make a movie, you need many skills and overall, it is a long process, from writing the scenario to editing sounds and last touches.

Piers. You also have your art work exhibiting at Nitroglobus Gallery. Can you tell us a bit about this?
Tutsy. A few months ago, while talking with Dido Haas and Nitro Fireguard who are long-time friends, I had the idea of offering them a photo exhibition of my films. They loved this idea right away. So I set myself to work although I didn’t had a clue of how to set up this exhibition, especially as I have no SL building experience ;)
I remembered of having visited a cinema painted posters and signs workshop that can still be founded in India where I live now. The atmosphere of the workshop, the large painted posters, the dexterity of the painters, all this was completely fascinating to me, and even more as I used to make art paintings myself for several years and acutely knew how difficult it is :)
So for my show, I wanted to recreate the atmosphere of a paint shop of this kind.
From there, I was actually helped by friends including Dolphin Aeghin and Pixié de la Rain who gave me their knowledge in building and texturing. I should also mention the "Ecole de SL" (a French group helping people in SL) whose members worked on interactivity scripts, namely ChimKami , Coxigrue Borgin and DarKSilence Mavendorf.
Nitro Fireguard worked on the in-world showing of my films and Dido Haas did a remarkable job of PR by widely announcing the exhibition.

Piers: What else do you like to do in Second Life apart from filming?

Tutsy. Like many residents, I do a lot of different things, like cultural tours, walks around new and old sims, sometimes RPing and shopping, dancing, chatting with friends from all part of the World.

To view more of Tutsy Navarathna work: Narcisse "VF +  english subtitles"

Nitroglobus Gallery


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