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Friday, September 6, 2013

The Boobies of Second Life! Highlight on a free second life group:The Big Boobie Babes Group (Part1) ©-Orchids Zenovka Reporting...

Though it is easier to cry in a Mercedes than out on the street, the best things in life are still free…
- Orchids

What is one of the beauties in life that is free yet comforting at any time? Yes, its boobies! Breasts are beautiful; be they small or big. The sacred feminine is often described by the cleavage which while anti-feministic in itself, it is also true that females, animal and human; have breasts. And in today’s world, sexuality and beauty has become broader concept. Some androgynous male actors and models look ethereal. 

Nonetheless, old prejudices from real life carry onto second life as well.  Implant boobies may feel anti-feministic and meaningless. But then anything we do in RL or SL… from the watch you wear to your favorite food is pointless. Might as well as eat bananas and survive. Thus mermaid and neko communities have been able to give a welcome haven to many, pushing past boundaries, without fear of ridicule.
Boobies’ boobies and more:

Larger –breasted and conversely smaller- breasted women have had to face different concepts imposed by society. Too large and you are a tart; too small and you’re flat. There is really no pleasing anybody most of the times. Being who you are is still the best idea. So at the cost of opening Pandora's box, I decided to leave behind the older ideas behind implants. I delved into the boobie community in SL and found an amazing group who could possibly give you the cuddliest of hugs!

Boobies in SL
Boobies are not a new concept in SL. They have been around since SL came to life. They have been like an underground cult till the mainstream stores decided to create and sell them. The default Linden given boobies while adequate, do not give much customization or a real look to them.  There are now boobies galore in prim and now mesh; like Lush, Iboobs, Lolas and many more. They are worn like an attachment to the chest with a HUD which helps you re-size, change color, nipple styles etc. A script is in them to make them bounce!

Customizing boobies:
The boobs come with default skins but it is not possible to replicate the look of every skin in the grid. Skin makers make template textures which are hud-driven “appliers” to make the boobs realistic and skin-matching. Designers are designing new as well as modifying older outfits and adding appliers.

I got the Lush and Iboob demos to try out. Lola’s do not come with demos. So how do you know which to get?
I found some good comparisons of the different boobies at the Big Boobie Babes blog…You can take a look too.

Nitty-gritty :
Boobies cost Lindens. Each has a different price range. It all comes down to personal preference in the end. But the prices are worth them, since creators have spent time and energy in making them. And clothing for them can be found cheap or nearly free at times.
Boobies and appliers have come a long way but it still isn't possible at times to completely get rid of the seams. It is possible however to reduce the mismatch via the skin and clothes appliers. Jewelry and well placed scarves can make a good difference. A proper wind – light setting also helps albeit on your own viewer. At least you look great on your viewer!

Boob knowledge:
After getting the boobies you need to dress them up. From the point of --- What boobs do I get? ---- To ----- where to get boob friendly hair or AO’s; you will find your questions answered by the BBBF.

The Big Boobie Babes group(BBBF) is a great free group to exchange information about freebies, hunts, etc in the prim and mesh breast community.  This group focuses on, items fewer than 50L which may be posted in chat, with Group Sponsors having a limit of 100L for their Notices.
It is difficult to maintain a free group and requires time investment on part of the creator and moderators. If someone has to pay to join, they are more likely to want active involvement compared to one where it isn’t required. And the ever present griefer has a field day in such situations. It is a round-the clock effort to make SL accessible to all. There are a number of mods in the group plus a 24 hour bot controlled by a few moderators in the group. While he cannot receive IM's, he does log group chat so it can be referred back to at any point.  
They have a sales round called “Hello Titty” on Tuesdays where boobie friendly stores put out a new item for 50L for a full 24 hours, They have gacha’s and a hunt too with high quality boobie stuff.

My personal experience with the group has been good – A while ago, I was floundering about for slaps on a non-boobie related MM board for hair. I posted the request on the group chat of the BBBF and one person inquired if it was boobie friendly. I replied back with an apology that it indeed wasn’t boobie- friendly. At the time I did not know what can happen when you post unrelated things in a group. But, to my pleasant surprise, I got 20 people TP in a matter of 2 minutes to slap the board for me with wishes all round that I get the hair. This may not seem much. But I have not seen this friendliness in many groups. It was indeed a refreshing change from the attitude of “If it isn't related to me, I don’t care” which is prevalent in many groups I have come across. And the immense hounding and with 30 Spam! Spam! Spam! warning IM’s by people. While understandable, that the group needs to keep it “in the zone” to prevent spam, the hounding is really unnecessary and pure drama to feel better about themselves. There is a way to talk and respond. That is- a warning by the moderator or anyone in the group with a decent request not to post non-group matters, at least, the first time round.

Tara Asamoah tells us in an in-depth  interview about the BBBF….(part2)

There are many other resources for boobie related information and shopping.
Chest treasures- This mall has some good gifts out there now…
Busted Magazine –free magazine on “Fashion for your Curves”
Tango clothing group-  A group to share clothing and skin finds and offer help for users of Lolas Tango Breasts.
Cleavage- has many stores arranged in a mall –complex
Rack city – with varied stores
I’m sure I have missed many since I am a new entrant to the boobie world…


  1. We all love them, but...I don't think I've ever heard anyone other than a guy call them "boobies." A few years ago I was trying to help a confused new resident who suddenly said "I want to show you my boobies. How do I show you my boobies?" When I said I didn't want to see her boobies, she typed a chaotic line of text that brought me to the conclusion that this was a guy who had ingested too much Jack Daniels and decided to create a female avatar as a joke. I've heard ladies use the terms boobs, breasts, tits, or even The Girls, but never boobies.

  2. @hal... honestly!.. i never knew the term either till I met this fantastic BBBF group...It makes it kinda sweet no ? boobs ...boobies :p

    Thanks for the input on your boobie experiences :)


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