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Showing posts with label cleavage. Show all posts

Friday, September 6, 2013

The Boobies of Second Life! Highlight on a free second life group:The Big Boobie Babes Group (Part1) ©-Orchids Zenovka Reporting...

Though it is easier to cry in a Mercedes than out on the street, the best things in life are still free…
- Orchids

What is one of the beauties in life that is free yet comforting at any time? Yes, its boobies! Breasts are beautiful; be they small or big. The sacred feminine is often described by the cleavage which while anti-feministic in itself, it is also true that females, animal and human; have breasts. And in today’s world, sexuality and beauty has become broader concept. Some androgynous male actors and models look ethereal. 

Nonetheless, old prejudices from real life carry onto second life as well.  Implant boobies may feel anti-feministic and meaningless. But then anything we do in RL or SL… from the watch you wear to your favorite food is pointless. Might as well as eat bananas and survive. Thus mermaid and neko communities have been able to give a welcome haven to many, pushing past boundaries, without fear of ridicule.
Boobies’ boobies and more: