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Monday, September 2, 2013

The Guitar Museum of Second Life ©- Stareyes Galaxy Reporting...

Many sims in Second Life © (SL) are created as a homage to some phenomenon or another, in all walks of life. 

Many times, these sites are a great way to educate oneself on the history and present state of the art of the topic at hand. Stareyes Galaxy went to see the Guitar Museum and to interview its creators, Bono Fouroux, Angel La Femme, and Veronica Weksler. Bono is a well-known guitarist himself, and Veronica sings live on SL. They sometimes have duo performances, combining their streams from The Netherlands and Ohio.

SLE: This is an awesome creation you have here. What inspired you to erect this "Guitar Museum?"

Angel: Bono and Oddball Otoole did it originally.
Veronica: Well Angel did this build! Amazing job too.
Bono: The Guitar Museum is an idea of Oddball and me. I had my Hangout years ago, and in that Hangout I had a gallery already So Odd and me were brainstorming about that. Oddy was searching for a right script.

SLE: How did the property came about? You must have invested in the land.

Angel: We combine all our parcels - that’s where I got in.
Bono: Well, we were with some friends and we all donated land in this project. So Angel was there, and Oddy and me, we three created the museum in the first place.
Angel: Well, you have to be close friends for that. The first Museum Oddy did, and this new build was mine.
Bono: It was because Oddy is a technical wonder in SL. She made scripters work for us, and so we got the script for the galleries.

SLE: I see a lot of guitar models and artist panels inside, and they seem basically built as notecard givers, telling more about each exhibit. Are they all Wikipedia entries, or is there more to it?

Bono: Not only Wikipedia, some info I added too, or from other sources.
Angel: It started first with RL artists and then we started with SL performers.

SLE: I find that a unique idea, as the live music scene is so vibrant in SL. Was it easy to get the information you needed from SL performers?

Bono: Mostly yes.

SLE: Are you driving for completeness, or, do you think it's up to the SL performers to be here or choose to opt out?

Bono: Some performers wouldn’t work with us. They asked “who are you” and “why is it”... Well, it was free advertisement but still it was not good for them... We were, in their eyes, newcomers, maybe.

SLE: How about the guitar models. I see a lot of similar guitars on the walls that, for a lay person, differ very little each from the other.

Bono: The guitar collection at the moment isn’t ready yet, we need to add more brands and kinds.
Angel: For people like you and me the guitars look similar, but to performers it’s like heaven.
Veronica: Most guitars are like snowflakes from one brand to the other. Different features, effects. Bono designs and repairs them in RL.
Bono: Yeah, I modify my own guitars.

SLE: Technically, making full-blown models of each guitar would create a prim-limit problem for you, so I see all the guitars as "flat" panels. Do you think more elaborate models could still be incorporated?

Angel: Well, that’s basically like you said, the prim count...
Veronica: You’re right - we need a full sim just for the prims.
Bono: To make 3-D would be too much prims.
Angel: Some good ones are up to 35 prims.

SLE: Are there SL-only guitars here?

Bono:  No, those are models of RL guitars. We offer guests SL guitars in several models, for free.

SLE: How about the events you organize here? Do you have a schedule?

Angel: For now, we have the main events on Saturday and every other week on a Monday.
Bono: Well, the organising we do together.

SLE: Who are the performers?

Bono: We have some different friends. We are not a venue, we don’t need to make profit here. The museum is like a gift to the people of SL. The gigs we have are also gift, but that is what venues do too. The tips we get I offer to the players.

SLE: Veronica, you mentioned there is a mall here. Can you tell about it?

Veronica: Well it’s just a few stores and then I house my offices in the back. We have some really good designers there and a pet store, Angels. I also have my venue up, “The Blues Station”. There are TPs to take you there on the days we have an event.

SLE: Finally, do you have a take-home message to visitors to the Guitar Museum, or, on the music scene in general, in SL?

Veronica: Support live music! Join the Live Music Community... Help Live Musicians & Singers on SL!
Bono: I hope that people learn about the great players and that they can see what great performers there are in Second Life too. Here they can get an idea of both worlds.
Veronica: Yes, I think most musicians want to educate their audience. It’s not like we just jump up there and do our thing. A lot of work goes into what we do. Most explain that too on stage. A few even do workshops.
Angel: Enjoy the wonder of live music without any boundaries!

The Guitar Museum is a great place to visit, for a lay person, and an aficionado as well. While some of the work is still ongoing, the performer gallery is really extensive, and many of the famous signature guitars have been hung on the walls. Each panel has a clickable “blue menu” that brings a notecard for you to read, as well as, if applicable, a website to go to for more information. I don’t think there is a more comprehensive SL performer gallery available anywhere, and the in-world aspect really makes Guitar Museum a unique resource. Congratulations are in order for Bono, Veronica, and Angel for the awesome gift they have created for the music community of SL.


  1. Great article and i do hope will make more aware of the amazing source of info that it offers, besides the shows on a real lovely place!

  2. Thanks for liking it ZZ! -Stareyes Galaxy

  3. Thanks you for this great article. It gives a good impression of what the Guitar Museum is. Stareyes Galaxy wrote it very well.

    Bono Fouroux

  4. Thanks for the feedback Bono! I am glad the article came off that way and that you liked it. -Stareyes


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