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Thursday, October 17, 2013

An Exclusive Look at the Lascivious Velvet Lions- Silky Soulstar Reporting…

I landed at the front entrance to the club, and was greeted with a primal message that immediately stopped me from clicking away that silly blue pop-up box; “Welcome to The Velvet Lion, where the darkness provides cover for our male dancers to hunt their prey.  For all their roaring, growling and ferociousness, are you brave enough to enter the Lions Den of temptation?”  I read the greeting words again …  and … <meowed>.

What’s written can be so much more exotic than what’s seen … that was what I was thinking when I signed up to visit Velvet Lion.  How exciting could it be to see some males take off their clothes and show me their prims?  Haven’t we all seen noobs run recklessly about vast Sim lands with pixel sticks haphazardly stuck on?

Kosh Wind was kind of tending to something outside of his club when I introduced myself.  He appeared sort of like a Sim gardener in his jeans, but let me know he was in fact the club owner.  So we agreed to enter the club for a chat.  His sister Cara Lorefeld joined us while dressed in her jammies.

Silky Soulstar: are those PJs!

Cara Lorefield: aye they are

Silky Soulstar: lovin that

Cara Lorefield: Thank you, they are very comfortable

 Silky Soulstar: I should wear my jammies more

The club is quiet on Sundays, which made jammies more than acceptable attire. Things get more hopping with shows Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday at 6pm SLT.  Club-goers find music with DJs, dancing crowds, and yes, a few guys taking it all off.  There is also a show every Saturday at 7pm SLT. 

During our chat I noted that Kosh dresses well, takes care to wear properly sized shoes on his feet, and thoughtfully accessorizes himself.  It’s nice to find a male who gives his Avi appearance some thought, and after getting to know him for half an hour I admit I was curious to hear that as club owner he would also be predisposed to take his clothes off in front of me. So I contemplated briefly the thought of interviewing Kosh later in the week, after a show while he was dripping naked.  Would I just ask him stupid questions bordering on adolescent pyscho-babble?  Probably.

Cara offered up another preview,

 “You can walk into any "adult" themed establishment and get a " kisses you on the cheek thanks for the tip" reply from a 50L tip. However when you come here you can expect to find yourself transported to a place of sensuality, teased and enticed. I like to think of this as more of a burlesque than just a strip club. The art of the tease is not a common thing to find in SL.”

So being there on a Sunday, I vowed to return.

My girlfriend Karina and I TP’d on Tuesday a few minutes after 6pm.  Club Velvet Lion is nicely decorated with thoughtful placement of classy props.  The black and white color scheme sets a first-class ambience, and you enter with high expectations.

Karina Saunders: ok tp lol

Silky Soulstar: k

Second Life: Teleport offer sent to Karina Saunders.

Silky Soulstar: hugz!!!!!!

Karina Saunders: hugs gf u look cute

Silky Soulstar: oh TY

Karina Saunders: ty gf

 Silky Soulstar: you are rezzing

 Karina Saunders: I still look like a slut lol

Karina and I were actually wondering what to wear.  But it turns out … it’s a strip club.  Wear what you want.  We tried to be modest in our appearances, but then ogled at a guy wearing nothing but a mesh thong. So … come as you dare.

Inside the club, Nathan, Dante and Austin were already busy strip teasing and shaking their muscled and tattooed bodies.  There must have been almost 50 people in the club ready to gang-tip the three men naked.  And despite the numbers, no lag would stifle boy bits to struggle to rez free.  Every-THING and everyone would be moving openly.
Karina tipped Nathan first, and got a response to her liking.

nathan.domzarjs turning around it didnt take even seconds for him to notice the beautiful woman to his right … Taking each step quickly … without alerting her… Reaching for her hand he pulls her into his arms … With strong arms he holds her still so his hand can trace down her stomach and between her legs … Smiling from ear to ear he leans into her, his lips gently covering her earlobe as he sucks on it.  A light whisper coming out as he does a "Thank you sweetheart, now next time I expect you to be more than a little damp."

Karina Saunders smiles … as she purrs in enjoyment.  Your’e welcome hot stuff
Fifty Shades “Oh my” … that was one of the cleaner emotes we got.

Silky Soulstar: LOL ... I am laughing at that emote u got

Karina Saunders: all of their emotes are good. Ive been reading general too.
 OK so that was not what u expect for classy little slutty with a side of tease.

Silky Soulstar: haha

But we LIKED it, and on our girl’s night out we MORE than wanted to hear the dirty talk while the guys took things off.  And when they did get naked, we quickly saw that these were not Leonardo Davinci’s Vitruvian Man.  These men had bits that abandoned symmetry, and made a girl think loooong about Newton’s smooth law of gravity.  Why didn’t I make myself a man Avi?  Those things look fun!

The mostly female crowd got the boys naked in a hurry.  So with more than an hour to go and the guys already stark naked, our hostess called out with some well-to-do guidance;


As promised the fun did not stop.  Off-color emotes, indecent boy-bit heckling, music, and Sploder Ball mania kept us more than entertained.  And a little while later a nekkid Dante pranced by me.  So I dutifully tipped him to get him nekkider.  Then like a good girl, I complimented him politely.

Dante Krell's Tip Jar: Thank you Cari Soulstar for the awesome tip!

Silky Soulstar: Dante, you have the best ........ feet

Melly Clarrington snorts

Dante LaFontaine grins and winks. "Thank ya."

ANGELic Kisses: you noticed the feet?

Melly Clarrington brings Silky's eye level up a lil?

Cara Lorefield looks closer at Dante's feet

Silky Soulstar: hes pointing at his feet isnt he?
 nathan.domzarjs: say I if your now staring at his feet

Dante LaFontaine: LOL

Melly Clarrington: .•*¨¨* ROFLMAO *¨¨*•.

Dante LaFontaine: Clever!  

I got my passionate response…

Dante LaFontaine chuckles as he steps off the stage once more, wiping idle sweat from his neck. "Whew..." Sighing out, he grins wide when he meets with Silky again …Smirking a bit naughtily, he raises his lips to hers and lowers her hand down to his navel, letting her press her palm into his skin. He smirks into a kiss, tongue delving into her mouth hungrily as he leads her hand further down to let her explore at her liking. Suckling her tongue, he groans as he pulls back from the kiss, growling lowly and nibbling her bottom lip. "Mm-mm... thank you, gorgeous." Bright eyes turn darker, he grins and flicks his tongue over her lips as he reluctantly backs off....

Mama-Mia ... Oh my ...

Dante has cute feet. For real. I notice details even when something else is glaringly more obvious. In fact, VelvetLion boys are all cute, caring to match and attach EVERYTHING properly.  You won’t see the ubiquitous-in-SL, stock library man hairdo’s and parts.  The guys are well built and not shy.  Apparently they are also certified males in RL … which makes their excellent communication skills even more impressive IMHO. Beware that they do not respond in IM windows, because it would be impossible for a naked man in a mob of women to answer.

So when you go out with your girlfriends, and have edgy expectations to start with … you sort of want it to get dangerous. You know?  The more indelicate the experience, the better and these Velvet Lions gave us a lascivious roar.

Unfortunately Kosh was absent. But RL has its way of prioritizing things, and now we have a convenient excuse to visit Velvet Lion again to watch the guys get nekkider and nekkider.   Now what should I wear … <meow> …



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