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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Avenue Autumn/ Winter Fashion Week Ended October 5th- BLVCK ANCHOR Review- Tea Couturier Reporting...

This was an invited only event due to its popularity. The place was packed out with buyers/owners from other stores to just journalist/ bloggers, The who’s who of the fashion world, who were all awaiting the Autumn/Winter collection from BLVCK ANCHOR.

For those who are not familiar with Blvck Anchor, Blvck Anchor specializes in menswear influenced by the laid back fashions of the American West Coast. Whether it's L.A. street swagger or Oregon hipster chic, this line takes casual coolness and injects it with masculine confidence.

First on the runaway was a model wearing a pair of dark jeans are slightly baggy for a comfortable fit. They pair perfectly under the light grey hoodie with blue accents in the front.

Next on the runway was an edgy look. Which had layers. A white sweater underneath a sleeveless leather vest. The fitted black jeans complement his top with urban street appeal.

The green and grey striped hoodie which had a zipper front showed how versatile a hoodie can look when paired off with off-black jeans exhibits a rough texture seen only in active menswear.

The fierce outfit was next on the runway. This included a pair of midnight-hued jeans. The open red jacket exhibits multiple zipper accents with black trim on the collar and cuffs. This could be worn with a shirt, or entrance onlookers by keeping it off for a ruggedly handsome feel.

Next was a tailored coat with a wide lapel reveals denim shirt embellished with golden accents on the collar. A combination as bold as this one, will ensure no one forgets your name.

A faded denim cowboy shirt revamped a Wild West design. This was worn with loose fitting black jeans offer an eye-catching contrast to this relaxed ensemble.

A black pea coat with orange lapels and buttons. Animal-themed pants play up the exotic appeal of this outfit, giving it something extra in the style department.

Finally a zigzag patterned pants. The shirt pops with panels of supple leather and 3/4 sleeves in a deep contrasting this is accompanied with the All-American mind-set in a patriotic shirt covered in stars and stripes on the front. The midnight denim jeans make a statement all their own in their simplicity.

BLVCK Anchor collection autumn was fresh and up-to-date and in touch with what men’s fashion should be trendy yet smart.
Blvck collection showed an edgy street look which is so in vogue this season.
BLVCK does do women’s clothing but I think we can all agree men’s fashion is a needed boost for those who do not want to wear the conventional style of fashion.

To see more of BLVCK Anchor collection

 Avenue Autumn/Winter fashion week ended  October 5th.


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