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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How to Become a Tech Genius in SL – Shaneos Howlett Reporting

We all know that Second Life is an advanced form of a 3D chat program but how many of us actually know the true full capabilities ?
 Below we will explore some of the features that make SL advanced and a very unique communication platform.

3D and Group Interaction
Your every day chat program like facebook and email uses 2D interaction...
SL breaks the boundaries of these limited programs by introducing 3D interaction.
With 3D you are not only able to talk to people but interact with them as well ..... play a game of golf, go to venues or participate in group fishing tournaments in a 3D virtual world.

Lindens and Real World Money
SL is one of only a very few programs that allows real world money to exchange hands quickly  using virtual currency –
This capability allow people to shop and spend money as you would just in real life.

Voice Chat
Why type when you can voice chat? SL allows the smooth transition from text to voice communication but it does this in a unique way that many take for granted.
SL allows for multiple audio streams at a full-duplex operation.
What is full duplex , you might ask ? - Full Duplex is the use of audio both ways at the same time – instead of you having saying what you want and waiting for the other persons replies.
The use of multiple streams of audio means you can listen to a background radio station in SL while at the same time listening to 5, 10 or 20 people speak at the same time, very few other programs allow you to do this.

On Demand Image, Audio and Video Streaming

Second Life allows the use of in-world graphic image, audio and video manipulation and streaming directly from YouTube and other related sources.
Not only can you tell people about your holiday experiences but you can show them photos and videos just like a real life presentation.

Graphic editing / building / programming

Second Life has its own programming language allowing programmers, graphic editors, video editors, audio editors, to all access their own abilities via SL‘s own grid language.
People can create their own content / items and are only limited to their imagination and their budget.

Whatever you want to do in real life – you can do the virtual equivalent in Second Life.


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