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Friday, November 22, 2013

How to Wear Hats and Scarfs for Fall and Winter -Tea Couturier Reporting...

Hats and scarfs are great ways to accessories your outfits and keep warm this fall. However, how do you accessorize these items well and still remain fashionable?
 To do this you have to look at the color palette of what you are wearing and also what style you wish to add these accessories to what you are currently wearing.

For a casual look I think you can get away with wearing something fun and not too formal or casual. The SG- Helsinki Scarf  comes in 5 different colors. It is warm and also suitable to be worn with any casual fall outfit.  Priced at only 10L, it is perfect in price for some added fashion flare.

More suggestions

For  guys,  Check out the Snood Scarf which is free.  It is masculine in color and is still fashionable in design with its complete wrap around the neck affect.

For the more professional  evening look I would go with subtle colors. They will not distract away from what you are wearing but yet enhance and work in your ensemble.The DoCoMo Muffler (4 textures) is perfect for just this. It not only comes in 4 different textures such as Plane, Knit, Plaid, and Grunge it is also unisex in design so will work for anyone. You can also tint the scarfs and resize to fit you. Priced at 5L this is  definitely a steal.


With scarves it is best to keep them less flashy and flamboyant unless you are looking for that fun outgoing look. Too much flare can make your outfit look childish and also distract away from the whole look you are trying to create. Don’t get me wrong accessory. 
Hats are similar to scarves. However, as this will be more visible to others it is important to get the right look. If you are looking for the fun outgoing look, bobble woolly hats are cute but should be avoided unless it is Christmas time.

I personally would go for hats with hair already attached as most of the creators will have styled the hair to look and fit right. Also with the hats most likely being color changeable you are able to match it to any outfit.
If you wish to just wear the hat over you own hair, I am a fan of the outfits that come with hats and even scarfs. They have already been styled to match the clothing which saves you time and energy if fashion matching isn’t your forte.

Such as PROMO★☆-{VIRTUE MOCHA} - "Keeping Warm"- 02 Red for 20L. It has the autumn colors such as the vibrant reds and oranges. It also comes with a coat, jeans, boots, mittens, hat and scarf. The mittens can be put away for winter but with the remaining items it is perfect for those fall walks or days out. It also comes in a variety of colors.

Sometimes when accessorizing you have to look at the whole package of what you are wearing. Ask yourself what occasion it is for. Colors that are in the fall category will work for hats and scarfs and if you are wearing black or dark colors, hats and scarves in color accents can be a great way to accessories your outfit and make it pop.

Remember if you have to question if it looks right with what you are wearing or for the place you are attending, then chances are it is probably not to be worn.


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