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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Men’s Fashion is Evolving-Meet Lacovnon the Owner and Designer of Blvck Anchor- Tea Couturier Reporting...

Men’s fashion in Second Life is gaining momentum and is evolving with new designs and creativity by up and coming and established designers alike.

It is always good to see new designers in Second Life fashion and after the success of Avenue Autumn/Winter Fashion week, I was able to chat with Lacovnon; owner and designer of Blvck Anchor. This designer  just finished a successful show at the Avenue Autumn/Winter Fashion week 2013.

Interview with Lacovnon

Tea: Hi Lacovnon, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Lacovnon: I am a Second Life Clothes Designer, 21 years of age, current college student and a very friendly and people kind of person.

Tea: Could you tell our readers about Blvck Anchor? How did the name come about or what does it represent?
Lacovnon: Blvck Anchor specializes in West Coast urban fashion and street wear that adds a twist of class. Blvck Anchor is a men’s store that provides very stylish clothing, accessories, and jewelry. Blvck Anchor is its own breed of store, classified in its own category.
With its own unique, refreshing, and individual take on men's fashion everywhere, Blvck Anchor sets trends and raises the bar to higher standards.
The name actually came about one morning, I had gone to bed that night trying to think of a name of this store i wanted to open, I originally chose Lacovnon to be the name of the store, but it didn't sound right, I didn't find it very appealing, not interesting for what I was aiming for. So I put it aside and went about my day, slept on it and I just woke up that morning and decided to name my store Blvck Anchor, it stuck from then and there. I liked everything about it, I found it catchy and I just couldn’t say no to it.

Tea: How did it all start?
Lacovnon: Well I’ve always enjoyed fashion on SL, I was a very persistent shopper, constantly in different stores looking for a new fit a day. My shopping addiction was immense, but then I ran out of choices and I found myself saying things like "if I was a Designer id make these, in this tone" or "These jeans would be nice, too bad no one makes them" and "If they sold these, id so buy them". Eventually I realized that I could do all those things that I couldn't find on the grid and so I stopped shopping for a good 2 weeks, which by the way was extremely difficult, and I just focused on learning the art of SL Designing, I started off small, with a couple of T-shirts, although they were horrible, I thought they were the best shirts on the grid. Until one day a fellow stopped by my store and said, "all of these textures are rubbish, these are all copy bottled, they are ugly I would never buy these. Just awful, Blvck anchor, tell me when you've made some hats, and when you have created better textures, then maybe I’ll buy something." then left. It was then that I took it very serious and it became my motive to give everything my best, and so Blvck Anchor then became quality and not quantity.

Tea: You just wrapped up Avenue Winter/Autumn fashion week. How do you think it went as there was a packed audience at your show? Also how did this come about?
Lacovnon: I think the show went very well, the avenue team are very talented, and they make you as a designer feel comfortable about everything, they were a huge help, I mean they literally just take the stuff you make and do all the  other work for you. I love them. lol A guy, Mr Sirius I believe, contacted me, recruiting me to be a part of this event, awesome fellow by the way, and it all started there, it was just a really good experience over all. 

Tea: Do you feel men’s fashion is evolving and if yes in what way?
Lacovnon: Yes I do, I think people are finally realizing what fashion is about, and how you can use art to express yourself through fashion, every piece of clothing now has a meaning to it. It all comes about the texture, the coloring, the shading. I feel like fashion is moving forward to show more of a person’s personality or even just more of the mood they are in that day.

Tea: What do you like doing in Second Life when you are not creating the latest trends for Blvck Anchor?

Lacovnon: When I’m not creating, which is very rare, I tend to be with family or friends. Just conversing, or maybe watching a movie. Like I have said before, I am a people kind of person, so whatever is it they are doing, I will be a part of it. If invited that is, and if not then I guess just shopping and or meeting new people

Tea: Are there any new designs or projects coming out soon?
Lacovnon: Yes, I have always kept all new lines a secret, unlike many designers I don’t like to say much about what I will be doing or will do next.  I just do it and put it out, I like to catch people off guard. That's what I like to do.  A few designers say "that’s not the way to build the sales" but I prefer it like that. So do expect a lot more from Blvck Anchor and although I like to drop new pieces every week, expect the unexpected with great quality.

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