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Showing posts with label men's fashion. Show all posts

Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Few Good Men Outline their take on Spring Fashion Trends- Rere Sandalwood Reporting…

Spring is in full swing, but there is always time to reflect on what is in for Men’s Fashion!  The last time the SL Enquirer broached the subject, we focused solely on Women’s Spring Fashion…however, because the central focus was on women’s fashion, the men of SL felt that they, too should have a say about what is in for Spring and beyond!
With this in mind, the SL Enquirer felt it important to provide a few good men of SL with a voice; a voice that outlines their take on the ongoing Male Fashion trends going on RIGHT HERE and RIGHT NOW!

Be mindful that because Spring is in full swing and fastidiously approaching an end, the SL Enquirer has incorporated universal fashion tips that can be used by fashion conscious men no matter what the season!

The men featured in this article are what we deem to be one of many who take pride in their avatar appearance, and are meticulous in what they wear and how they look.  Thus, the SL Enquirer gathered the opinions of JOH LΞMϮΘ (johnn.lemton), a broad shouldered and athletically built man who enjoys wearing anything from shorts to snappy suits, complete with gold chains and diamonds that decorate his earlobes and wrists.

Also, Romero Ocello, who specializes in designing both men and female fashion and accessories; and, last but not least, SL and RL identical twin brothers Double Trouble Twins DOUBLE TROUBLE HELL RAZOR (elliottlafeyett.miles) and DOUBLE TROUBLE VIDEO PRODUCTION (rockfordge.ewing).

Just an FYI: the SL Enquirer previously made acquaintance with the twins in our other article entitled, “All In The SL Family:  A Close Look At SL Families” (

 All Year Round:  A Passionate Discussion on Men’s SL Fashion
In a world where baggy jeans and t-shirts seem to be the norm in the Men’s Fashion Realm, the men featured in today’s article have keenly differentiated themselves from others, yet still manage to have their hand on the pulse of Men’s Fashion. Be mindful that this is not an easy feat, since quality men’s fashion is hard to find in SL, specifically because the Grid caters to the fashion needs and desires of women.

 Romero reiterates this claim by saying, “I shop at many stores here on SL [because]…it's hard for me to find really good clothing. To find a great outfit you need to really mix and match…”

This difficulty is not an uncommon one, and occurs in Men’s fashion because there are simply not enough creators that focus on Men’s fashion.  Because this is the case, there are also a limited number of fashions available for men who decide to use mesh bodies.  Rockford says that though he prefers denim, as well as what he calls “The Page Boy” look that entails the use of vests and ties rather than full suits for Spring, that he too has encountered difficulty with finding clothing for his mesh body.  “[Right now]” Rockford explains, “[my] look is whatever I can make work with this TMP Body shape and skin!”
Despite this misgiving, Rockford explains that in addition to wearing denim and finding ways to incorporate “The Page Boy” look in his wardrobe, he and his twin brother also prefer shoes with silver platinum tips.  When asked about his favorite designers, Rockford tells the SL Enquirer, “I am a Marketplace [shopper], so I come across a lot of different designers and tend to go hard on Marketplace when it comes to searching for designers…” he continues, “…I prefer to shop at FashionNatic, as well as G I O M E N and ::ZED:: Designz for Men…those are just a few of my favorites…”

Double Trouble Twins

All page boy looks aside, the twins were recently caught wearing not only denim, but black leopards on their necks! While some may say that it is too hot to wear any kind of fur, the twins routinely pull this look off by being shirtless…as well as by wearing short cropped hair to accentuate the beautifully adorned black leopards around their necks. Rockford says with a chuckle, “[the black leopard look] is a popular look right now, and the best so far if you ask me…[especially] if you like that workout look!”

When asked about him and his brother’s look, Rockford explains, “What is hard for men like my brother and I is creating a new look that is sexy, yet masculine and mature…I mix liquid mesh and the mesh bodies, so I can cross [reference a variety of male fashion] genres…”

 GABRIEL’s:  One of a few stores that specialize in Men’s Fashion
Another great designer to turn to for men’s fashion, according to JOH LΞMϮΘ is GABRIEL’s. Though John contends that he prefers to be shirtless and prefers to wear “…just easy baggy pants or shorts…” he contends that for spring, men like himself tend to turn to colors ranging in black, blue, white, and red.  “That’s four colors I mostly wear,” he explains. “Nonetheless, I find that the key for people in SL is not to be the same, to not wear the same things over and over again. GABRIEL’s gives me a lot to choose from; I like their coats and shirts especially…”
“However…” John adds, “…if [GABRIEL fashions] would put appliers for mesh bodies [in their fashions for men,] that would be amazing…there are not a lot of stores that include quality clothing for mesh bodies…”


Romero somewhat echoes John’s sentiment when it comes to the limitations of GABRIEL’s attire by stating, “[the mesh fashions at GABRIEL’s are] really for thin people…like anorexic people…and it [incorporates] a little bit of too much catalog fashion, [so in my opinion], it lacks creativity…” Yet despite these perceived limitations, Romero still contends that Takuya Jinn (the owner and creator of GABRIEL’s) is still a good place to turn to for men’s fashion.  “Takuya Jinn…” he explains, “…is still a great creator, but it’s not my cup of tea…”
While Romero tastes vastly differs from JOH LΞMϮΘ and the DOUBLE TROUBLE TWINS, he lets the SL Enquirer know that for Spring, pastel and light colors, as well as fashions made with thin fabrics, are what men are currently wearing.  However, though he contends that the fabrics should be light, they should still be able to provide warmth for the wearer at night.  “I also see prints are becoming a trend [in men’s fashion]…” Romero continues, “[However,] I prefer elegant fashionable clothing…from great quality to great textures…I also prefer English suits, as well as anything that can be either formal or casual…or a mixture of both…”

Like the DOUBLE TROUBLE TWINS, Romero echoes the importance of mixing and matching clothing as a way to create a look that is unique and sexy all at once.  In this sense, it is important that men…no matter what the season…extend their creativity when it comes to fashion.  That way, they will come across as not only virile and masculine, but as a person that stands apart from the rest of the crowd.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Surprise Critiques for Five Men's Clothing Stores – LadyLoveDr Reporting...

LadyLoveDr is off again on a mission!  This time, it is to surprise five random men's clothing stores and critique them one by one.  There's no holding back, and she has her own 5 star scoring system.  The more stars they got, the better they did.  The categories up for critique were fashion design, graphic design, price, store layout, and customer service.  Keep reading to find out where LadyLoveDr turned up, and how those stores scored on her 5 star scale. 

ZED: Designz for Men
Fashion Design                  
Graphic Design                  
Store Layout                      
Customer Service              
TOTAL STARS:  21 out of 25
Pros: Groupies get 25% off at their in-game store. They have 964 FREE items on their marketplace.  You can get a HUD teleporter in their port landing location.
Cons:  I found there was way too much lag to shop.  I even tested it on a different computer and had a friend test it as well.  Every time we were hit with a wall of lag. 
Suggestions: Take out the Bot Customer Service rep, it seems too impersonal.  Replace with online/offline employee boards.  Try to cut down on the lag so people can shop in-game.

Polo Paul 
Fashion Design                  
Graphic Design                  
Store Layout         
Customer Service              
TOTAL STARS: 20 out of 25
Pros: They have 4 lucky chairs and 2 midnight mania boards. Almost everything costs $55.

Cons: Their only freebie is on the marketplace. Everything is hung on the walls which makes it collage like and overwhelming to look at.

Suggestions: Offer a few free items at the in-world store.

Anarchy Store

Fashion Design                  
Graphic Design                  
Store Layout                      
Customer Service              
TOTAL STARS: 20 out of 25

Pros: They have a huge inventory with fair prices and are equipped with lucky chairs and gift cards for customers.  They have a special on sale section called the Bargain Basement and offer an affiliates package at their marketplace.

Cons:  They have no freebies and only 2 dollarbies.  The store was under construction at the time of my visit.

Suggestions:  Implement a teleport system that not only makes things easier to find but not such a long walk (Example:  Elevator with Options of Bargain Basement, 1st Floor Women's, 2nd Floor Men's, 3rd Floor New items, etc). Put prices on item posters.

Fashion Design                  
Graphic Design                  
Store Layout                      
Customer Service              
TOTAL STARS:  19 out of 25
Pros: They have information boards that provide URL's to places like their marketplace and Facebook. They have a large variety of clothing and a customer discount program for their frequent shoppers.
Cons: They only offer 1 freebie.
Suggestions:  Put prices on item posters.  Signage above the three accessible areas from the TP landing (example: Women's, Men's, Customer Service Desk).

Kal Rau 

Fashion Design                  
Graphic Design                  
Store Layout                      
Customer Service              
TOTAL STARS:  19 out of 25

Pros: Two free items for groupies and demos to try first before buying.

Cons: They have an in-game store only, no marketplace.  Their cheapest item is $290.

Suggestions: Put prices on item posters.  Join the marketplace.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Men’s Fashion is Evolving-Meet Lacovnon the Owner and Designer of Blvck Anchor- Tea Couturier Reporting...

Men’s fashion in Second Life is gaining momentum and is evolving with new designs and creativity by up and coming and established designers alike.

It is always good to see new designers in Second Life fashion and after the success of Avenue Autumn/Winter Fashion week, I was able to chat with Lacovnon; owner and designer of Blvck Anchor. This designer  just finished a successful show at the Avenue Autumn/Winter Fashion week 2013.

Interview with Lacovnon

Saturday, August 10, 2013

EGOISME: A Revolution in Men's Fashion

The Overall are created to showcase the amazing additional details that Molten Mesh can bring to an outfit.

With or without top tank option, they fit your shape and expose your perfect body. Ten different High Quality Resolution fabrics are the touch to complete this new great release by Egoisme.

Read More

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

EGOISME News: Skinny Leggings Pants for Men- 11 colors, 2 Gift Editions

EGOISME brings you a trendy new look with variety. Skinny Leggings Pants are a great addition to your already fabulous wardrobe! From casual to sporty, these fashion flavored pants can be worn anytime, anywhere!

To receive your special  gift, wear your EGOISME Group Tag or the EGOISME Prestige Tag.

Available Now in the Casual Building