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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

AVIE POLL: How Would You Define Happiness? Does SL Fulfill Your Needs? - Glossom Resident Reporting…

“Happiness depends upon ourselves”- Aristotle

For many, Second Life often serves the purpose as the search engine for happiness, being the common thread between RL and SL in the realization of dreams. 

Making new friends, finding romance, filling emotional gaps, accomplishing personal and material achievements. The reasons are endless.

After all happiness comes down to what? Many claim to still being on the quest for happiness, others find it in their virtual achievements. Intuitively we see the state of happiness beyond its literal definition, in the little things that make us smile, laugh and even cry as happiness stirs the affections. Given the subjectivity inherent to this topic, it is up to each individual to define what really makes them happy.

Therefore, we went around Second Life in the quest for happiness, asking residents how would you define happiness? Does SL fulfill your needs?   We would like to thank all the residents who have shared their own definition of happiness with us.

кiтту (KittenLishious): happiness in SL! When you find it let me know! I haven’t found it, everyone I’ve been with is out to get what they want and then leave you high and dry.

Leto Bregonis: I guess happiness to me means finding a place to fit in - a place to be yourself.  I know SL is a virtual world but it lets you live out the person you want to be.  There's a good community spirit on SL - I've made a lot of good friends from all over the world.

DowJones Fullstop: Happiness is in your heart, you know? It depends on your character; we are not all the same. Happiness is music, it helps our soul. Only weak people can be hurt, because weak characters have pain here if they fall in love, even more than in rl. Here, like all things should be taken in moderation. Never overdo or you will lose reality. Nobody is perfect and all people can be wrong – here or in rl. We must be smart, don’t come to the pc every moment, but also live your rl. Here it can be an escape for some hours. And if you are single, it can be a way to meet someone.

THANE (Thane McDonnell): It’s an escape from reality. I come here for fun and no drama, to chat with friends and relax. So in a way it fulfils my needs somehow.

Nancy Vonderheide: I would say that happiness, or what it is, varies day by day. Whatever goals we have and the progress we make. SL is kind of more like a social experiment. I am not really looking for anything, but it's interesting to observe human interaction, participate in things, and how we perceive each other/others perceive you.

Roche Hallison: For me happiness is when I feel fullness, satisfaction and physical and mental balance. It is not a permanent state, but small little moments and situations that me happy. Second Life also delivers those moments so it fulfils me at times, others no so much. It isn't easy to define happiness.

ANONYMOUS: Well, to really define happiness is to do the things you most enjoy doing. I’d say I’ve found happiness in SL just by being myself an exploring and meeting new people from all over the world in SL.

How would you define happiness? Gives us your insight in this matter by posting a comment



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