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Sunday, December 1, 2013

How To Build a Social Network for Business Use in Second Life – Shaneos Howlett Reporting...

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Ebay, Instagram, Amazon and Outlook are some of the real life tools people in SL can use to advertise their businesses effectively ... below we take a closer look at how to effectively use each one to advertise an SL business.

Step 1 – Setup a facebook account under your business name OR via your SL main or alt name.
Step 2 – Add friends of customers to facebook to keep your most important customers up to date with new features / news / and product information.

Facebook allows Video / Images and detailed information sentences / paragraphs and pages to be posted on the web just like a newspaper – customers can review the history of the business / business owners details and any other information the business owner would like to post.

Facebook would be a must for the complete customer experience – for those only wanting a notification system they can use Twitter as listed below.

You may or may not know what Twitter is – Twitter allows you to create a single presence where by you can release a single sentence to advertise your thoughts.  Although not as detailed as Facebook – twitter does allow the basic news release of product release dates.
Twitter would be better suited to SL musicians where they can release information segments for their release dates.

For example... "Maximillion Kleene" will be performing live at the scenic venue 23 Nov.


Linkedin is like a telephone book for your contact details .... unlike facebook and twitter – Linkedin is more to allow you to contact other like minded business owners in the same field as your business.  This allows the sharing of information to help you brain storm or to expand your range of contacts for your own business use.... for example....

Do you need the services of a Marketing Manager ? - search for one using Linkedin and connect with them to further enhance your business.

Ebay / Amazon

Do you need / want a multi million audience to advertise your products ?

What better way then to advertise your SL products like Cars / Clothing etc then directly on Ebay – just like the SL Market place.


Instagram allows you to post on-the-fly almost live information of your events as they are happening.

The best scenario for setting up social media for any business would be to have a Facebook page setup along with a SL market place link or along with Ebay / Amazon.
This way your business will be fully covered – unlike only using just one of the technologies and missing out on the audience you can contact through multiple social networks!


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