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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Having the Natural Realistic Look in Second Life- Tea Couturier Reporting....

We all want skin in SL to look as natural and realistic as possible. In SL skin has evolved where creators are making skins which looks so natural it is amazing.
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Where do you go if you are looking to improve your appearance in SL and create that natural more realistic look?
Well, here are a few of my finds on the skins and accessories to help create that look.

.:: DELISH ::. Complete Avatar - Haley – Flawless 10L
I always like to include a product which is a good price but does not mean you are not buying a quality product. DELISH skin is a product I have in my inventory and have worn (just the skin) and to me the details are nicely created in features such as eyes, nose, mouth and cheekbones. Each of these have been created so as to give you the natural flawless look, which I like. It does come with clothing as it is a complete avatar so it is a good place to buy your first skin if you are new or on a budget in sl and want to have different looks with a skin you may have paid a bit of Lindens for or you are just starting out.

**NOYA** [PROMO] BELLE Platinum Female Model Avatar 250L
 Skin from NOYA Designs is another choice which has been created to capture the more realistic look. The details are great in the lips where each and every lip crease can be seen. The nose also has been created where you can see nasal holes which look real. NOYA skin is available for both women and men.  However, I feel the women’s skin is more realistic in  detail. Noya also offers make up  that is great!


R.icieli skin can be found for men and women. They sell the complete avatar set also where you get skin and clothing for a complete avatar. However, this is not the reason why this has made my list for realistic skin. The reason why I have picked this is due to the fact that R.icielli skin is realistic.  It  looks soft with the features being created in so much detail. Nothing is emphasized more in each feature such as eyes nose and mouth.  Each skin has been created with the natural look of how it should be if it was real. A truly good buy and one for my realistic skin list.

 If you have realistic skin with details in the eyes nose even freckles. You are able to enhance the look with accessories. ToxiBish has perfect accessories to complement or even enhance  the realistic look in SL. I have their teeth and wear them a lot now, with the lipstick they have and all of it can be worn together! So you can wear just the lips which come in varies shades or just wear the teeth with the skin lip color. Teeth have become a very popular accessory to add to your look in SL.

Creating that perfect look does not have to be hard, complicated or even expensive. It depends on how far you wish to go in creating that realistic look and whether it is required for  modelling in SL.

Looking good in Second Life can make you feel good in Real Life. However, just like RL only change your look for yourself and not for others!

Happy Shopping!


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