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Monday, December 9, 2013

SLE POLICE REPORT: Aquadrom Games Scamming Gypsy on the Loose! Susan Baguier

Scammer Report: Con artist Susan Baguier owner of Aquadrom Games is being blacklisted by SLE for bilking residents out of thousands of lindens in game winnings.

Shame on you Susan!

It is a fact the Gambling in Second Life is “illegal” and against the terms of service. To rid the community of all Gambling Casinos, auto play scripts were disabled by Linden Lab. However, gaming venues still exist and the machines used today are considered games of skill. Unfortunately,  gamer scammer exist too and seem to find ways to bilk unsuspecting residents out of Lindens.

This week, it was reported to The SL Enquirer that Susan Baguier, owner and operator of Aquadrom Games has been doing some shady business practices and abusing the gaming industry in Second Life. Her scam starts off with spamming unsuspecting residents and conning them into visiting her gaming venue.

Susan allegedly entices her victims by setting some machines with smaller payouts to gain trust and victims move on to the higher payout machines where the cost is higher to play.

 The unsuspecting victim plays with hopes of winning the big jackpot and then never receives the payout. Susan Baguier is being accused of acting as a concerned attendant and then logging off or reset the game and passing it off like it was an accident. Two victims of her scam have come forward to tell their story to SLE.

Victim 1 asked to remain anonymous. Her story begins by receiving spam from Susan. She arrived at Aquadrom Games and began playing the machine spending 8k before  hitting  the jackpot for 30,000L. When the machine did not payout, Victim 1 used quick thinking to take a snapshot, saved the transaction history as her proof and send a note card to Susan Baguirer. She received no reply so the victim teleported back to the location where she saw Susan standing there. Susan responded by claiming she could not see the snapshot due to lag and suddenly logged off and did not return until the next day.
Victim 1 made a second attempt the following day to contact Susan and showed up at Aquadrom Games where she noticed the gaming machine was reset no longer showing the winning stats. Victim 1 proceeded to give Susan the snapshot and note card again and that is where things got ridiculous. Susan claimed that it can’t happen and refused to pay up, then she muted and banned victim 1 from the premises.

Victim 1 immediately went into the Aquadrom Games Group to ask if this has happened to others and another person stepped forward claiming they were not paid 10k from a machine. One week later, another victim stepped forward.  Ultimately Victim 1 was removed from the group and has since filed a report with Linden Lab. She knows she may never receive her winnings and has focused her concern on letting the public know what happened to her and hopefully prevent others from suffering the same jackpot let down.

Victim 2 chose to use her name. Just like victim 1, Heaven Summerwind Denimore did not receive her payout of 80,000L! Here is what happened in her own words…

heavenleigh: I was playing the 1000 game of No Devil.. it was a 1x10 game... so if I won id get 10000L ...well I did win.. it came up in local.. I have the local chat.. and the pics... but then.. I imd  Susan and confronted her in a very nice way.. because I didnt want to tick her off and make her ban me like she did  Victim 1. At first she kept coming on and ignoring me.. I have a tracker that would tell me when she logged on since shes not on my friends list.

Heavenleigh supplied SLE with snapshots just like victim 1 and explained how Susan had reset the board claiming it had reset itself. However, in local chat, the board showed that Susan had reset it.

The SL Enquirer began an investigation by visiting Aquadrom Games location and curiously enough it moved.

 SLE also spoke to the property manager who confirmed the land was no longer occupied by this venue. SLE also found that Susan Baguier cleared her profile of Aquadron Games but her name can clearly be seen as owner of the Aquadron Games group.

Attempts to contact Susan Baquier have gone unanswered.

Protect yourself
We are aware that Alts are used all the time by scammers to hide and continue to cause their chaos so be vigilant!

You can at least mute and ban known scammers like Susan Baquier and never trust a random person spamming you to come “try” their machines. Report suspicious activities and be sure to take snapshots whenever you win a jackpot as your proof.
If you were not paid winnings at Aquadron Games and wrongfully treated by Susan Baguier, we regret to inform you that chances of recovering your winnings is slim but we hope by letting our readers know about this scammer, it will protect others and hopefully put a stop to this type of scam.

If you go to gaming venues, be sure to go to the ones that have a long standing positive reputation, join the group and talk to others members to make sure the machines are paying out fairly. Also, get to know the owners and managers before you pay large amounts of Lindens into a machine at a place you have never been to before.
Second Life is a community of creative people and we all should have fun and not be taken advantage of by others.

If you have a similar story of being scammed, contact the SL Enquirer or share it below and put those scammers on full blast to keep our readers informed.

Special Thanks to The Green Lanterns for their help in this case

-Lanai Jarrico


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