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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Let´s Travel! A journey through Museums in Second Life- Nehem Resident Reporting…

When we hear the word museum, we often think of ancient artifacts, or million year old dinosaur bones. However, in Second Life, museums come in all subjects and sizes, making it a fun experience for young and old alike. 

Museum of Women Heroes
Women; they are strong, powerful, and are taking the virtual world by storm. Many amazing women made history for their bravery and courageousness. The Museum of Woman Heroes highlights some of the most famous ladies in history, giving you a detailed description of each! Take a journey from Joan of Arc, to First Lady Hillary Clinton, and discover the history and greatness behind each one!!! When you are done touring, Step outside into the cafe area, and enjoy a lovely lunch or have a blast on the dance floor! 

Soar above the world at the International Spaceflight Museum!
 When you arrive, grab a free visitors guide and gift and get ready for fun! The Museum is large and easy to navigate, making it enjoyable and relaxing.  Explore over 50 different shuttles and learn about how they were made as well as used! Each Shuttle features a clickable plaque that when activated, it takes you to a page that allows you to dive into the rich history. Learn how each spacecraft was used, as well as its origin, and even fuel type! When you are through seeing the various shuttles, you can go back through and take the spaceport trivia challenge!   It is truly a learning experience for avatars of all ages.

Do you believe in magic?
Then the Museum of amazing illusions and magic is for you!! Explore a variety of amazing illusions, and learn the history of each one, as well as where it was used! Hide inside giant spider, discover the secrets of fortune telling, or even purchase a mysterious dining table that is sure to leave your guests speechless!
 Walk through a maze of historical illusions that have been tested throughout the ages. Learn about the magic that has captivated audiences for hundreds of years!
 Many of the items are available for purchase, so you can even make some magic of your own! 

Raising horses is one of second life´s leading activities.
 The Royal Horse Museum showcases a selection of ABC breedable horses for you to enjoy. See each coat and color, as well as eye, mane, and tail types. After browsing the museum, take a look at the horse stamp collection, and even purchase some souvenirs at the gift shop to take home to your family and friends! 

Museums are a great activity for families, couples, and even large groups. With the ever expanding virtual worlds of second life, you are bound to find something new and exciting every day. Exploring your Second Life is both fun and rewarding , and it allows us to see some of the worlds greatest artists. Each Museum has its own unique style and a level of creativity that is impossible to replicate!!

 What other museums have your explored in Second Life? SHare them in the comments section!


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