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Showing posts with label Nehem Resident. Show all posts

Friday, January 5, 2024

Mystory Roleplay! 3 awesome places to visit for an immersive experience- Hazel Silvermoon Reporting.


 As we all know, Second Life is an amazing world where we can experience virtually anything we desire. In the last few years, it has become a lot more realistic. We can have babies, dance in beautifully designed clubs, and even simulate our real life needs with RP Systems. One of the best RP systems I have found is Mystory.

Mystory has made my Second life not only more immersive, but it also gives me a sense of realism. With the detailed HUD system, Mystory allows you to track daily needs such as: Hunger, Thirst, Hygiene and more. To track each need, you must roleplay to fulfill them. You must eat when hungry, drink when thirsty, and even use the restroom! This has led to some amazing opportunities for creators in Second Life to build some awesome and immersive places to roleplay, as well as make their own products to sell. I am going to take you along on a journey to 3 of my favorites!

G Corner Mart
G Corner Mart is an incredibly detailed grocery store and bakery. It offers a variety of Goods and services such as: fresh baked pies and cakes, meats, fruits and veggies, and even a variety of drinks! You can purchase these items as if you were in a real store, which makes the experience amazing. You can even push a shopping cart and have a bag for your groceries. Located upstairs is a restaurant to eat in as well.

G Corner Mart-


Redwood Gym-Redwood Estates
Getting healthy is an essential part of every lifestyle. It does not matter if it is real or virtual, a healthy body means a healthy mind. Redwood gym offers just that. Participate in a variety of activities such as: yoga, running on the treadmill, punching bags, and more! Redwood gym gives us a great way to relax, refocus, and fill those stat bars!

Redwood Gym-

The Flamingo Café

There is nothing quite as cozy as walking into a little café and having lunch with a close friend. The Flamingo Café is a colorful addition to your roleplay experience! You can purchase a large variety of cakes, snacks, drinks, and lunch items. The selection is outstanding, and anyone can find a meal to suit their needs! Flamingo café also offers a small seating area where you can hang out with your friends. It is by far my favorite place to visit!

The Flamingo Cafe-

No matter what you choose to experience in Second Life, the opportunities for a realistic experience are endless, and Mystory has really improved that for me. I hope you can experience this wonderful RP system for yourself, and really dive into what it is like to roleplay in a virtual world!


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Let´s Travel! A journey through Museums in Second Life- Nehem Resident Reporting…

When we hear the word museum, we often think of ancient artifacts, or million year old dinosaur bones. However, in Second Life, museums come in all subjects and sizes, making it a fun experience for young and old alike. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

BATTLE OF THE SEXES- What Makes Our Hearts Race? Nehem Resident Reporting…


Almost everyone who started out in second Life©, did so to play a game. However, with real people behind the screen, sometimes you are bound to fall in love.

So many of us, (myself included) Come to the virtual world because we are seeking something in our lives. Weather it is due to a physical disability and the desire to have a job, or if it´s more for social interaction, we find ourselves logging on daily to fulfill our wildest dreams. The best part about such a fantastic platform, is that unlike other social networking media, we have the ability to physically spend time doing activities that are just like those in the real world. Not only can we spend such time, It is time spend with real people from around the globe. When we find others with common interests, even though it may not originally be intended, we find ourselves in deep friendships, and sometimes even love. There is an age old question that remains in both our real and virtual lives. What turns the opposite sex on, and how can you prepare yourself for love?

I got to speak with several residents about their thoughts and feelings about virtual love, and what turns them on about the other gender, and also what turns them off. Lets take a look, and find out how you can be successful in the battle of the sexes! 


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

YOU DID WHAT?! - Funny and Embarrassing Stories in the Virtual World- Nehem Resident Reporting…

Second life is many things. It can be used for work, play, fun or drama. It can also be embarrassing or downright hilarious. 

As we go through our second lives, we often run into our share of insanity with friends or family. During these times, unforgettable moments are created. We can laugh about them now, but at the time we were left feeling absolutely mortified. As we recall our stories, we feel a sense of accomplishment as well. We realize how much we have been through in our years in the virtual world, in both good times and bad. Let´s dive into the stories of some everyday residents, and have a good chuckle at the many things that can happen in the vast world of Second Life ©.

Lovely lady bits:

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Avoiding Grief in Second life- How to live Drama Free. –Nehem Resident Reporting…

Second Life can be rewarding, but it can also be a place of drama. It is how we handle drama that makes our second lives more enjoyable. 

If you have spent any time here in the virtual world, you know it can be a breeding ground for disputes. The key to avoiding drama is all in how you respond to such. There are several types of nasty situations that can leave us not only wondering what just happened, but can also lead us to no longer wish to remain in the virtual world. 


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pocket Metaverse- The Ultimate Second Life app for Ipad and Iphone- Nehem Resident Reporting…

Often times, our busy real lives keep us from our second lives. But what if you could take second life anywhere? 

As we all know, mobile technology has really taken off in the last few years. We can do virtually anything from ordering a pizza, to making a bill payment online. Now that the tech world has advanced even further, gaming apps are also readily available. As an avid second life user with a busy real life, I needed a way to keep up with business clients, friends and other activities in second life. As I recently switched from android to Iphone, I was unsure of what I would find. I was thrilled to stumble upon an app called Pocket Metaverse. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Second Life: What Keeps Us Coming Back For More? - Nehem Resident Reporting…

Second Life is full of activities, events, role play, and more. We often find that we just can’t get enough, but what keeps us so interested? 

Virtual life on the grid is a bustling blur of daily work for many. It can be both enjoyable and fulfilling, and you can achieve your greatest dreams. It is a place of freedom, where you can be your true self without the worries of what others may think.  For some, second life has an even deeper meaning.  Avatars keep coming back because of the connections, love, and even the ability to communicate with others due to the inability to get out in real life. 

I got to speak with some amazing people to find out just why second life means so much to them, and what keeps them coming back for more. I had them write their reasons in their own words. You can see the differences in culture not only in the answers, but in their writing style as well. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

For Aeva Heartsick - A fundraiser to help a much loved creator - Nehem Resident Reporting…

Everyone loves a great creation in second Life. Often times we landmark our favorites so we can visit them over and over. What if your favorite creator needed help? 

For many, Second Life is a way to communicate, a way to make money, a way to live. What you may not know, however, is that Second Life sometimes plays a very important role in real life as well.  Amesha Jewell, the creator of Aeva/Heartsick, is one of those people. Due to various physical and mental conditions, she is unable to work in real life, so she turned to Second Life to do something she loves. Her Skins, shapes and other items are adored by many. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring Into Action!!!! Warm Weather fun at Aero Pines Park!- Nehem Resident Reporting...

As we leap into April, many of us still feel ourselves shaking off the winter chill. We often trapped inside, and long for the warmth of spring. The wait is over! 

What is more lovely in the spring than a walk in the park? Aero Pines Park offers just that, and more. It is a massive 6 year old sim with a wide range of activities including: horseback riding, canoeing, balloon rides, and horse drawn carriage rides. 

When you teleport into the park, you are greeted by the Aero Pines Park recreation area sign. Click this Sign for a detailed brochure full of landmarks and information on the many activities featured in this lovely sim. I stopped at several of these amazing spots and had a blast along the way!