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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Keeping Hip Hop Alive in Second Life- Piers Diesel Reporting...

 Hip Hop in Second Life just as in real life is a not just about the music, it is a lifestyle from culture and music to fashion with some swag. 

If you hit the clubs in Second Life you are guaranteed to hear old school Hip Hop music to the latest hits on the billboard. However, if you are new to hip hop in Second Life and want to know where to go and what to wear. Then here is a list to guide you on your way.

If you are looking for old school then the famous Bootyliciouz Club is one of the oldest hotspots in Second Life. It opened back in 2007 and plays 24/7 Hip Hop and R&B. It is certainly a club where you will find the latest tunes being played.  Unlike other clubs, here you will see people dancing on the bar and the dance floor. The Dj’s are usually full of energy and really engage the crowd.
 If you and your friend(s) want to listen to Hop Hop music then these would be a good places to get the party started.

NY State Of Mind (Every Friday from 12 till 6 slt)
This is another spot that brings you hip hop and  old school tunes. It is open every Friday from 12-6pmslt. It is a new club on the Second Life scene but it’s a place to go to with friends or by yourself for the music and hip hop culture experience.

Now that you have a couple of Hip Hop Clubs to check out. You need some gear.
Here are a few shopping spots to get all jiggy and ready for a hip hop experience. Remember, you can’t be rolling up in a hip hop club lookin like you just stepped out of a country club.

Kapone Mesh black OUTFIT / Clothes & shoes

At Kapone you can find hip hop style mesh clothes like jackets, jeans, caps &and fresh kicks.

Here’s an old school outfit with Adidas that will take you back in the day.
Kapone Mesh OUTFIT redwhite II / Clothes & shoes

Mesh clothes (jacket, tank, jogging) beanie & sneakers. Like the Adidas brand which made popular buy Run DMC. Bringing a little Hip Hop to your Second Life. 300L

Not into the hip hop club scene but enjoy the music? Check out Serenity Groove and listen to hip hop music at home. The name might not seem Hip Hop but the stream is hot.
This stream is an international online radio that strives to provide its listeners with diverse programming daily. Here you will find a variety of music such as Hip Hop. Also R&B, House, Neo-Soul, Reggae, Dancehall, Talk Shows, Live DJs and Performers, and special events on a weekly basis.

Whether you’re looking for clothing, music or a full Hip Hop experience, you will definitely be able to find what you are looking for on the grid.

Remember....Don’t hate, appreciate Hip Hop and listen to the lyrics, a lot of it tells a story of hardships and life in a culture some may never understand.


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