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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ice Cream Parlors, Cafes and Fast Food Joints in Second Life– Shaneos Howlett Reporting

Dinner dates are good for the evening but what about something during the day that does not involve having to  get dress up or watch your diet.  Leave the dress shoes at home and throw on some sneakers or flip flops and do take out.

With Spring approaching people are out and about enjoying the outdoors after a long cold winter. Here are some places in Second Life that couples and families can go to grab a quick virtual bite, hang out and socialize.

KFC / Eternal Calm
Good ol Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. Who doesn’t like a big greasy bucket of chicken? Save the guilty unhealthy eating feeling for later.

Bob's Coffee Shop 

Small location but has plenty to offer if you have a browse.
Sample a selection of fine ice cream or take a seat and have a cup of coffee.
Pet the local cat that is in the area – I'm unsure of his name but maybe you could name him while you are there.

The Pixel Pot Restaurant & Cafe, Rainbow Island

The Pixel Pot is one of the nicer restaurants within SL – it features actual table waiters operating from 10 AM to 8 PM SL Time with possible 24 Hour service available via bookings. Don’t want to dine in? That’s OK. This place features a nice location with a hotdog trailer outside for those that would like to rough it a little.

Cafe Jacks

Coffee Shop style cafe with elegant music playing in the background.
Perfect location for those that would like to talk with their partner some where quiet and relaxing, in a not too crowded location.

Kitech Foot and Party Items, Bakery & Beverages
While there are not many Ice Cream shops available in SL – this store has a wide variety of bakery and party related items for your shopping pleasure – perfect for a birthday or surprise party!

Burrito Bell

This is a spin off of the ever so popular Taco Bell. Rather than running for the border,  In Second Life you can run for the gridlines and order up those beefy bean burritos. Becareful with that hot sauce though, you might pay for it later!

4 Sparrow Street – Big Kahuna Burger
This might be a spin off for Burger King with a Hawaiian twist. This place has a play area for the kids. No automated service though so you will have to make your own burger while your partner waits :) - take turns in making burgers or make two together.
Nice quiet area – great for one on ones or a nice casual chat area.

Kawaii Ville – Family RP Community – McDonalds
We think the only place  that does not have a McDonald's is on the moon! Second Life’s fast food industry would not be complete without a Micky D’s. Don’t forget to super size it and pick up some happy meals for the kids!

Basic – but does have a nice area for dancing.
Walk up to the bar to order a drink – although there is no automatic service.
Nice area for chatting or dancing.

For those that would like to cook for themselves there is a shopping center available.

The Grocery Store and Market, Celtic Bay Island
Has an impressive selection of assorted foods and grocery items, just like your regular grocery store – quiet – without the headaches of the busy shopping centers.

The Food Connection
For those that would like to do all the cooking and selecting on their own :)
This place is where to get your groceries.

No matter what your preference is for fast food, ice cream and coffee shops there is a place  for everyone in Second Life to indulge unhealthy eating without the risks. 


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