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Showing posts with label dinner. Show all posts

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Spotlight on Eclipse Restaurant- A private Fine Dining Experience in SL - SLE REPORTING

Fine dining became a thing way back in the late 1700s in France. A Swiss developer by the name of Cesar Ritz partnered with a prominent French Chef at the grand hotel of Monte Carlo. I know this is useless information for a virtual restaurant but cool facts to know the next time you are fine dining and want to spark up a fruitless conversation. If it wasn't for Mr. Ritz and his buddy Auguste, we might all still be eating with our mouths rudely opened and using our hands being all uncivilized. Here we are almost 300 years later and we now have virtual restaurants where you can’t eat actual food but you can pretend you can and lives your best virtual life being able to afford to foot the bill for yourself and all your friends. Even impress your date with a fancy fine dining experience under the stars.

The SL Enquirer met up with Alassra, the owner of Eclipse Restaurant. It is the newest fine dining venue on the grid boasting a beautiful landscape that stands out in the midnight setting. There are different setups you can choose from, each with its own theme. It’s not open to random foot traffic though. You have to make a reservation!

Interview with Alassra (xalassrax)



SLE: HI Alassra, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Can you tell our readers where you are from and how you discovered Second Life?


Alassra: Hi Lanai!  It's a pleasure to meet you also, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me today!  I am from the US, in the state of Illinois and I have been a gamer for a long time, originally starting back with Ultima Online ages ago!  From there I explored various other games and spent a lot of time on IMVU before finding my way to Second Life.  It actually took several years and the Covid pandemic for me to find the patience and time to really sit down and try Second Life.  I would always get instantly turned off by how difficult, or so I thought back then, it was to just get dressed.  However, once Covid hit and shut everything down for so long, I was looking for some form of substitute for some of the things I missed being able to do in RL, such as going out to movies, shopping, dinners, and dancing, etc.  That is what brought me to really sit down and put effort into trying Second Life.  IMVU lacked that ability to go to a mall and walk around browsing, trying things on, buying what you want since theirs was just a "shop", but Second Life gave that feel of something with a little more realism, since I could go to a "mall" and walk around with friends, trying on different things in a "dressing room", and just have that aspect of Roleplay that helped ease the lack of socializing and activity that RL was missing at the time due to the pandemic.  I just wish I had taken the time sooner, rather than it taking a pandemic and shut down of everything to get me to give Second Life a real chance!


SLE: The pandemic has certainly breathed new life into Second Life for many. Since we all have felt the effects of lockdowns. Missing our friends and families and even catching covid or losing loved ones to this terrible pandemic.  SL certainly gave many of us a form of social life and normalcy even if virtually. Roleplay Restaurants and dining services are a perfect example and a fun way to be social, go on dates, gather with friends, and even host business meetings. What inspired you to get into the virtual hospitality industry here in Second Life?


Alassra:  Yes!  They truly are!  Especially when RL doesn't always allow for those activities!  When Valentine's day 2021 rolled around, we were almost a full year into the shutdowns from Covid.  As I was browsing through things on Second Life, I found a post about Valentine's Dinner/Event, and I immediately went to the Sim location to check out the special dinner details.  I ended up purchasing not only a dinner reservation for myself and my husband, but also for my sister and her date!  I also ended up applying for a job at the business.  It was Serendipity's Weddings & Events, and I booked several RP dinner's there during my time on staff.  Serendipity's, unfortunately, closed its doors on March 31st this year, and it was that event that convinced me to open Eclipse.  I was sad to see such an amazing RP experience go, and while I enjoyed working as a wedding coordinator, it was partaking in the dinners that were my favorite part, my husband and I had several dinners there, we even had a family dinner event this past December that was amazing!  I wanted to continue to give Second Life a place that offered at least some of the magic that it would miss with Serendipity's closure. 


SLE: Absolutely! Can you tell our readers about Eclipse Restaurant and what services it provides the Second Life community?


Alassra: Oh I would love to!  Eclipse Restaurant is a place where you can plan a special night with your partner, your family, or a group of friends.  Something that gives more than just a "night out", we give our guests an experience that they will enjoy and remember.  We are all experienced in this industry, as well as being experienced in Roleplay, therefore we provide a full service, Roleplay aspect to your night out!  Our guests are asked several questions upon booking any of our packages in order for us to ensure that we have all the fine details needed to ensure that we give them a magical evening!  We have 3 different dinner venue options to choose from, giving our guests their choice between dinner at the beach, in the forest, or in a more elegant/formal venue.  We customize the color of the flower arrangements, and table settings to color(s) picked by the guest, and if there are any special events, we are sure to acknowledge it so that our guests know our staff is celebrating with them!  We have several different packages to choose from, and pricing that is fair and affordable!  We can also customize packages for our clients, if there are certain aspects they want in one package, but not other items in the package, we will work with each client to ensure that we provide what they are looking for in their Roleplay dining experience!  We can serve a small, romantic dinner for 2, or a large group event dinner service!  Our staff will always be professional in attire as well as behavior, and they will always provide an amazing roleplay experience.  We also have 3 options for arrival to the dinner venue that our guests have picked, including our very popular scenic Steam Coach flight!  This allows us to give our guests an even more memorable evening as they are flown over the restaurant in a short little tour before landing to begin their dinner. 


SLE: I love that you offer customizable options for your guests. I can see many different ideas visitors can come up with for special occasions. Do all your guests need a reservation? If so, how can they request one?


Alassra: Yes, we do require reservations at Eclipse.  This is due to us providing a private fine dining experience, rather than a more public, open dining venue.  We want to ensure that our guests can enjoy their evening in a more secluded, intimate environment versus a busy public restaurant type of venue.  We do have several ways that reservations can be made - you can purchase your package choice from one of the signs in our shop, or from the self-service kiosk at the shop, which will guide you to filling out the reservation form, either of these options will have a member of staff reach out to you and complete the reservation process.  Or you can book directly with a member of staff if one is available at the shop.  You can also contact me, or my assistant manager, ASH (tiptonik) in world via NC and we will get back to you ASAP to get your reservation setup!  We try to make sure that we have several options to make it as easy as possible for our guests to reserve a night in one of our beautiful dining venues. 


SLE: That’s great you plenty of options to make it easy for guest to book their special dining experience. During the tour, I saw you have some private locations for romantic dining. Can you share with us what each one represents?


Alassra: We have 3 beautiful private dining venues for our guests to pick from, and our servers have uniforms that were made with each venue in mind to add to the experience.  Our first dinner venue is the Beach venue and it is a little more carefree and relaxing in design than our other venues.  It puts the guests up in the air floating near the waterfall, able to view down to the little beach and waterway below.  It represents that feeling of class, and formality but with a little mix of carefree and boho added in.
Our next venue is our Forest dinner venue, and it is right in the middle of the forest, hidden amongst the trees, butterflies, unicorns, and just all the magical beauty that nature gives us.  It represents the feel of getting all dressed up but in a way to also enjoy and celebrate the amazing beauty of nature.
Our final venue is the Elegant/Formal dinner venue, which sits atop a giant pillar overlooking our large stage area.  It represents the traditional concept of the "date night" or "night out", where one would get all dressed up, and go for something formal, elegant, and classy and just pay homage to the traditional "night out" celebration.  This allows us to have something for just about everyone, whether they are just looking for a more carefree, relaxing experience, something in between, or the full-on elegant, formal experience.

SLE: All three are beautiful designs! What other amenities and events do you host on the sim aside from a fine dining experience?


Alassra:  That is a wonderful question, Lanai!  We do have several amenities and events on our Sims.  I say Sims because we have a "sister" Sim just below us on the map!  The Deviant Dragon Sim hosts Eclipse Restaurant & Events, it also is the home of the Dragon's Tail Tavern, which hosts several live singers regularly including Clairede Dirval, Essence, and Rocky TooCool!  We host holiday events in the tavern as well and have various contents there.  We also have the MilkyWay Skating & Arcade Hub located on the Sim, and it is getting ready to celebrate an 80's night on the 14th of this month!  There will be a Best in 80's outfit contest too!  The Deviant Dragon Sim also is where you can find the Dragon's Tail riding track, The Dragon's Dream Reiki & Tarot Spa, Lunation, and several other mall shops!  So there is always something to do, from mini-golf and skating, to live concerts, dining, shopping or just relaxing on our Adults Only beach area on the other side of Eclipse!  Our sister sim, Deviant Tranquility is an adults-only relaxation experience, with every aspect built with adults in mind.  You can relax at the beach, explore the crystal caves, camp out in the forest, or explore your adventurous side at Eden, the BDSM club.  So we definitely have a lot to offer our guests!  And both Sims do offer event hosting/setup services too!


SLE: Wow you have a lot going on! I love the 80’s so I’ll have to come to those events. Can you tell our readers why you created this sim? Did you see a niche needing to be filled? Or was this just a dream of something you wanted to create?


Alassra: When we started with Deviant Tranquility, it was to create a relaxing, adults-only hub that could be an escape and our own little piece of paradise.  As time went on, there was a need for more space and offerings, so Deviant Dragon was created.  My husband loves to DJ and loves all types of music, however, he would frequently get frustrated with a lot of restrictions at many clubs already out there in Second Life, so the Dragon's Tail Tavern was born, and became his own little space to host singers, DJ, and hold events and parties at.  After Serendipity closed down, I definitely felt the void that the loss of their restaurant services left for myself and others, and that is what led to a more focused drive with the Sim, and a desire to create this place that would provide various activities in one spot, whether it was a date night experience with a full-service roleplay aspect, or games, mini-golf, skating, shopping, dancing, or relaxing on a beach.  We just wanted to expand and having 2 Sims allowed this opportunity for us to do so.  We have something for everyone essentially!  Therefore filling all the little niche areas that we saw needing work, and creating something wonderful we could share with others in Second Life at the same time!


SLE: You and your team did an amazing job creating a romantic almost whimsical destination for a nice quiet evening under the stars. It takes a team of dedicated people to keep things running perfectly. Did you build the sim on your own or did you have a team of people helping? If so, who are they?


Alassra: Thank you so much, Lanai!  I definitely had help!  None of it would have been possible without my husband, Sarlorn (calimar).  He is such a creative person and always has the best ideas for layouts and amazing taste!  He is extremely picky so he really takes his time as he works on a project, so everything I found or set up, I would always run by him to get his opinion on.  He worked extremely hard on the Sim, and got everything set up with me, every step of the way!  My sisters, Scarlet (XxHoneyBadgerxX) and AllieCay Littlepaws were also instrumental in getting things together.  They were the ones that encouraged me to give Second Life a try and helped me learn the aspects of Sim setup, and they built Deviant Tranquility in all of its beauty from the ground up to what you see today!  They laughed when I accidentally retiled the grass with a shopping ad texture and showed me how to fix it, they never berated me for mistakes I made as I was learning and building, so they were a huge part of getting Eclipse coming to be.  I can't forget my wonderful niece, ΛSH (tiptonik), who has been a HUGE help with getting Eclipse going, and the Deviant Dragon Sim put together.  She is the Eclipse Assistant Manager, and helps keep my head on straight when dealing with the admin side of things!  She helpls reign me in when I get too overzealous with my shopping/decorating ideas too!  Ha!  She has not been on Second Life for very long, but she has learned so much, so fast, I trust her completely with decorating, setup, running Eclipse, etc.!  I also couldn't keep Eclipse going without the wonderful staff team that has stepped up to help undertake this venture - Dr Hikiera (hikiera) and Lunastra Blackwood, two of our servers; cσσкıe Sereηα Mυɴѕтer (cooooookiecrips) one of our amazing photographers; and two of our amazing DJ's, Tαm Lılıth Dαlgααrd (tamiqua.cheng) and ღ Hailey Day Rollins ღ (haileyday).  We would not be here without this amazing team of people!


SLE: It is very important to have a “tribe” of supportive friends in Second Life. It can be very difficult having to manage everything yourself so I’m so glad to hear that! Are you currently hiring? And if so, for what positions?


Alassra: We are!  We are hiring roleplay servers, DJs, sales reps, and photographers for Eclipse, and we also have spots for DJs and hosts at the tavern!  We also have several positions in general for the Sim.  Our application can be found at:


SLE: It was an absolute pleasure interviewing you Alassra, We wish you the very best with Eclipse and your sister Deviant Tranquility sims.  Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Alassra: I would just like to tell them that if they are looking for a wonderful date night, family night, friends night out, or dinner event of any type to come to check us out!  We are extremely flexible and we will do what we can to set up exactly what you are looking for in your dining/event package!  We have several other activities on the Sims, and I encourage them to check out both places, and explore all that the Deviant Sims offer, outside of Eclipse Restaurant!



Please provide the below information:

Additional Information:




Landing point and guest entry:





Dinner Reservation Form - 

Policies, package info, etc. can be found on our website 

Preferred Contact: Alassra (xalassrax)



Thursday, March 31, 2022

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Cliffs is SecondLife's newest restaurant specializing in fine dining role-play.


Looking for a way to celebrate a special event?  Maybe you’re planning to “pop the question” to that special someone who lights up your SecondLife.   A Big Anniversary, or maybe a Rezz Day coming up?  Celebrate in style with a private, Role Play Dinner at The Cliffs.

The Cliffs is SecondLife's newest restaurant specializing in fine dining role play.  Book an intimate dinner for two, or a group of up to 20 of your friends or colleagues.

Enjoy a delicious meal, selected from their menu of over 80 items, with dining choices to fit the most discerning palette.  After a sumptuous dinner, stroll the beautifully landscaped grounds, including a private beach.  Or, take your dessert and coffee at the Gazebo.  Dance by starlight on their outdoor terrace using their state-of-the-art, fully equipped INTAN with some 220 different animations.

Choose the  

Romantic Dinner for Two at The Cliffs, which includes 

  • One hour role play

  • Drinks in the bar, followed by

  • 4-course meal

Or, for added enjoyment, choose the

Romantic Dinner for Two & Dancing at The Cliffs

  • One hour role-play dinner

  • Drinks in the bar, followed by

  • Four-course meal 

  • One hour of dancing with a live DJ

Let the attentive staff at The Cliffs make your memorable evening even more so.  For rates and reservations, go to or email  


Monday, June 14, 2021

SPOTLIGHT ON SMOCHAS - Dining and Cannabis Bar - Lanai Jarrico Reporting….


Restaurants in Second Life are a great place to gather with friends or go on a date with that special someone. The exquisite SMOCHAS beYou Restaurant and Cannabis Lounge is a unique dining experience sure to provide you and your friends a fun-filled time in a sociable, restaurant-style atmosphere. It is a full-service fine dining role-play experience for the grown and sexy. The comprehensive menu offers everything from beYou food and beverages and all the way up to premium cannabis smoking and edibles. The SL Enquirer met up with MsDemocha to learn more about Smochas.

Interview with DarkEbony Mocha (Ms. Mocha)

SLE: Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us. How did you discover Second Life and how would you describe your experience so far?

Ms. Mocha: You are so welcome! I am excited to be interviewed.  I was brought to SL by my older siblings Harlem Mocha and Blue Pinelli way back in 2010 after a RL tragedy.  SL was a way to remove the miles that were between us. They knew it was a pivotal time in my life and wanted to be there to look out for me.  I thought I was just logging into a game!  I instantly fell in love with the RP of it all! There is no limit to the amount of fun that a person could have here. I believe in living your SL to the fullest and I believe that I have so far. I had no idea how much I would change over the years nor that I would learn so much about myself playing the game. If I had to use one word to describe my SL it would be “phases”. I have gone through so many of them. Through it all, I have been blessed to cultivate wonderful businesses, friendships, and family bonds in SL.


SLE: I am glad to hear you were introduced to Sl by your supportive family and that it helped you.  Second Life is such a unique experience with self-discoveries happening for many people. Myself included.  What an elegantly designed restaurant with accents of black, white, and gold. What inspired you to create SMOCHAS?


Ms. Mocha: Thank you. I have learned that I am a visionary and I have a great aptitude for business.  I wanted to start a new one, one that was different and would continually grow. The idea of SMOCHAS was inspired by different places that I visited in RL. I would take pictures of them and give them to Ms. Vanessa Marquez, the SMOCHAS interior designer.  She was able to capture the glamorous and warmth that I desired. Although the restaurant is extremely posh and beautiful, no one feels uncomfortable there.

SLE: It takes a dedicated team to run a real-life successful restaurant. In Second Life I would imagine the same dedication is needed aside from having a full kitchen crew. Can you tell us about your team and their roles at the restaurant?

Ms. Mocha: The SMOCHAS staff is remarkable.  The restaurant would not be the success it is without the dedicated managing team of J. Ziporiah Bradley (operations manager) and Sean Himanez (assistant manager). They are responsible for just about ensuring exceptional execution of every one of SMOCHAS processes and procedures. They do an excellent job of managing an exceptional team of servers, chefs, and budtenders.


SLE: I must say you all are keeping up with the times with a Cannabis Lounge as well. Virtually speaking weed is legal across the grid. Can you share with our readers what they can expect from the full-service SMOCHAS experience?


Ms. Mocha: It’s totally exciting from the moment you are greeted and seated. Your professional SMOCHAS server will guide you through your 4-course meal. If you have made reservations for the SMOCHAS Cannabis Lounge then after dinner you will be escorted to the lounge to end your evening with the very best joints and edibles SL has to offer. It’s the perfect end to a wonderful evening out and you are right virtually speaking, it’s legal across the grid.


SLE: You got the hospitality to role-play down! I noticed a beautiful white baby grand piano in the center of the restaurant. Do you host live musicians to entertain guests, or is that for special occasions?

Ms. Mocha: We often have live singers and musicians perform for our guests. We have had spectacular vocalists like Mr. Tony Slade, Ms. TJ O. Jobert, and Ms. Steph Sinatra. Some of my most memorable nights are of a lounge full of avatars vibing off our cannabis products while being serenaded by some of SL’s best vocalists.




In fact, we will have Mr. Tony Slade and Ms. Samm Qendra in the cannabis lounge this Thursday, June 17th at 5 pm SLT.  The performances are open to all.

SLE: I think that is a fantastic addition to fine dining in Second Life! Do you take reservations for special events, private parties, or are walk-ins OK?

Ms. Mocha: Yes, for all three.  We have had engagement parties, corporate anniversary parties, birthday parties, 420 parties, and many other special events.



SLE: One of the most important things that make the dining experience feel more realistic is the selection of food guests can order. What’s on the comprehensive BeYou food and beverage menu?

Ms. Mocha: Way too many dishes to name.  I can tell you that some of my favs are the Lobster Piquant, SMOCHAS Specialty Steak*, and the Mocha Resplendence Cake.  There is something for every food lover on the menu.


SLE:  We are seeing a lot of venues starting to become family-friendly. Can guests bring their children or is it discouraged because of the Cannabis Lounge? 

Ms. Mocha: Everyone is invited and encouraged to have dinner at SMOCHAS.  High chairs and booster seating are available for the babies. However, the Cannabis Lounge is for adults only.


SLE: I love that it is family-friendly, I hear a lot of families struggle to find venues that accept them and their children. It was a pleasure meeting with you and learning more about what you do. We wish you all the best with SMOCHAS. Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Ms. Mocha:  Yes, Mogul Mondays - Krazy Karaoke!  We teamed up with Chaotic Mogul Enterprises to present every Monday evening at 5 pm SLT, Krazy Karaoke!  It takes over the cannabis lounge and it has such a unique vibe.  It’s not an Open Mic.  There is no competition going on at all. It’s a group of awesome people, kicking back, forgetting that it’s the beginning of another work week, and singing their favorite songs.  I would love to say that we are all great singers, most of us only sing in the showers, but I also think that is the best part.  We sing because we love the songs and the fun we have singing it. It’s the best no judgment zone I have ever encountered, and the amount of laughter and fun we all have is outrageous!

Additional Information

Reservations are accepted on Tuesday - Sunday weekly from 4 pm - 8 pm SLT and Walk-in are accepted on Friday and Saturday nights from 5 pm – 7 pm SLT. 

You can make your reservations at SMOCHAS or on Marketplace!


GROUP: Join the SMOCHAS group and keep up with us: secondlife:///app/group/d268369a-c483-b296-72a1-d6098f17d9e7/about


SMOCHAS webpage:

Questions? Contact Ebony Mocha (MsDEMocha or DarkEbony Mocha), Sean Himanez (TheRealSean Himanez), Jazz Alexandria Tiponi (Jazz Tiponi) or Jericah Bradley (Jericahb).


Sunday, March 14, 2021

Brunel Hall- The oldest continually running hotel and the last of the grand dining restaurants


The oldest continually running hotel, and the last of the grand dining restaurants on the grid has just finished a major overhaul of the restaurant and a complete rework of the bar in the basement.  The food menus have been overhauled as well with more than 190 food items in the direct rezzer on the tables with new food items being added roughly every month.  This is a NON roleplay set restaurant, which means couples will have peace and quiet to just sit in, chat and take in the surroundings of an era of sheer decadence.  Once you have finished looking around the hall, you can then spend a few days (or more) simply exploring the 12 regions that make up The City State of New Babbage.


About Brunel Hall:  Brunel Hall Hotel has been part of the landscape of the 12 region steampunk City State of New Babbage for more than a decade.  Opened during the peak of the old Grand Dining days, Brunel Hall done something different, it didn’t charge an arm and a leg for couples to sit and look at prim (and now mesh) food sitting on a table.  Brunel Hall, and the City State of New Babbage are both non RP enforced, so modern clothing is fine to wear when exploring.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ice Cream Parlors, Cafes and Fast Food Joints in Second Life– Shaneos Howlett Reporting

Dinner dates are good for the evening but what about something during the day that does not involve having to  get dress up or watch your diet.  Leave the dress shoes at home and throw on some sneakers or flip flops and do take out.

With Spring approaching people are out and about enjoying the outdoors after a long cold winter. Here are some places in Second Life that couples and families can go to grab a quick virtual bite, hang out and socialize.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Dining out in Second Life- Piers Diesel Reporting...

There comes a time in Second Life were you want to experience things you would normally do in Real Life. One of them being dining out. You may be asking yourself,  “How is it even possible since avatars do not need to eat?  Well, use your imagination and try a dining experience in a virtual way.

Where can you go to eat out in Second Life? There are quite a few places to go depending on what occasion it is; fancy or casual. Here is a list of a few places where you can go either with your partner or with a group friends.