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Friday, March 21, 2014

Team SLE's First Year in RFL- Help Us Raise Money for Cancer Research!

The SL Enquirer has been involved in RFL for years, promoting for various Relay for Life events across the grid. This year we have officially enrolled  Team SLE to help generate Lindens for cancer research. Your donation will help the many that are suffering with cancer as well as support survivors.

Visit The SL Enquirer media Center and drop some Lindens in our Kiosk. No matter how big or small your contribution is, everyone fighting for a cure will appreciate it.

About Cancer
Cancer is a disease the attacks cells causing an uncontrolled growth that can spread throughout the body. Early detection is key to a higher chance of survival. Regular check up and screenings can save your life. Cancer may not show symptoms in the early stages but it is best not to wait to see a doctor until you are feeling pain, find a lump or have bleeding or unusual discharge. This dreadful disease not  affects the cancer patient physically and emotionally but the ripple effect of emotions can spread to family and friends.

 "On March 28th 2014 my stepmother succumbed to cancer. Her battle was long and took a toll on everyone in the family who watched her helplessly go from a strong healthy woman to very frail and ill.  It is not an easy thing to see and that helpless feeling is something many feel who have had a loved one diagnosed with cancer. Donating to RFL is a way I feel like I am helping give someone a fighting chance. While it is not a guarantee a cure will be found, having hope and being proactive in the fight will ease that helpless feeling". -Lanai Jarrico


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