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Friday, March 7, 2014

The Blarney Stone Pub, Your Atypical Pub in Second Life - Mikile Vinciolo Reporting…

The Blarney Stone Irish Pub

If you're not familiar with the tale the Blarney stone, let me cue you in.

The Blarney Stone is a stone, a bluestone to be exact. It is constructed in the battlement of a once inhabited Blarney Castle in Cork, Ireland. The legend of the stone is that whoever plants a solid kiss on it, the smoocher receives the magnificent gift of gab,  meaning you will have the gift of talking and never shutting up!

 To my delight, I've discovered an eponymous bar in-world that is located on the Dublin sim. The bar itself is a somewhat of a stick-out from the rest of the stark landscape of buildings, nearly impossible to miss and ignore. The doors are flung open to welcome all wayfarers to come and have a pint with the locals.

The interior is reminiscent of bars of olde, brick and wood comprises the interior. Plopped in the middle of the place is the bar large enough to accommodate every pissy drunk in the establishment.

The ambiance is heavy with music, the smell of beer, and revelers having fun on the virtual dance floor bordered by a small stage.

I take to my surroundings as random guys brush up against me, and even courageously find a seat in my vicinity. With the lay back mentality of all that dared walk through those embracing doors, who could blame 'em?

I took the opportunity to flirt back, exploiting the moment to interview one of the male patrons.

I greet him with the cheesiest line to ever grace my lips, "Hello handsome, how are you?" I anticipate an answer, and the gunky line works.

He response, " Hello, I am mighty fine thank you, and you?"

Thus begins the interrogation. I pull my first question on him, and it seems to take him aback. Maybe the heavy dose of booze and a good time has him in no condition to do so, but I  soon found out.

"So tell me, how would you describe the Blarney Stone pub?" I fling at him. He replies, "Excellent! Good entertainment nice people, and well run."
All seemingly true from my brief time here.

I was now curious about the entertainment aspect, so I asked him to list off a few events that happen at the bar on average. "Live entertainment and group talks" is the answer I receive. Group talks, very unusual for a pub, so I naturally had to ask for a deeper explanation of the group talks, and why in the pub versus an actual town hall.

Instead of, the answer I sought, he clarifies what he meant with the "group talk" event, "When I say group talks, it’s mainly about shows, DJing or how good previous DJs have been." With that answer, it all made sense as to why this location. The talks are of business, and getting the input of the regulars at the pub.

I divulge, "How important is this pub to you?"

And, of course, he answers that the place is pretty integral because of the people, which leads me to believe that everyone here is pretty much of the familial kind. And, if you take a look around at the mass groups of gabbers, you can definitely see the sense of community.

I thanked the gentleman for his contributions with a blown kiss, and moved over to the dance floor to shake off the tensions of the day and to get more sentiments on the bar from  DJ Lilac Jetaime.

I asked her of her sentiments of the club, and her answers confirms my insinuated ideation of family, “I like it... There’s an energy here you don't get in other clubs and a feeling of friends and family. It’s very relaxed and they are excellent at keeping it quite people-friendly without the drama" she says as she smiles a toothy smile. 

I asked if there was anything else, in her opinion that lends this bar a unique fingerprint, and the answer was the amazing music choices. I guess you can say it is. It compared to my expectation of Irish jig music and an atmosphere where everybody knows your virtual name.

I thank her for her bit,  wiped the sweat from my forehead and took my leave of the bar with a brand new perspective on what I initially pegged this watering hole to be.

There are many bars and pubs across the grid that draw in their own regulars but with St. Patrick’s Day soon approaching, this might be the place to be for an authentic Irish Ale and an atmosphere the celebrates this day with the spirit of the Irish.


Visit The Blarney Stone Irish Pub and see for yourself

Special Thanks to Drifter and Lilac Jetaime for their contributions.


  1. I have been visiting Blarney Stone Pub for five years now and it is in my experience the friendliest establishment in Second Life. On any given day it has good company, good conversation, good music and a gentle atmosphere. Lucky is the noob that rezzes in this sim.
    Big Nicholls

    1. While there covering this pub, I noticed there where a lot of noobs rezzing, and the noobs were treated as they should be-when they are not being annoying- like human avatars. The people are friendly and their is definitely that sense of community that is missing from other establishments. However, I am not a fan of the majority of the music that was blaring.

      Mikile Vinciolo


  3. If you're part of the clique I'm sure it's a fun place to visit. If you're new to second life it's not terribly friendly.

  4. When was the Blarney stone built in secondlife?


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