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Friday, March 7, 2014

2014 Fashion Trends Part 1- Silky Soulstar Reporting…

2014 is shaping up to be a renaissance year for SL Fashion. Designers are busy mixing new trends with older concepts as they work to outfit SL in a new era of social media. The SL Enquirer interviewed a panel of Fashion Designers to get the scoop.

Silky Soulstar:  Mesh has already burst onto the scene as of a couple of years ago, but the new fitted mesh now being introduced in 2014 promises to provide even better quality appearances. 

Melusina Parkin

Melusina Parkin, CEO of MEB Fashion: “I see a strong trend towards simpler and tighter dresses.  Meshes influenced that a lot.  Now it’s possible to create skin-fitting clothes even better than before."

Silky Soulstar: The benefit of fitted mesh is that more deformation points can be added to clothing, allowing body shape sliders to customize the fit. 

Melusina: “I’m looking for the new fitted meshes to probably accomplish the hopes we had when meshes were announced. No more hands into dresses, or holes. And we’ll have better fitting on sitting poses."

Gocha Merlin

Gocha Merlin, Owner and Designer at !Go!:  "Mesh is giving a lot of possibilities for designers and it is much easier to bring something from your head and into the world.” 

Silky: But is it too easy to be a creator now with all of the mesh templates? And is that inflating the marketplace with brand proliferation as Fashion owners?

Gocha: “Honestly speaking if you want to be a good SL creator, you still need to be part artist, graphics expert, and sewing machine."

Mesulina: "I think that learning to take advantage from the good texturing meshes allow, from the chance to mix older and new techniques, from the lessons we can get from RL trends can bring SL Fashion to even better results. This is the path MEB is trying to follow, by the way.”

Silky: So the old isn’t obsolete.  Which is comforting for those of us with extra deep virtual closets. In fact some designers plan to stick to what they know best. *looks toward Indigo and Bee*
Indigo Dagostino

Indigo Dagostino, Seldom Blue Fashions Creator: "I’ve tried the modern and contemporary styles.  But the line I’m working on now is back to what I love best; which is intricate, detailed, and LOTS going on.”

Gocha: "It is actually a hard and easy question to answer. Hard because I never followed and observed “FASHION TRENDS" in SL.”

Silky: Bee, you do a great job of including Huds to give your outfits plenty of mixing and matching options.

Bee Tizzy, VIPs Creations Owner and Designer:  “Most of all though, I like to create seasonal clothes like for Halloween, Christmas, Carnival, St. Patrick’s Day, etcetera, because it is the most fun for me to make them. And I can use my imagination to create them to my fantasy. They are not ordinary.”  

Silky: Which leads us back to the future of SL Fashion in 2014!

Melusina: *nodding*  "Actually the growth of separates on the market: prêt-à-porter fashion is on the rise to present the consumer with options more oriented to compose outfits rather than to sell complete dresses, although fashion sets still are the backbone of fashion market.”

Silky: Fascinating!  I especially love to mix and match prims and mesh.  Ladies do you have  any further remarks before we end Part 1 of our Fashion Trends 2014?

Melusina: "I see a growing attention to a shop's look. It's a good reaction to the trend of buying clothes on Marketplace. We want a good shopping experience, in welcoming and awesome shops, where clothes can be seen closely and in a pleasant framework where people can interact with designers or store models. All of which is definitely better than a "soloist” way of online shopping."

Silky: I completely agree with that last observation! And it will be the subject of 2014 Fashion Trends Part 2!

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