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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Award Winning Vocalist; Wolfie Moonshadow sits down with The SL Enquirer for a Second Time- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Wolfie Moonshadow is an accomplished vocalist who rezzed on the Second Life music scene in June of 2010.

He completed his vocal training through the Royal Schools of Music Examining Board and his achievements include awards for Gibraltar Young Musician of the year in the Vocalist Category, MEL Best Band of the Year (West Midlands, UK 2004), MEL Best Front Man of the Year (West Midlands, UK) as well as Entertainer of the Year in Costa Del Sol, Spain. 

His career spans over 20 years and three countries.
His energy can be felt throughout Second life as he adapts to his environments and performs for his fans. His versatile style includes a mix of several genres, including Latin/Spanish. Wolfie is a master of his craft and knows how to engage a crowd. You can tell he is in his element when he hits the stage and shares his electrifying voice.

The SL Enquirer sat down with Wolfie once again to talk about the past 4 years since his first interview debut in 2010.

Lanai: Hi Wolfie, I have to say it is an absolute pleasure to be interviewing you again. I’m anxious to know what these past 4 years have been like for you!

Wolfie:  Well its been a ride I have to tell you lol!!  SL is a wonderful world where you can make your dreams come true.  I never expected to have done so much and have met so many wonderful people along the way.  As everything in life there have been great ups and downs as well as mistakes made, which I am doing all I can to make right.  It is definitely a second life, but one I am proud to sing for, every time :)

Lanai: That is great Wolfie. I share your sentiment about this virtual world and the wonderful people one can meet here. Let’s begin by giving our readers a little bit of background on you right from the source. When did you begin singing and how did you find your way to Second Life?

Wolfie:  Well singing has been a part of me since I could talk.  I live in a very small place called Gibraltar, which is located on the southern tip of Spain.  Gibraltar is a British territory and has been for over 300 years.  Politically, we are the thorn in Spain's side as they have laid claim over the rock during all this time.  This caused Franco to close the Frontier with us, so we were a very close nit community, cut off from the mainland.  As children we used to get together on the patios on the estate I live in and play.  I remember giving my first shows to my friends at age 5-6 who used to bring their beach chairs down and be my audience...From then I knew I wanted to sing.  Shortly after I joined my school choir and did my first solo performance when I was 8 in front of parents and school teachers.  I know I have explained a lot in terms of our situation then because that was an audience of 300...At that time...Events like these, were attended well by the community, as it was our entertainment, being closed away from the world around us.  I still remember being soooo scared but as soon as I sang the first note, I felt home...Difficult to explain lol

Speed up to 2006, and after living in the West Midlands in UK, I came back to Gibraltar and found it difficult to get gigging again.  I decided to search around on the net and put some vids out.  I'd found a way to still sing, so I was doing it and getting feedback, on how people enjoyed it.  Out of the blue, I get this mail from someone that had heard my recordings and told me I should check out SL as I would be able to do virtual shows....Virtual Shows??  I had no idea what she was on about but it certainly sparked an interest to gig again....I'd heard something about it but had no clue what it was about.  She invited me to come in so she could show me around, and met her as Fieryredhead Denimore...To this day I will always thank her for taking me under her wing and help me get started ;)

Lanai:   Interesting series of events that led you here! In one sentence, how would you describe Wolfie Moonshadow your avatar? What inspired your name?

Wolfie:  hahaha...that's a tough one...hmmmm
Cheeky, naughty, temperamental (lol...working on dat), energetic and fun...
I have always had an affinity for wolves since I was young, so I've been wolfie since I was 20 and was djing at our local nightclub.  The surname was something that jumped out at me, as when I joined, we had to pick our surnames from the list LL gave us.  I think it’s a great stage name, which is why I went with it :)

Lanai: You do a pretty good wolf howl too lol. Can you tell me how your avatar  is similar and different from the real you?

Wolfie:  My avatar is me...The real me has a different family life with responsibilities but as Wolfie, I get to be me as a performer and entertainer.  This is something I have done since I can remember so second life has become the part I was missing....From the real me....If that makes any sense lol..

Lanai: It makes perfect sense.  You have over 20 years experience performing for live audiences and 4 years performing for virtual ones. Can you tell me what are the similarities and differences you feel when you are on a virtual stage as opposed to a real one?

Wolfie:  I think SL creativeness has adapted very well to give a full visual experience in which we can immerse in....In terms of difference, the feeling of being on a real stage cannot be matched...but this world has created a community which has adapted to make it as interactive as what it is....I'm home in SL

Lanai:  This is a unique virtual world indeed.  Performers vary. Some are very comfortable on stage and others feel some anxiety right before a performance. Do you ever get nervous?

Wolfie:  Every performer does, it’s how you channel it that gives you that rush when you are performing...At least that's how I do it and works for me lol

Lanai: It takes courage to perform on any stage whether it is real or in a virtual world. It has to be an amazing feeling to know you bring joy to the many fans that get to experience your energy and voice in Second Life. What do you like most about what you do here?

Wolfie:  I love watching people having fun, on chat and on the dance hud....I love having the life as a performer in a world that enjoys what I do...and I love the people that have supported me all these years and the ones that have become my best friends during my journey.

Lanai: You are a very accomplished vocalist with all sorts of real world awards and face time on television. What would you say is the most important award or recognition you have received and why?

Wolfie:  I would have to say the Young Musician of the Year Award...I had to prepare a piece from the Rodrigo Guitar Concerto which has lyrics...'Mon Amour'.  I worked so hard on it and went up against some strong competition.  This gave me confidence to continue to complete my vocal training and qualifications.  

Lanai: Very nice Wolfie, congratulations on that. Everyone is inspired by someone or something. Who or what inspires you the most to continue to do what you do?

Wolfie:  Well I have to say it’s my great friends in SL that have inspired me.  Many a time I have held my hands up and said...I am NOT doing this one minute longer, but they are the ones that have inspired me to be a better performer and better person

Lanai:  I am glad you didn’t give up. I think a lot of people would miss that energy you put out when you are on stage. So, what are your most favorite songs to perform?

Wolfie:  Oh God...I don't know...I love so many genres.  I suppose any song that has a kick to it gets me going but again I do love the strong ballads so much...urrgh can't choose lol

Lanai: Well, I particularly like the Spanish music you sing. Within the 4 years you have been performing in Second Life, what has been your most memorable moment?

Wolfie:  LOL....Well it’s memorable alright.  I was at this venue, doing a show, as you do...and was watching my screen from behind so I could see the audience and this horse walks across the screen.  Well...I thought to myself, this is SL so no big deal....Then it walks up to the middle of my screen and gets up on its hind legs and starts dancing...Suffice to say that it took at least five minutes laughing uncontrollably, to calm myself down....still sniggering through my songs till I finished the show.  That was sooo funny...but everyone had such a great time...Indeeed.

Lanai: Hahaha It wouldn’t be Second life without moments like that. Have you done any collaborations or dual streaming performances here?

Wolfie:  Unfortunately not with anyone on SL but I have collaborated with great singers like Nigel Palmer, Nolan Frendo and great guitarists like Shaggy who are all local talent that have joined me in the studio many a time :)

Lanai: Oh yes, they are great talents too. Thank you for that exclusive show you did at SLE not to long ago, it was great! What advice would you give musicians and vocalist that would like to showcase their talent in the virtual world?

Wolfie:  Give your best and do not let yourself be pulled into politics or drama.  Build your dreams and make them happen for the people that appreciate you as the performer you are.

Lanai: Good advice. Soooo….what can Wolfie Fans expect from you this year?

Wolfie:  Working closely with an incredible young guitarist (Shaggy) and with other musicians who will be soon joining in to do a full live band performance.  Our Bass player Kav joined us for an exclusive at the Second Life Media Centre and there is more to come.  We are rehearsing for a RL show due in June so we will be opening the airwaves to our jamming very soon ;)

Lanai: Oh sounds like you have a lot of good things going on soon! Wolfie thank you for taking the time to answer my question. As always it is a pleasure to talk with you. I also wanted to say I am so excited to have landed such a catch to performing at the SL Enquirer. See you thereJ

Wolfie:   Thanks so much Lanai and look forward to seeing everyone there....Lets Paaaarty!!

Wolfie performs at the SL Enquirer Media Center every Tuesday @ 6pm SLT

Your limo awaits

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Seren McGillivary or Destiny Moon (Destiny102)


  1. I don't care where you sing You sing with more passion that some of the biggest names out there! I would love to hear you live , and God willing, maybe someday that will be possible! Great article Wolfie, thanks for sharing!! Love, T*


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