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Showing posts with label Wolfie Moonshadow. Show all posts

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Hammerhead Harbour Club Grand Opening with Wolfie Moonshadow at the Hammerhead Harbour Club Thursday June 1, 2023 at 4 pm SLT.


Hammerhead Estates presents: Wolfie MoonShadow Live at the Hammerhead Harbour Club Thursday June 1, 2023, at 4 pm SLT. Come enjoy the soulful sounds for 2 hours of fun and dancing with special guest Vanellope following.

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Treasured Friends Upcoming Events For December


Dec. 7th ===> DJ Jay Cee @ 1-3 PM Bring on da funk!


Dec. 10th==> Wolfie Moonshadow  @ 6 PM   (live singer).

Dec. 14th ===> DJ Lixxin Zardark @ 4-6 PM Mellow Blues Set

Dec. 21st ===> Ichie Kamachie @ Noon (12 PM)


Wolfie Moonshadow (LIVE SINGER)

 Since June of 2010, Wolfie has built a following becoming one of SL's most popular performers. He performs songs from several genres making his shows varied and adaptable for each venue he plays. His sheer love of entertaining shines through in every performance, with his fans becoming a part of the show, every time. :)

Wolfie has performed with several RL bands spanning over more than 20 years and three countries (Gibraltar, Spain and the UK).  Also, Wolfie has appeared on several television programs in Gibraltar in addition to performing for Gibraltar National Day concerts.

Contact:  ArishaFlame75 Resident / Destiny102 Resident

Samples of his work:
YouTube Channel:
Music Videos (Filmed By Fuschia Nightfire):
Thinking Out Loud:


My introduction to House music happened back in 1994 through partying at clubs, afterhours, raves, and underground events. In 1995, I decided to become a DJ. I first started out spinning breakbeats back in the mid 90's, and in 2000, through changes in my musical tastes, began spinning House music. With changes and additions in equipment over the years, from vinyl to mp3's, analog to digital, my love for House Music goes on. My style can be said to be smooth, clean mixing of one or several styles in any particular set.


Mellow Blues Mix

Ichie Kamachie (The Voice) LIVE SINGER


Wednesday, November 25, 2020









Since June of 2010, Wolfie has built a following becoming one of SL's most popular performers. He performs songs from several genres making his shows varied and adaptable for each venue he plays. His sheer love of entertaining shines through in every performance, with his fans becoming a part of the show, every time. :)

Wolfie has performed with several RL bands spanning over more than 20 years and three countries (Gibraltar, Spain and the UK).  Also, Wolfie has appeared on several television programs in Gibraltar in addition to performing for Gibraltar National Day concerts.

Some of his many accomplishments include awards for Gibraltar Young Musician Of The Year - Vocalist Category,  Professional Entertainer of the Year in Costa Del Sol, Spain and MEL Best Band of the Year and and MEL Best Front Man of the Year - Midlands England 2003/2004.

Friday, October 30, 2020

The SL Enquirer is hosting an Exclusive SUPERHEROES & SIDEKICKS HALLOWEEN PARTY AT CLUB LANAI'S BAT CAVE! Oct 31st. 4-7pm SLT

 You are invited to the Halloween Party of the Year! 

 It's time to stop hiding behind those normal clothes and reveal your inner Superhero, Villain or Vixen and rub elbows with other action figures @ CLUB LANAI's exclusive Bat Cave!

In collaboration with The Chippendales Tribute of SL , DJ Talya Moleno, DJ Arisha Flame and the one and only Wolfie Moonshadow,! We are excited to deliver an a fantastic event of talented entertainment and mystery gifts so don't forget your Kung Fu grips and sidekicks!

Exclusive Party Details:

Date: Saturday October 31st 2020

Attire:  Superhero or Sidekick attire

Time: 4:00pm-7:00 pm SLT

Event Line up

4:00-5:30pm SLT- Chippendales Tribute of SL and DJ Talya Moleno

5:30-6:00pm SLT - DJ Arisha Flame

6:00pm-7:00pm SLT- Wolfie Moonshadow 

Secret Location:

Saturday, August 29, 2020

You are cordially invited to a White Party Hosted by CLUB LANAI & The SL Enquirer. Saturday August 29th 11am-3pm SLT

Guest will be treated to a SLebrity Style Event to mark the return of CLUB LANAI 2020!

Dressed in all White, guests will mix and mingle with the Elite of Second Life in a star studded event. Champagne will flow as smooth as good conversation, music and dancing. Be sure to bring business cards to network with other movers and shaking in Second Life. Rumor has it someone is driving home in  a new Porsche Carrera.


11am-12pm DJ  Éva βlóóðŵěll

12pm-2pm: DJ Arisha Flame

2-3 PM: Moonlight Music's Wolfie Moonshadow

(No Jeans and sneakers)

Your limo awaits: 


Owned and Operated by The SL Enquirer,( CLUB LANAI opened its doors back in 2006 for exclusive once a week themed events. This high-end venue returns for a reboot in 2020 with a new team of seasoned entertainment professionals. CLUB LANAI isn’t like other venues or clubs on the grid. During the week guests can visit for some DJ sets managed by Arisha Flame and host Lily-Roanne Flame Alderson while lounging, playing pool, or socializing with other SLebrities.

Lanai Jarrico will host exclusive themed events on the last Saturday of each month for the grown & sexy crowd. Join the Club Lanai VIP Group for invitations to private parties and themed events. The Next Exclusive event will be announced in CLUB LANAI VIP GROUP.

Group URI Code: secondlife:///app/group/b0a835bc-4a51-1c0a-ab1b-5ecee824fc9a/about

The dress code is always Classy, Sexy, cool.  (No jeans and sneakers permitted- Men in suits a plus.)

Monday, June 29, 2020

SLE Scoop: Did you know Wolfie Moonshadow has a brother who sings in RL and is doing big things? Check him out and share with your friends!

Second Life never ceases to amaze me when I come across tidbits of awesome news that connects us whether it be in Second or the real world.

Recently Wolfie Moonshadow who just celebrated 10 years in Second Life, revealed in The Wolf Pack group that he has a brother doing big things in RL. SLE has known Wolfie since his virtual beginnings as a wide eyes talented noob with high energy and drive to share his passion for music. Today he ranks in the top best entertainers in Second Life.
Wolfie’s announcement came as a surprise and SLE just had to share it with SLE fans!

Jesse De La Rosa is not in Second Life but let's try to get his attention and maybe he might bring his talent to the virtual stage. Jesse is the lead singer of a great new Gibraltarian rock band called "Escape"; boasting an array of great musicians with Manuel Bonavia (Guitars), Nathan McCarthey (Guitars), Martin Figueras (Drums) & Mark Downs (Bass). Wolfie tells us, all the members of the band are very talented experienced musicians in Gibraltar and are extremely excited with the launch of their first single, 'Holy War' (co-written by Jesse De La Rosa). It has been well received by fans and been played on a few radio stations in Europe and a couple in the US.

Last year, they had an opportunity to perform on the Main Stage of MTV's Gibraltar Calling festival as one of the local opening acts to Enrique Iglesias, Liam Gallgher and Rick Astley. This festival was televised and then aired all around Europe so it had already got them some interest and bookings at festivals in Germany and Russia. All their work and launch of their first single was halted due to COVID but are doing all they can to get their single out so everyone can have a listen.

Check him out and feel free to share with your friends. Let's get this band heard!
YouTube: Escape - Holy War 'First Single' -

Performing at MTV's Gibraltar Calling Festival 2019:
Rock You Like A Hurricane -

Wolfie Moonshadow

Thursday, June 11, 2020


Destiny, Wolfie, Lanai, Orion

On behalf of The SL Enquirer, the Wolf Pack and everyone who came out to celebrate this very special milestone, Wolfie we wish you all the best and many more years in Second Life!

Oh and Wolfie.... Gotcha!

And he thought he was putting on a diamond bracelet...

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Grand Opening of Hard Rock Garage on Feb, 12th 2017 at 9.30 am SLT

Starting with DJ Zan around 9:30am SL Time
10am SLT Wolfie Moonshadow & Gabriel da Silva Dual Stream
11am DJ Zan & Gabriel da Silva
12pm Savannah Coronet & Gabriel da Silva Dual Stream
1pm DJ Zan closing

New biker orientated club !
* Live Rock Singers, Musicians and Bands Worldwide
* Presenters / DJ's - Classic Rock, Hair Metal, AOR
* Single and Couple poses on our bikes to watch the show in the garage
* Radiocast Stream Digital Quality for ALL Live Shows
* Live Video Shows
* Exclusive Dual Streams abroad
* Exclusive HRG Merchandise and Giveaways!
* Fun lounge games 24/7 !

Contact inworld: Sannita Cortes

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Wolfie Moonshadow Performs at The SL Enquirer Tonight! Tuesday April 29th at 6pm SLT

Promo by Roy Mildor

Join us for an hour of pure energy as Wolfie Moonshadow takes over the airwaves at The SL Enquirer Media Center. 

The concert starts at 6pm SLT!

Your limo awaits

Check out Wolfie's latest interview with SLE

Award Winning Vocalist; Wolfie Moonshadow sits down with The SL Enquirer for a Second Time- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Wolfie Moonshadow is an accomplished vocalist who rezzed on the Second Life music scene in June of 2010.

He completed his vocal training through the Royal Schools of Music Examining Board and his achievements include awards for Gibraltar Young Musician of the year in the Vocalist Category, MEL Best Band of the Year (West Midlands, UK 2004), MEL Best Front Man of the Year (West Midlands, UK) as well as Entertainer of the Year in Costa Del Sol, Spain. 

His career spans over 20 years and three countries.
His energy can be felt throughout Second life as he adapts to his environments and performs for his fans. His versatile style includes a mix of several genres, including Latin/Spanish. Wolfie is a master of his craft and knows how to engage a crowd. You can tell he is in his element when he hits the stage and shares his electrifying voice.

The SL Enquirer sat down with Wolfie once again to talk about the past 4 years since his first interview debut in 2010.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Wolfie Moonshadow at The SL Enquirer April 15th @ 6pm SLT

Wolfie Moonshadow broke in the stage at The SL Enquirer Media Center on August 8th and is back again to give you another dose of his energetic performances!
 Come Just us for a great show April 15th @ 6pm SLT . You wont be disappointed.

*be sure to dress to impress. Paparazzi will be out and about.  Also, we hear the forecast is calling for linden showers so be prepared.

Here are some paparazzi shots from  last week's show!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Attention Pulse TV Viewers WE ARE BACK WITH A NEW SEASON! Join us January 15 @ 6pm SLT

The PULSE TV Network is kicking off 2013 with a brand new season of Spotlight TV with your host Scorpinosis Nightfire.

 Scorp’s guests are 1st life author, democratic campaign analyst and  SL Designer Kat Alderson, with the award winning author of over 40 books (including 8 Star Wars novels) screen plays, games and more Mr. Noble Charron and last but certainly not least we have  Wolfie Moonshadow as our musical guest. 

 Cameras roll @ 6PM SLT so come early since seating is limited. 

Teleport Now!

Friday, October 5, 2012

The Relaunch was a Great Success- Thank you for sharing this special event with us- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

I want to start off my saying WOW WHAT A PARTY!

 It was truly a spectacular event. I must say as we reach each milestone, the parties get better. Everywhere I looked, everyone looked fabulous dressed like bright white stars speckling the dancefloor. When I had a moment to catch my breath and look around, I saw my friends. The energy that filled the venue could only be described as pure love for me and my creation. It was truly a moment where I felt, I have truly accomplished something, but it wasn’t for the help of each and everyone that has touched my life and been involved in SLE in some capacity. If it wasn’t for you, the reader, my team of dedicated professionals and most importantly people that I call my friends., this would not be possible.

Before my speech I was a hot mess behind the scenes, crying in IM to my SL therapist., because I worried my speech wouldn’t be perfect. I wasn’t sure what to say, but I knew I wanted to thank everyone on the SLE Team without forgetting anyone. There are so many that are a piece of the SLE puzzle, the speech would have been a lot longer.  I’m not a big fan of public speaking.  I prefer to spill my thoughts and emotion out in text.

I appreciate the advice to imagine everyone naked and wearing Johnnie Ireland’s classic ducky slippers. The combination worked. Thank you!

For those of you who missed the party and last night’s speech, here it is. xoxoxo

Lanai's Speech

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

SLE's Relaunch Party! October 4 4-7pm SLT

Second Life Enquirer

4 October 2012


PR Contact: Annette Wilder, Wilder Public Relations Inc.

SLE Relaunch Event


Would you like to attend an event with a guest list full of SL elite? Do you love good music and a fun atmosphere, of course you do. October 4, you are cordially invited to the SLE newspaper relaunch event beginning at 4PM SLT. The guest are asked to wear all white to the event so put on your best white outfit and dress to impress. The event will feature the amazing Wolfie Moonshadow who will sing everyone into a trance with his melodious voice. Make sure to get there before 4:30PM SLT so you don’t miss Lanai Jarrico’s welcome speech and toast. After Lanai’s toast there will be a steady flow of good tunes by the one and only DJ Miss Luci on the turntables to get your body moving.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gibraltar Takes Over the SL Music Scene with Moonlight Music

Over a month ago, SLE's illustrious president came to me and asked that I check out Moonlight Music for a piece. At the time, I had never heard of the company or of the talent that resided within the company. Since that time, I have met the CEO and premiere talent of Moonlight, Wolfie Moonshadow, sat in on sets from Moonlight's artists, and rocked it out on March 27, 2011 as the company joined forces with SLE to bring Spring Jam to the grid.

Moonlight Music CEO Wolfie Moonshadow

Needless to say, I am now a huge believer of Moonshadow's vision for Moonlight, the uber-talented band of musicians that make-up the company, and how this company will spread like wildfire across the metaverse.

When I heard about Moonlight Music and its stable of artists, I was instantly intrigued. Great singers--all from Gibraltar? And not only are they all from Gibraltar--a country that is only 3 1/2 square miles and that sits at the very southern tip of Spain--but also they are all friends who sing from the same recording studio? To me, that sounded like either great fiction or a rare, once in a lifetime opportunity. It seemed that just as The Beatles invaded America many decades ago, Gibraltar was invading the SL music scene in a big way with Moonlight Music and its rising stars.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

SLE EVENT: The SL Enquirer & Moonlight Music Presents a 2 hour Spring Jam featuring Wolfie Moonshadow, JaxxonRoxx Resident & Jesse Ribeiro On March 27 4-6pm SLT

A Spectacular event like no other is taking place at the SL Enquirer Media on Sunday March 27 from 4-6pm SLT, So mark your calendars and get in where you fit in!

 Moonlight Music and The SL Enquirer presents 3 extremely Talented Mediterranean Musicians from the beautiful European continent of Gibraltar.   Wolfie Moonshadow, JaxxsonRoxx Resident and Jesse Ribeiro will be breaking in the new stage at the SL Enquirer Media Center and taking turns performing together and individually from one Studio! Be sure to get there early, This Spring Jam will fill up fast!

Teleport to The SL Enquirer Stage Area


Music Event Production throughout SL. Artist management agency providing venues with performers, hosting and music management.


Someone once said that listening to Wolfie was like watching colors flow from his voice. Whether you are entertained by hard rock, feel like dancing to pop or blues, want to close your eyes and get pulled into his beautiful love songs or just enjoy being around the very best performers in SL, Wolfie will supply all of it. He's the full package :) There's one thing for sure about Wolfie's shows....they are entertaining and fun!!!

Genres: Pop, Rock, Blues (80's, 90's and current), R&B, Easy Listening and Spanish love songs. Wolfie sings covers and brings to them his own amazing rendition of the songs.



Music Event Production throughout SL. Artist management agency providing venues with performers, hosting and music management. 


Yes, this level of talent has finally come into Second Life!!  Jesse Ribeiro is an accomplished musician in RL and has just recently brought his love for music into SL.  We are the ones who will benefit from this.  He is a writer, music composer, vocalist, musician and producer of undescribable music.  He has been singing and playing piano since the age of 7.  For him, music is his life and it truly shows when you listen to this brilliant performer. 

His music will grab you and never let go. His favorite artists include Coldplay, Sting, Stevie Wonder and Gino Vanelli.  Don't be surprised if you hear Jesse sing a few romantic spanish songs as well!


  Music Event Production throughout SL. Artist management agency providing venues with performers, hosting and music management. 

   JaxxonRoxx Resident's Bio

Jaxxon hadn't had any sort of musical background until he decided to take up singing at the age of 14.  His first band was comprised of school friends and they would play the occasional concert.  With time, Jaxxon found himself with different musicians and they worked at many clubs in Gibraltar, establishing himself within the local music scene.  Having learned to play guitar and with an ever increasing fan base, Jaxxon knew it was time to showcase his own material.  This led Jaxxon to record his first album, with a well known band in 2002.  Jaxxon is producing his own songs now.   He also plays acoustic and electric guitar.

Currently he is working on his second album with fellow friends as well as constantly playing with his current band, Jetstream.  He hopes his next set of heartfelt songs will propel him to bigger things and is ready to take his music to a higher level.   Jaxxon comes to us in SL hoping to reach a wider audience.  Jaxxon will play covers, tracks and his own original material while singing in SL.