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Friday, April 25, 2014

Gossip in SL-Ain't Nobody Got Time for That!- Jessii2009 Warrhol Reporting…

So you log into Second Life from a long day at real life work and are flooded with ims about things you supposedly said or did.

Most of the information being sent to you is only half truths or simply lies. How can you avoid being the talk of the town in Second Life? This article will show you how.

The first rule is not to participate in gossip at all. This can be hard to do in Second Life. You may be privy to hot gossip about friends or enemies. The thing to do is not to spread this gossip around or if you feel the need to tell someone, only tell people you can trust. Not spreading gossip gives you more credibility, so when gossip about you is being passed around, people will more than likely not believe it if you are reputable.

Secondly, go to the person who has started the rumors and the gossip about you. You should do this in a calm manner. You should start off by simply iming the person and asking them calmly why did they feel the need to start the rumor or rumors. You may or may not get a response. If the person gets hostile with you, do not get hostile back. Just let them know how you felt about their actions and move on.

Next you should not let the gossip or rumors bother you. Do not give the people who are spreading the gossip the satisfaction of knowing that it bothers you. Simply act as if the gossip is not there or was never said. Do not break down and do not spread rumors about the gossipers. Doing this will damage your credibility and make you seem like a drama king or queen yourself.

Lastly if the gossip is breaking Second Life TOS or has spilled over to real life mediums, then you should seek other remedies. File an AR report in Second Life. If the gossip is damaging you in real life or has exposed real life elements that should not be exposed, then consider going to your local law enforcement or authorities, as you could have a possible case for slander or libel.

Always remember, that the buck stops with you. While people will always make up lies or gossip about you, do not give people in Second Life the ammo needed to start a gossip campaign. Never give out personal information that could be potentially embarrassing about you. This includes never sending photos, note cards, or posting conversations that could embarrass you or cause others to gossip about you. Keep your inner circle in Second Life close and only disclose certain types of information to those you can trust the most.


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