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Showing posts with label Gossip. Show all posts

Friday, April 25, 2014

Gossip in SL-Ain't Nobody Got Time for That!- Jessii2009 Warrhol Reporting…

So you log into Second Life from a long day at real life work and are flooded with ims about things you supposedly said or did.

Most of the information being sent to you is only half truths or simply lies. How can you avoid being the talk of the town in Second Life? This article will show you how.

The first rule is not to participate in gossip at all. This can be hard to do in Second Life. You may be privy to hot gossip about friends or enemies. The thing to do is not to spread this gossip around or if you feel the need to tell someone, only tell people you can trust. Not spreading gossip gives you more credibility, so when gossip about you is being passed around, people will more than likely not believe it if you are reputable.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


8:42:49 PM
UPDATE: With Quick Response from Ozimals & Linden Lab. Another Bunny was created and Lindens recovered.
 Eval Haven has Been Banned.
Reported Earlier:
During an auction in progress at JD Auctions On Saturday, May 8 at approximately 8 pm SLT. A Bunny Bandit by the name Eval Haven made off with a Bunny valued at 21K and immediately went offline to avoid a slew of questions from the parcel full of witnesses and the Sl Enquirer!


~Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Griefer Report- New Hall of Shame Inductee- Shay Sandalwood- Lanai Jarrico Reporting

3-5-2010- While minding my own business and trying to get my pop lock and drop on at Club Empire. Some Random chick rolls up on me swinging and droppin the B word on me for no apparent reason So without further adue---presenting Newest Hall of Shame inductee.....Shay Sandalwood. ~L.J

Griefer Report- 3-5-2010- Drama gone wild- Hall of Shame Inductee JaTorya Python

ROUND 2 DING!!!! !DING!!!!!! DING!!!!!!
After Posting Shay Sandalwood's Griefer Report I recieved a random friend invite from this person trying to strum up so more drama and here's how it went down....

Monday, March 1, 2010

SLE Police Reports- 3/1/2010 LIKE OMG HACKER WARNING BEWARE!!!!??!!! ~Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

3/2/2010- HACKER UPDATE- jsgior32 Toxx (rezzdate 3/1/2010) who was previously mentioned as "jsgior32" now has a last name and upon reviewing the accused's profile. It read's "Yeah, I'm the one they told you about. ;)"
Lock your doors and windows folks...
Monday, March 1, 2010- According to an urgent hacker alert which began cirrculating on Monday morning amongst avies wanting to protect their fellow peeps from menaces to second life society has sadly been haulted in its tracks. I'm left bewildered and wondering what the heck is going on and why the heck am I dressed like Sherlock Holmes
I came across The actual alert which claims,
" Don't add anyone named jsgior32. She is a hacker. Tell everyone on your buddy list because if someone on your buddy list adds her, she'll be on your list too. She'll figure out your computer ID and address. So copy and paste this message to everyone on your buddy list because if she hacks them you're next. I sent this to everyone on my list; so please send this to everyone on your list.."
Upon following some leads and asking if they knew any of the actual victims of this supposed hacking, One gave me a couple leads,another never returned my call, and the other told me they didnt speak english... So I feel getting to the bottom of this would be like swimming in a pool of honey.
Still needing to know who this clown was running umuck and threatening the good people of Second Life I took it upon myself to whip up the trusty Sl Search Engine in one last ditch effort and looked up "jsgior32" myself.
Either the LL Secret Service caught wind of this Sl Problem and handled it, the accused's name is mispelled and incomplete or this Hacker never existed in the first place.
Confused and Unsure who the real source is of this Hacker alert chain letter of sorts, it makes me wonder just how effective these notices are when not enough information is given.
On behalf of Al those for Grief Control. Be safe out there Second Lifers.... but keep those eyes peeled for Griefers they can strike at any time. knowing how to defend yourself is half the battle....
~Lanai Jarrico
Reader Opinions

Monday, January 25, 2010

SLE Police Report-Adore babies Nightmare Report -Part 2 Confirmed last week's Hall Of Shame Inducte

Staff Reporter
• Monday, January 25, 2010
Common “Since” or Common BLEEP? ~Lanai Jarrico Reporting...
It was reported by Star2 Aurbierre that last week's Hall of Shamer caused her grief too in what was supposed to be a very special moment of her second Life.

It is sad that more and more of these reports are trickling because of the article I did last week about Precious Beverly the Bad Business Owner of Adore Babies. I just hope others dont become victims.

This conversation between these two women clearly shows Ms. Beverly treating Star2 badly and even admitting to offering a free service out of the “kindness of her heart” and then contradicting herself by becoming a nasty No Show Midwife who does a half assed job and then making it look like poor Star2 was at the wrong for simply wanting to know when they can reschedule to get her baby delivered since it was offered to her. 

Sunday, January 25, 2009

SLE Police Reports-Attack from the Martha Stewart Bandits goes down at The SL Enquirer Media Center over the Weekends ~Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Staff Reporter
• Monday, January 25, 2010
An Attack on the SLE Media center occurred between January 23 and January 24th by amateur interior decorators of sorts possibly sent by the Queen of Crafts herself.

Although this speculation has not been confirmed by Mrs. Stewart's Reps... Rodiii Popstar, Edipo Istmal, Andre Kaptane and Falk Neox apparently visited the center and decided it needed a little sprucing up and furnish it with unattractive primy objects such as a one floor cement office building complete with a front desk and bistro table? which sat right at the entrance as well as a couple of ugly blue and green sexgen canopy beds, tacky tables lamps, kiss pose balls and whatever else they felt the media center was lacking. It appears these 4 chose the wrong locations to waste their time and energy.

The only thing we can say about this random crafty attack was thank you but FFS NO THANK YOU!!!

This could have easily been avoided had Lanai Jarrico disabled the option to allow anyone to rezz objects. But we are glad to report with the swift assistance of Tammy Toll, all items were send back to these culprit's inventories piece by piece along with a nice boot and ban from Musicland Isle.

Attention home interior fashion police who may be out there that wish to do random decorating and disappearing acts, keep your day job. That type of griefing is old already. It takes more then that to impress SLE and only take one moron's bright idea to induct the whole bunch into the Hall of Shame.
And we have a pretty good idea just who may have sent you....

If you have been Griefed...Don't hesitate to contact the SL Enquirer

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gossip & Griefers- THIS JUST IN! Precious Beverly gets inducted into the Hall Of Shame- An Exclusive SLE Report

Precious Beverly, Adore babies Owner -Hall of Shame Mugshot ~SLE Paparazzi
The Linden Gods must be telling me something because I just got booted and banned for showing up at a Prim Baby Store. Lanai Jarrico Reporting...
In the past I have expressed my opinion on baby and child avies. I live a perfectly happy second Life without the maternal need for a prim attached to my hip wanting me to rock it to sleep, feed it and do all the duties the hud provides. But after today...Are Baby Shopkeepers fighting back against me and any adult that want to rid the grid of them, or is this particular Prim Baby Vendor suffering from a serious issue of paranoia with her bloomers in a bunch over window shoppers who refuse to buy and perhaps any media who show up?