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Sunday, April 13, 2014

How to Make Easy Money in SL - Shaneos Howlett Reporting...

Newbies aka Noobs or New people to SL may or may not know how to make money and might get frustrated if they are not able to purchase something that catches their eye – the following methods might not turn you in to Lindenaire over night – but could help you  raise enough money, giving you the ability to buy your own house. There are a variety of ways to have fun and earn it if you know where to look. Here are some ideas to help you.


Various locations will pay you a certain amount of money or items (set by the owner of the region) for sitting / staying in their area – this is known as Camping.  Campers can earn any where between $1 linden to $10 linden per 5 mins. Camping can take any staitonery form from washing a floor / sweeping up / sitting on a bar stool to resting on a beach towel, there are many different forms.


Paying Chairs offer free items to lindens usually $1 - $2 lindens each, the only thing is that the chairs are have a letter – usually the first letter of your surname – and the letter changes every 15 mins or so – to give other people a chance to win lindens.


Sploders  are by far the most popular form of obtaining free money within SL.

What is a spolder ?
A sploder is a globe shaped object on a pole / stand.
The owner of the Sploder places a certain amount of money into the sploder and is used to attract people to their region – the amount can be any limit the owner wants to add in to it – usually from $100 up to $1,000 and above.

The sploder has a time limit from 1000 seconds and above.
You only have to stay close to the sploder until the time runs out to obtain the money.

The loot is then shared equally depending on how many people have joined in the sploder.
For example $100 with 10 people joined at the end each one would receive approx $10 each.

How to find Sploder locations

First step .... you must join the group Voodoo Anti Bot – owners places messages in this group as to the location of their sploders.

Second step ... you teleport to the sploder location and click on it.

Third step ... Most times the owner will require you to join the local group before you can join the sploder... look for a billboard near the sploder showing directions on how to join the group (usually by clicking on their add board) – if you have difficulty you can ask another person in the region on how to join the group.

Fouth step... Once you have joined the group you have to re-click on the sploder – once you do that – the sploder will post a message saying you must verify first by clicking on verify text within the main chat window – when you click on the text – a new window should load up in your internet browser window displaying a message that you have been verified.... once verified you can then go back to the sploder and re-click on it – then you will be accepted in to the sploder count down.

 It is only a simple matter of waiting for the time to run out before you collect the money.

There are a number of ways to make FREE money in SL – you just need to search for them :)  

Good Luck!


  1. Before joining Voodoo, be aware that the owner and the Greenzone group have a bit of a feud:

    He also doesn't like me very much either after talking to a club I used to host for about him.

    I have yet to come across a 'sploder that requires his group, though.

  2. Hi Bixyl, thank you for sharing this info and link.

  3. i will def. check out the chairs and camps

  4. Is The Retired Millionaire a scam? This is a system that is apparently made for people who are looking for ways to earn an income from the Internet but do not have a lot of experience doing it


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