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Showing posts with label lindens. Show all posts

Sunday, August 15, 2021

SPOTLIGHT ON MYVIRTUALREALITYJOBS.- A New Breed of Professional Gamers - SLE Reporting


Second Life is a unique platform with countless places to explore with friends. What makes SL stand out from other virtual worlds is the active economy. Many creators do business in the virtual world and make a supplemental income working for themselves. 

If you are not a creator, there are still jobs available, like hosting and or managing venues, selling products and services for others, or even freelance “special services” but they pay in Linden currency that is so low, it isn’t considered a real-world livable wage job.

 Since Covid 19 lockdowns many jobs have turned remote with 80% of telecommuters experiencing less work-related stress. This is the perfect opportunity for Second Life residents who are retired, stay-at-home moms/dads, currently unemployed, or looking for some extra income due to the toll the lockdowns have taken on the workforce and those with health and safety concerns.

 MyvirtualRealityJobs is a real-world company brought into Second Life by Mr. Cortez looking to close the gap between virtual reality and reality with real job opportunities in IT and customer service that allows new hires to choose their weekly payment in Lindens or actual USD currency.

The SL Enquirer caught up with Mr. Cortez (kitila.cortes) to learn more about  MyvirtualRealityJobs, the job listings available, requirements, and how to apply.

Interview with Mr. Cortes

SLE: Thank you for meeting with us to talk about  MyvirtualRealityJobs.  This sounds like a unique job opportunity for residents in Second Life to do what they love and also work a real-life livable wage job on the grid. Can you give our readers some insight into you and your company?

Mr. Cortes - Based in the United States of America, but we are an international business that operates out of Canada and the UK currently. I have been in Second Life for nearly 14 years. The business joined this year. But I have been working off the grid, for five years to establish the enterprise. We want to create a new breed of professional gamers, and create a new industry in second life and create a platform that they can work from and make real-life livable wages.

SLE: People working in a virtual world and getting paid in Real Life is rather unheard of. Can you tell us how your company makes this happen?

Mr. Cortes:- Arise Solutions is our project partner that is seeking customer support reps and tech support from at-home employees around the United States and abroad. We utilize second life as a tool to connect various platforms within the world wide web to establish connections between businesses and employees.


SLE: As you know there are many scams that are happening with working from home and sometimes something “too good” to be true usually isn’t. I searched for your company website and was met with “Site can not be reached” Not that it is under maintenance as was once told. So tell the readers without a real-life website to be found to do any research how can you make potential employees believe in your company and this isn’t a scam?

Mr. Cortes: - The reason why the website is not public at the moment is that we want to control the flow of individuals inquiring about information about this project. It is easy to see how we can quickly be overwhelmed with the large volumes of inquiring individuals seeking employment. So we suggest and direct all individuals to our office staff and terminals. We want everything and everyone to come into our office and be guided by our staff on a one-on-one or small group basis to ensure the quality of both Arise and Employees and the customers being serviced maintains the highest standard for our industry.

SLE: We were informed that Myvirtualrealityjobs is a subcontracting company under Arise Solutions can you tell us what lines of business you are contracted to handle for them? 

Mr. Cortes: Customer Support and tech support are the main areas in which we seek to provide services. There are some accounting and financial programs but all programs offered to MyVirtualRealityJobs are at the discretion of the individual applying.

SLE: With the Pandemic still wreaking havoc on real-world jobs and many seeking employment remotely, this is a great opportunity you are offering residents in Second Life. Can you tell our readers why your company is focusing on virtual worlds to find employees and what type of positions are available and their requirements?

Mr. Cortes: We've actually been focused on virtual worlds since 2016 when the title Virtual Reality President became a thing for the Entropia Universe & we began the Virtual Reality Jobs in 2017 and campaigning for the VR President Position. We continued to work in Entropia only, until right before pre-covid, at which point we began looking into second life and are trying to be a multiplatform company, encouraging gamers to perform specific online and technical tasks at home. With the intention of creating a new breed of professional gamers.

SLE: Are you also employing people from any other Virtual World besides Second Life?

Mr. Cortes: - Entropia Universe, Star Citizen, however, Second Life is the only one that allows such open creative rights as a business. Which allows more of the funding to reach the players and employees working with MyVirtualRealityJobs.


SLE: From what we have been told your company will hire employees but they will need to file 1099 (if residing in the US) to claim taxes on their own. So they would be considered a subcontractor for your company. Is this true?

Mr. Cortes: - Correct, every individual is their own professional entity. Our goal is to create future business owners as an internal business project. We don't want to train future employees, we want to train future business owners.

SLE: Since this is a real-life job and a presence inside Second Life, is there anything particular the avies have to do while in Second Life to justify they are working or is it just a presence needed?

Mr. Cortes: - Playing Second Life is encouraged but not necessarily required. We just ask that you perform and act like a professional and we encourage you to come to hang out at our office with us, or somewhere in second life.

SLE: Where can interested residents go to apply?

Mr. Cortez: At our main office, one of the friendly support staff will help you along your way, and Pink Haven will help you with your application, followed by Kitila Cortes finishing the process personally, with you. The job itself does require real-life information, but we want to ensure those applying, that we do not see any of that information. We collect no RL information, we use a CSP ID number to Identify and connect all employees.

SLE: Thank you for sharing some very important and insightful information with our readers, is there anything else you would like to share?

Mr. Cortez:  Just visit our office, come talk to us and have fun.

Additional Information:

Pays up to 27kL$ a day or up to 135kL$ weekly!

MyVirtualRealityJob Main Office SLURL: 

Group: secondlife:///app/group/243655ce-4073-e683-8e77-fbca6262c21a/about


Facebook: Coming soon.


Preferred Contact: Come down to our Main Virtual office and fill out an application or message Pink Haven or Kitila Cortes in world for more information!

Saturday, July 10, 2021

CrystalCraze, SecondLife's Newest and Hottest L$ Hunting Game!

Are you a hunter in SecondLife? Are you a landowner in need of traffic? Are you looking for some fun and want to make free L$ on the side? Then come join us at CrystalCraze - the newest and hottest fun-filled, competitive and interactive hunting game on the grid.

Never played a hunting game before? No worries, we have you covered! We have a handful of mentors available and happily awaiting your arrival to show you all the ins and outs of the games.

Perhaps you are a landowner needing traffic, but have no idea where to start? We have that covered too with our knowledgeable and friendly support staff, available whenever you need them!

Our crystals are beautifully colored and rez randomly across your parcel, never staying for very long, especially when the hunters get moving!

Our landowner's package is free while we are in beta testing! That’s right, FREE. Our tax is one of the lowest on the grid, coming in at only 20%!

Please Join us Our Moderators are waiting to assist you!

Thursday, May 27, 2021

SLE Police Report: Linden Scammers hits multiple groups- Be on the look out for Cintia


On 5/27/21 a one-day-old avatar by the name of Cintia has been joining random groups and sending out a group conference to members asking for lindens. 

With thousands of lindens being donated daily in Second life for good causes like Relay for Life ad other well known and legit organizations, hosts make sure the Lindens accumulated go to the cause giving donators a sense of contributing to the greater good of humanity. However,  residents had enough of the freeloaders of Second Life trying to get by on other avatars hard earn lindens. With an abundance of sex work available on the seedy side of town, some beggars don't want to get on their knees and backs for an honest SLiving. 

  Fortunately for the SLE, we witnessed the jobless vagabond first hand and would like to lend a hand. If anybody is looking for a cheap employee to give a chance to, Cintia is willing to work for 30L. Contact Cintia ad make them work for it.

 [17:35] Cintia (cintiatuga): good night, could someone help me with 30 lindens?

Friday, May 21, 2021

RelayStock & Bid The Lindens Bald Raise L$2 Million


Combined Events Raised More Than L$2,000,000 For Relay For Life


The 2021 RelayStock event concluded Wednesday, May 19, with the 5th Annual Bid The Lindens Bald Day.  RelayStock, hosted by the Relay Rockers team, supports the Relay For Life of Second Life and the American Cancer Society.

Since it began in 2014, RelayStock is a gathering of RFL of SL teams for 3 days of music and camaraderie set in a 1960s style festival region reminiscent of Woodstock.  Nearly 40 teams assembled across a landscape dotted with tie-dyed tents and old VW campers, raising their banners and flags, and placing their RFL Kiosks and Vendors around their sites. The Main Stage hosts musical acts sponsored by each team as part of their fundraising efforts.  DJs were joined by live performers such as Max Kleene, Keeba Tammas and The Tiny Maniacs and Todd Rumsford, and was the scene of the final round for the Celebrate Remember Fight Back (CRFB) Top DJ Fundraising Competition. The weekend set a record for combined fundraising with a total of L$1,290,669 raised for RFL, while several teams reached new Fundraising Club levels and met their season goals.

The CRFB Top DJ Competition saw DJ Stormy Dench, of the SHB Gems team,  take home the first place trophy by raising L$502,000 during her 90 minute set. Coming in second was DJ Baggie who raised more than L$400,000 during the competition.

Running in conjunction with RelayStock, the 5th Annual Bid The Lindens Bald team challenge concluded the event, with 6 Teams of Lindens and Moles competing to see who would raise the most donations for the American Cancer Society and earn the honor of shaving the head of the last place team. More than 40 Lindens and Moles participated.  The voting heated up as the 1:45 deadline approached.  More than 100 residents were entertained by MrMikie String as they donated to the various kiosks, amid promises (Vote for us for a year without Lag) and playful threats (Bald Moles Make Sink Holes). Voters could either purchase a limited edition animesh Linden Bear or donate directly to a kiosk for each team. In the end the team made up of Darcy, Grumpity, Kristin, Patch, Spots, Vix Linden prevailed with a total of L$296,336 raised and had the honor of shaving the heads of the team consisting of Dakota, Evie, Kreide, Obi, Simon, Vanessa Linden. The losing team will appear in SL without hair until the SL18B celebration in June. All together the event raised L$ 840,369, including the sale of 309 Linden Bears.

“We really appreciate the Relay Rockers team for putting in so much work on this and inviting us to participate. The event was a great success, lots of fun, and we're already looking forward to next year!" said Patch Linden, VP of Product Operations, Linden Lab. RelayStock was organized by Arizona Ballinger of the RelayRockers. Bid The Lindens Bald was coordinated by Trader Whiplash for the Rockers and Derrick Linden on behalf of Linden Lab.

The 2021 Relay For Life season in Second Life concludes on June 12 & 13th with the annual 24 hour walk. Current fundraising totals stand at $350,000, once again placing the virtual Relay among the largest Relay events in the world.

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with cancer, wish to learn more about cancer screening. survivor and cancer services or want information about cancer,  the American Cancer Society and Relay For Life please visit,, call 800-227-2345 or visit the American Cancer Society region in Second Life.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

MUD MUSIC & HOPE: RelayStock Returns For 8th Year!


MUD MUSIC & HOPE: RelayStock Returns For 8th Year!
Moles Join Lindens for Bid The Lindens Bald 

The Relay Rockers announced the return for the 8th year of its much anticipated multi-team Relay For Life event RelayStock, May 14 – 16.  RelayStock brings together Relay teams from diverse communities across Second Life for a celebration of the Relay season.  Teams raise their banners above makeshift tents and old VW campers as they gather for 3 days of Peace Love Music and Hope. Joining the Rockers for the 5th year, Linden Lab will be participating in Bid The Lindens Bald to support the American Cancer Society and its signature fundraiser, Relay For Life of Second Life.

Teams can sign up online at beginning April 11th. Teams can choose a team site and book stage time blocks.  Each participating team can place kiosks, RFL vendors, and Gotchas at their site as part of their fundraising efforts on behalf of the ACS. “RelayStock is not only a fundraiser, although last year we raised nearly L$1.2 million with various teams collecting more than L$750,000 towards their season goals'' said Arizona Ballinger, who organizes the event for the Relay Rockers.“ it’s a well needed break in the Relay Season and allows volunteers to spend time with each other, share stories and ideas and get ready for the last push toward Relay Weekend in June.”

In addition to team events on the stage, RelayStock once again will host the Finals of the Celebrate Remember Fight-Back Top DJ Fundraising Competition. The CRFB event features Club and Radio DJs from all over Second Life as they try to see who among them can raise the most Linden$ in support of the Relay For Life. In 2020 the two finalists, DJ Baggie and DJ Kayla raised more than L$330,000 during their final sets with DJ Kayla taking home top Honors.

The last and perhaps most popular event at RelayStock is the annual Bid The Lindens Bald (BTLB21) challenge. This year the Moles will join in as Teams of Lindens  challenge each other to raise as much as they can and “Save Their Hair,” with the team with the lowest total pledging to go bald in Second Life until the annual SL Birthday event. BTLB Began in 2017 and has helped to raise more than L$ 3,000,000.   "Every year, I look forward to the Rockers' Bid Me Bald fundraiser” said Stingray Raymaker, American Cancer Society representative in Second Life, “This is one of the longest-running team fundraisers in our Relay's history and it has become a touchstone moment for so many of us. I have enjoyed watching the event grow and evolve over the years and am grateful to the Lindens for getting into the spirit of this time-tested fundraising challenge." 

Click Here for This Year’s Teams (When available)

Final bidding and Official Haircutting will take place Wednesday, May 19th beginning at 12 noon.  

This is a not to be a missed event and one of the annual highlights of the Relay For Life season in Second Life. Make plans now to join the volunteers who make up the 5th largest Relay event in the world at RelayStock2021 and help Bid The Lindens Bald May 14, 15  and 16.!

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

The Lindens Are Coming! The Lindens Are Coming! To The 2020 SL Renaissance Festival

The Lindens are Coming to the 2020 SL Renaissance Festival! They bring fabulous booty from foreign shores and are challenging the Champions of the Medieval Realms to a Tournament!
The SL Renaissance Festival unites Medieval Role Play Communities to Crusade Against Breast Cancer. The 10 Day event in support of the American Cancer Society Strides Campaigns in Second Life kicks off September 25th and will feature Merchants, Gatchas, Auctions and Entertainment. Spreading over 6 beautiful autumn regions the, Festival fills the countryside with Castles and Shoppes and Fields of Honor.
Spies of the Realm have learned that the Lindens will be taking part in the Festival and will be bringing some very special treasures of immense Value.   Some of the Lindens have been sentenced to be Pilloried for their misbehavior during their journey to the Festival.  They will serve their sentences on Friday October 2 from 1 to 3 pm.
Among the mischievous members are:
•    Patch Linden
•    Derrick Linden
•    Constantine Linden
•    Abnor Mole
•    Madori Linden
•    Whitney Linden
It has also been communicated to the united Realms that the Lindens have dropped the Gauntlet and are challenging all members of the Realms of the Festival to a Joust, The event, to be held on Thursday October 1, noon until 3 pm, will feature:
•    Sir Patch Linden
•    Sir Derek Linden
•    Sir Constantine Linden
•    Sir Guy Linden
They challenge all comers and promise this will be the most unique tournament in the annals of Second Life
Lastly it has been learned that the Lindens are bringing a very special treasure, The One Of A Kind American Cancer Society SWORD OF HOPE and the LINDEN SHEILD, to be auctioned to the Highest Bidder on Sunday October 4th at 10am. The swordsmiths and armorers of Linden Lab have created these unique One Of A Kind arms from the most precious of metallic textures available in the virtual worlds.
With so much to do and see the SL Renaissance Festival is sure to be the biggest virtual event of Autumn, Join us, September 25 through October 4th and help the American Cancer Society vanquish Breast Cancer.

For more information please visit
Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is the largest network of breast cancer events in the nation. Strides unites communities in the fight against this deadly disease and helps to raise money to help the American Cancer Society fund groundbreaking breast cancer research and provide patient services like free rides to chemo, free places to stay near treatment, and a live 24/7 cancer helpline.
If you or a loved one has questions or needs help with a breast cancer diagnosis call the American Cancer Society 800 227-2345 visit or the American Cancer Society region in Second Life.

CONTACT: Nuala Maracas, Festival Director 

Friday, January 27, 2017

Gold Piggy

Increase Traffic and $ Earn Free Lindens by clicking the Gold Piggy and teleporting around and visiting Locations. Click the Gold Piggy and wait 5 minutes then get paid 1 L$ or more. Owners pay a total of 2 L$ one to the visitor and one to the creator per person, per click. Owners increase their traffic by getting visitors to visit their lands and visitors get paid 1 L$ or more just for visiting.

To have a customised longer waiting time or giving out different amounts of lindens then contact Kaitlin Rayna to discuss. Please note there could be a small fee to customising changes.

How it works for Visitors:

When a Gold Piggy is active and has a budget, a visitor will come and click on the Gold Piggy they will be asked a bot question that they must answer so no bots and no cheating. If they get the question correct then they must wait 5 minutes before getting paid 1L$ or more depending on the Gold Piggy and the budget the land or store owner sets. In this waiting period visitors can look around the store but must stay within a range of 20 meters. If they wander too far then the Gold Piggy will reset.

When the visitor gets paid their lindens they will then be given a suggestion of the next random Gold Piggy location to visit, if they have visited all locations then they will be not given anymore suggestions and must try again the next day. The Gold Piggy has a memory and will recognise who has been paid for the day so after they been paid their 1 L$ they cannot get more until the next day when the Gold Piggy resets within a 24 hour period.

Land and Store Owners:

To land and store owners please note that Gold Piggy is a traffic tool only and is designed to help generate traffic and drive visitors to your land or store. It does not guarantee that any of the visitors that come will buy anything, that is not how Gold Piggy works. If you are expecting all the visitors to come and buy something then Gold Piggy is not for you.

To be part of this new Gold Piggy network just rez a Gold Piggy on your land and add a budget, when the Piggy gets the permissions it will automatically update on the database and your land or store will be in the list of locations for visitors to come visit. Please note if you don't put an active budget in the Gold Piggy and the Gold Piggy is switched off then your land or store will no longer display in the database and will not show on the website. For your store or land to be shown to visitors it has to have a active budget and the Gold Piggy needs to be switched on.

There is the new website:


After being paid your lindens you will get a suggested location of the next Gold Piggy to visit. To join the Gold Piggy Hunters Group then please contact Kaitlin Rayna for an invite.  To stop cheaters and bots all members who wish to join must have a SL picture, text and groups showing in their profile before an group invite will be sent out.

The group is for discussing Gold Piggys no spamming or advertising in the group, respect other members. If you break the rules you will be banned.

Any questions please contact Kaitlin Rayna for more information or the Piggy Guardians.

Gold Piggy Hunters Headquarters, Outpost and Advertising Centre Landmarks:

Just for fun why not dress your gold piggy up. I have made each Gold Piggy with a small different feature to attract more visitors. Why not surprise your visitors with a different unique Piggy every where they visit.

For example check out the Gold Piggy at the Advertising Centre I have put a pair of funny sunglasses on him with moving eyes. Gold Piggy at the outpost has a sombreo hat on and the Gold Piggy at headquarters has a small pair of wings on. You could put something funny on your Piggy too that could help attract and promote more visitors to your store, land, club or business.

Your Piggy your imagination, it can be unique and the possibilities endless, but the ideas will come from you so why have a boring Gold Piggy, when you can have some fun and dress them up. So what are you waiting for grab your Gold Piggy today. Check out the piccys for more ideas.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Jobs Available at the SL Enquirer. Apply Today!

Freelance Writers and SL Media Corespondents Wanted!

Writers must be at least 1 year old (18+) in Second Life and understand the virtual culture. Writing experience is a plus but not required.We are looking for  curious and creative writers who love to explore Second Life and get involved with community events.  Pay is 500L per freelance topic and 700L per assignment.

Writers apply here!

If you feel this position is right for you, contact Lanai Jarrico at  Include Reference ID.

Ref. ID: MOM- Position Filled
Marketing Operations Manager Position is available at The SL Enquirer!
This position requires attention to detail and excellent customer service experience.  Office space will be provided for the right candidate who can exhibit professionalism and an understanding of media and managing Ad clients. This position pays 500L per week plus 35% commission on ad sales.  Paid training provided.
2 hours per day-M-F  max, weekends optional.

Ref. ID: SMM-Position Filled
Social Media/Group Notice Manager
This position requires post copy and promotional knowledge. Hootsuite and Smartbots experience is a Plus! The right candidate will create promotional posts or our social media and group notices up to once per day using our scheduling system. Keep an eye out for trolls or group notice abusers.
 This position pays 500L per week plus 35% commission on ad sales.  Paid training.
2 hours per day-M-F  max, weekends optional. Office space provided.

Monday, July 6, 2015

♥♥ TREASURE at STUDIO 777® July 6th - July 19th, 2015 • Events Calendar ♥♥

Second Life's #1
Gaming Nightclub!!

Party, Play & WIN at STUDIO 777™ featuring TREASURE, our high energy Dance Club, JOBSTAR Job Center, 777 Shopping Mall and Skill Gaming Resort. TREASURE at STUDIO 777™ is the Nightclub at the heart of 777, Events Monday-Sunday 6:00-8:00pm SLT (9:00-11:00pm Eastern). Since 2009. Over 1 Million Guests & Over L$250 Million WON! Be our next Champion! 

IMPORTANT! To access our Sim, you need to meet the new requirements to enter a Skill Gaming Region. You'll need to 1) have verified payment information on file (credit card or PayPal) 2) Be over 19 years old, and 3) Reside in/access Second Life from states and countries that allow Skill Gaming. Check out our FAQ at 

Monday, October 20, 2014

It’s Money Honey! A Guide to Finding a Job and Making Lindens in Second Life- Debby Sharma Reporting...

Unlike real world where there is always necessity to fulfill our basic needs, comforts and luxuries, in virtual worlds we do have these needs as well. You may often hear virtual world being an escape for us, a window to live our imaginative life to the fullest. So, when there is no requirement of any necessity to be fulfilled, we still love to shop.
Who does not like to shop? Our bags are full of items we used once in our entire virtual life time or never used at all. Most of us know how to bag the pennies and feel the struggle.
Here are a few tips for the starters and a list for the existing Second Life residents:
The following are the ways to earn lindens if you are just starting.

·         Trivia Balls
There are clubs in Second Life that have trivia balls. A random general knowledge question is asked in local. If you give correctly answer you get a few lindens.
 For a starter this is one of the best ways to earn some. One such venue is located in Wasteland Reloaded , answer trivia questions to win L$2.

You can also use your event search and type in the keyword “trivia” to find other  places to earn lindens with your knowledge.

·         Contest Boards
One of the main activities which helped me purchase my first home in second life are contests. Clubs across the grid host contests to dress according to a theme. To participate in most contests, it it required to join their group as a VIP and click the “Join Contest” on the Contest Board. After about two hour or at the end of the shift, voting starts. Some clubs either select one winner or three or as many winners as they choose. Participants may ask for votes during the voting time if the rules permit. They vary between venues hosting contests.  Contest participants can win a substantial of amount of lindens this way.
 Most clubs put in L$250 which is split among winners. However, clubs may give out as high as L$2000 up for grabs. For example: Club Vanity Energy Club

·         Traffic Huds
There are many huds available on the SL marketplace. Add the hud to your outfit. Each hud has  info on how to operate.  Always read the info before you start. Once you wear the hud, you will be given a place. Teleport to the place and move around for 2 or 3 minutes to get paid. Only condition is you can’t stand at a place for  a long time or be away from keyboard. These were introduced to increase traffic in a region. It was once upon a time a good suggestion for business in SL. However, it has lost its magic for the business in the later years. For a person wearing a traffic hud, one can earn as much as L$20 per hour. A few links to get huds on market place are;

·         Sploder
Once you have a few lindens in hand, you can play the Sploder at clubs. Pay the Sploder and you might get lucky and win some extra lindens. At some sploders, you may have a loss too. So, I prefer the no lose sploders. If you pay L$20, there is guarantee that you would get it back. The hope is you might get much more and never lose. One such club you may want to visit is The drunken lizard beach

      Park your avatar
There are some places where you may park your avatar for a while to get paid. Sometimes you have the option to go away from keyboard for long time and just camp. It is one of the ways to increase traffic and make some easy lindens.

Neko Launge pays L$1per hour. While I was visiting I saw old avatars about 4 years old doing the same.

The following are  ways to earn lindens if you are an existing player in Second Life. You may also adapt the above ways too. These require either a few Linden Dollars or experience to start off.

·         Affiliate Business
Under the business category look for affiliate programs in the marketplace. Here is the link All you need is to rent a shop space. There are businesses that give you the franchise to sell their product for a percentage of commission.
·         Photography
It is one of the most cherished careers in Second Life. If you can take a good shot and you have an unusual view to things, you may want to take photography as your career choice. A good graphics card helps. There are tutorials available on you tube and various blogs. One of the upcoming photographers, Val Valsnia started with L$50 per picture and now makes L$500 each. There are many great photographers. It is a tough market but you have a creative look, you are spot on with lot of customers.

·         Custom build
There is always a need for builders. For starters try building something and put it on marketplace. If your product has a wild appeal, you may soon open a store in world. To learn building, you may join the most active group in Second Life, Builders Brewery. Here is the link for more information on the class schedule.

·         Animation
With building comes the basic animations. Although there are many poses in the marketplace, there is always a need for a few realistic ones. There are very few pose makers inworld. This one has a great demand among customers. They are wanted by builders, designers, bloggers, models, fashion magazines and end users. You can learn to make animations on Youtube. Among other free software, I prefer one called Qavimator  to make animations and save them in .bvh file and later upload to SL. Note that it takes L$10 to upload per file.

·         Textures
If you are good with digital art, this one is for you. However, if you are a starter, there are many tutorials available on the web. Artists would normally suggest PS, i.e., Photoshop and it the best. But if it is too much to start with, try playing around in . Pixlr is almost similar to PS, but it does not support PSD files. You can work around it with PNG files. Here is the link to the editor . The cost of uploading a texture is L$10 each. Here is the catch, either you may sell seamless textures on the marketplace or if you are artist in real life, you may sell your art inworld. Before selling textures, I suggest you to read the TOS and be aware of the infringement rights.

·         Scripting
Animations or builds do not function like real life without the scripts. All hands down to the scripting experts. If you know java or any programming language, you may be able to do a little bit of scripting. Scripting is taught in world as well. Builders Brewery has scripting classes. This is another career which has a great demand in SL. You may sell scripts on marketplace. If you look into second life community there are special on hand jobs available for scripters.

·         Modelling
By modelling, I mean fashion models. Clothing, accessory designers and fashion magazines are on the look-out for models. There are modelling schools in world. But, they are not cheap. Total fees may vary from L$500 to L$10,000. There are free modelling schools (FMU) available as well. To be among the top celebrity models, it is best suggested to get into the best schools to get maximum exposure.

·         Estate Sales agent
Although this job can be taken by a newbie too, but the estate owners normally do not hire newbies. The estate owners looks for some experience and stability to hire these sales agents. After one is hired, they get  rigorous training for about a week. You can earn a percentage of commission selling virtual land in SL. This percentage when converted to pennies is so much, that you might be the owner of a small land yourself living lavishly. But the only requirement is that you have to be really good at marketing. You may hear the job opening either from a friend or community in Second Life but seldom at any agency.

·         Re-Sale
Do you love breedables? I do. You must have a home in second life to breed and take care of them. Breedables range from fantasy animals like meeros to pets like dogs, cats to farm animals like horses and plants. Breed your pets and sell the younger ones in a rented space.  Another kind of resale is to sell food and weapons etc. Food? Yes, food. If you roleplay as a Gorean, an avatar has to eat food to do the various activites in Gor. There is a world of Gor who have traders ad merchants selling food, bricks of copper, gold and silver and weapons which are based on G&S Hud.

·         Advertising/Public Relations
To be an advertiser, you must have an active group in world and a space to put up the ads of your clients. Show your marketing skills, bring in clients and get them customers. You can be an Ad agent for The SL Enquirer and earn a good commission Just click here to apply for a job with the SL Enquirer

 You can also create your own agency where others come to buy and sell products and services.

Other professions may include a machinima artist, role players like doctors, gynaecologists, nurses, bloggers, writers, policemen etc. One can search for more in

·         Jobs Agencies
Ever since March 2012, I have always been looking for a job. The best place to look for job is at job agencies. Click on the board to receive a note card for application. Even  if you have no virtual work experience, you can still fill out an application.
 There are jobs for managers, hosts, DJs and dancers throughout the year. Other jobs also are available from time to time like sales agent, writers for various magazines and news sources as well as scripting and building for land owners.

If you need training with any club jobs you can visit Club Staff University . It is a learning school or clubs jobs as well as a training facility for new employees.
A few landmarks you may want to visit while job hunting are: Job Squad Jobs 4 u Job Center Agency work and employment Pisces Jobs