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Thursday, May 22, 2014

How to Make Your Business be one of the Best In Second Life- Piers Diesel Reporting...

Having or starting a business in any worlds can be a tough, with long hours, dedication and most of all the will to make your business if not the best but one of the best in the business world.

So where do you begin? There are a few steps in achieving the goal of becoming a successful business and here is a few steps to get you started.

Get a website
If you don’t have a website then you need to consider one. As 99.9% of your customers will check your website out to see what type of business you are by just the way the website is designed and the information you provide, even if you do not sell anything on it. Make sure your website delivers results. So it looks attractive, functional and has the ability to attract new customers to it. Appearance, organization and first impressions are very important because they represent your business.

If you can afford a professional to design it then there are loads of business who will do this for you, however, if you are a new business there are several free website hosts which are easy to use and will enable you to start trading or putting your business out there straight away. It may sound daunting but a little time and effort will go a long way. You might be surprised just how easy some of the new hosting sites can be but before you begin, you need a domain name that is easy to remember.

Blogging is a must in this communication and social networking age. It is the most important tool for promoting your business and building a status in the business world. If you don’t blog you don’t get noticed.
If you don’t think you have time, there are people who have experience in blogging who can blog for you. Choose someone who has a big following, is suited to your type of industry/business. Their followers will be suited to your business and be interested. Finally, do not just choose one blogger, as many bloggers as you can get helps you and your business get noticed. If however, you choose the route where you wish to blog (which you can combine with an experience blogger) there are several blog sites to choose from such as the popular ones like, etc. Blogging your business regularly will bring customers to your website who may not have known about you or your business/website before.

Contect with your target audience and create an email address
Depending on what your business is, you will need a form of contact where your customers are able to either send you feed back or contact you with an inquiry. Without an email it not only makes your business seem un-professional but also puts people off from using your business if they are unable to contact you with a problem they may be experiencing.
Starting an email list will also enable you to get your potential or your present customers to sign up to enable them to keep in touch with any future news you may wish to share about your business, or any freebies you may wish to share. With this it gives your customers an incentive to want to stick with you for the long road and is easy to create on your website. If using the free websites there is an app to add this form. Keep sending out news letters or information to all who sign up as this lets them know you are still trading.

Learn from other businesses
This may sound silly but if you have a good teacher you will learn better and with a business that has either been successful or not you will learn how and why they have either been successful or not. It cannot be the main bases of how you build your business but helps gear you in the right direction and cutting out the trial and errors you may experience along the way.

Being active in all forms of Social Media

I won’t go too deep into this as we all use social media some way another but adapting this usage for business will not only enable you to touch base with future customers but is a free and cost effective way in getting your business noticed and out there. Constant use of Facebook, twitter and other social media is a big plus. The more social media presence you have the better it will be for visibility.
 Just remember to protect yourself from unwanted solicitors by setting certain privacy settings to keep your personal information private and trolls from using your networks and giving it an unprofessional appeal. Also always remember to keep your content professional and separate your leisure social media accounts from business.

Make sure your website is accessable to mobile apps.

We live in a world where internet is at our fingertips and interaction is in real time. If you have a mobile device than you can use it to your advantage and network on the go! This is very important. As we are a nation who love our tablets, laptops, mobile devices we use them constantly, if your website is not adapted to be able to be not just seen but seen clearly and allow the viewer to move around the site without any trouble then this will clearly put customers and future customers off.
All social media apps are accessible to mobile, tablet devices but with your website if there are too many tabs or drop down boxes and it cannot be seen or clicked easy, this will put anyone trying to look at your website off. So keep the website fun and easy to use for all.

I am sure there are other ways which I have not mentioned which can get your business on the road to becoming a success, however, this is just a quick rundown on the basics to help you begin.

May you find success!


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