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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Clash of the Gender Fashions.... CCoursey Reporting

I change five or more times a day, mostly depending on what I'm doing.  My partner- Not so much.  He thinks I spend way too much on clothes, so I decided to prove there's new spring looks available for every style and budget. 

 Because haven't you heard?  "Writers aren't exactly people.  They're a whole bunch of people trying to be one person." - F. Scott Fitzgerald.

So for the first look it's a bit goth, a bit dark for spring, but it's new and the textures are absolutely wonderful inworld.  [[NS]] +No Salvation+ has become very popular, for me out of nowhere, but hit a few profiles and you find the group now.  Of course I had to drag the Aussie to go check it out and he found he loved it too.  They don't only cater to the women, but had five men's gifts as well.  Plus, there's a hunt in store.  My dress is the one featured in hunt- A purple vixen cocktail dress.  I paired them up with some of the 7Exits Virgo boots and a few odd pieces of jewelry, (Pure Poison).  He's wearing some of the men's group gifts from +No Salvation+, the men's "Forsaken" Skulls double breasted coat and tie with the men's "Color Block" Skulls cargo/ Camo pants, and a pair of Conan boots. 

You can't forget the nights out with the partner.  Let's be honest we all settle into a little romance now and again and even my Aussie has his 'Dress to impress' outfit.  I prefer hitting the couture stores and finding the most elegant, feminine, spin me around gowns they have.  -Desir- Haute Couture is great.  It costs maybe five lindens to get in group, their gowns aren't expensive, and they even offer group gifts that are gorgeous.  This month's is the 'Lotus' dress, pink, white, and swirls around me while I dance.  Glam it up or have fun with it and had your own knick-knacks, (I added a crown I found at the Irish Gacha that said Diva).  The Aussie even goes all out, as he puts it, with dress shoes from iNEDIT.  Redford with three leather textures for 290, but he wears them often making it a great buy for men's shoes.  The suit is from MAD, Mist Angel Designs. 

Then you have him and I, he's go class I have sass, so we just settle into outfits sometimes.  The Aussie is a huge Grumble fan, because inworld they have anything you could look for right there on SIM- Mens, womens, furniture, wedding, etc.  He don't have to go far, because shopping is hard work.  The group cost 25 Lindens to join, but there's group gifts, special offers, and lucky chairs full of gift cards.  You don't have to spend very much at all to get a great outfit.  Of course, he sticks with the iNEDIT sheos still, but the suit is all Grumble.  Marketplace has some of their stuff, but you have to visit inworld to get the whole experience they offer.  And girls we can take a break as well.  FashionNatic on marketplace has whole outfits available.  I'm wearing the light pink outfit that includes jewelry, clutch, dress, shoes, and even hair accessory.  It's cute and under 300 lindens so a great steal. 

Of course the best thing about FashionNatic is they have men's too.  The Aussie is sporting the Elias outfit, with a hud for changes of colors.  I think it is an excuse to change less often, but egh, well, it looks nice and it works.  I'm sporting a turquoise little mesh dress from GWC (Gypsylynn Whelan Creations), and what is perfect about these- they look good and are only 50 lindens.  Of course, he has shoes with his, so I have to pop over to 7Exits next to GWC... I'm spoiled on those, at least I admit it.  The dresses are adorable on their own, so a little jewelry to emphasize here and there you are ready to roll.  JCNY is one of the places I love to go, because they have the really elaborate, really intricate, plus lucky letters and gachas.  Can't beat it. 

Even though I tease him about how much he reminds me of Croc Dundee and he throws my 'southern traits' at me, there is always one thing we can agree on when it comes to clothes:  Hats.  Something about hats on Second Life just makes it fun.  A lot of people avoid them, because it might take some editing to make them work.  The look is worth it, no matter if your going 'down under' or to the Derby.  He loves the single outfit, premade looks, going with Tigerworks Man s camouflage dress with shorts.  It includes shirt, shorts, boots, thong, necklace, socks, and the awesome hat he's brandishing.  I hit the Triple Crown hunt and found this outfit by chance at Lourdes of London.  I added the hat since last weekend was the Kentucky Derby, it just happened to match perfect.  It came from Jazzitude.


No matter what style you have, what kind of shopper you are, or even how much you are planning to spend there are ways for women and men to look good with any budget.  There's always a way for men and women to meet in the middle, just requires a bit of compromise.

List of stores: 
Be sure to remember, most of the time you'll find better deals in world.
+No Salvation+

GypsyWhelan Creations & 7Exits






Pure Poison
JCNY Jewelry



Loordes of London


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