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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Getting Connected with; a new avatar social network available for virtual worlds- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Social Media plays an important role in how many people network and socialize in today’s technological age. It provides a digital place to share information, photo and videos with the masses at the click of a button. 

There are a variety of social networks available across the web that provide a presence for free and can certainly replace the high costs of advertising if you know how to use them. Facebook is the most widely used social media network available today but because of their terms of service, many virtual world residents are finding themselves locked out and unable to expand their following because avatars are not considered “real people”. Some would agree that avatars are not while the business side of virtual worlds disagrees as it hinders their ability to grow their business without this vital social media tool.

Xandria Winterwolf created a social media network that was designed to cater to Avatar not such in Second Life but in virtual worlds as a whole. It provides the same concept as the “real world” social media networks but it is a place where an Avatar name is just as important as a real one. Let’s find out more about

Interview with Xandria Winterwolf

Lanai: Hi Xandria, it is a pleasure to meet you and learn more about this brand new tool that allows virtual world residents the opportunity to use social media without the fear of having their account banned because they are not “real people”. Can you tell our reader what inspired you to create and what the features are?

Xandria: Hi Lanai, Sure. I would be happy to. I created Avatar Hookup because I was kicked off Facebook for not being a “real person.”  I was extremely frustrated because I knew many of my friends had Facebook accounts for their avatars, and they were able to advertise their businesses and keep in touch while not logged into their respective virtual worlds. I on the other hand, felt cut off. Then, many of my friends started complaining that they too were removed from Facebook. It was a pity, because we put lots of time and effort into building our Facebook profiles only to have all that work wasted in the blink of an eye. I looked everywhere for a solution, and none presented itself. I even created a Google profile and was kicked out of that for not being a real person!  Finally, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create  
My avi is real to me, and I have just as many friends in virtual worlds as I do in the real world. I also work just as hard to make my businesses work In-world. I wanted to be taken seriously as my avatar identity, and now I finally have a place to do it! is a social media network in which a person can create a membership and keep his or her real identity completely private. In other words, it’s like Facebook for your Avatar.
Another thing we allow that is unusual among social networking communities is that you can have more than one account. I know many people that have multiple avatars for various businesses. You can create accounts for each of these avatars to keep your businesses separate from your social life and function flawlessly. 

Lanai: I agree it was pretty simple for me to become a member. has very similar features like the popular social media networks available today have. Which features are similar, which ones are different?

Xandria:  Well, I’ve already mentioned a couple of differences, being you are identified through your avatar name and not your real name, also you can have multiple accounts.
Other things you can do on is write on your wall, post pictures and videos, start groups, advertise, place classified ads, create your own blog, join in forum discussions, share links, send gifts to others, private message your friends, search for services, content, land rentals and sales, join in group chat, video chat, and much more!   We’ve tried to incorporate everything necessary to have a successful and rich online social media experience!

Lanai: I like the concept.  Is only available to Second Life users?

Xandria: is available to anyone who lives in a virtual world. I personally have homes in Second Life, The Adult Grid, and InWorldz.  I think diversity is important and helps others to know their options. Likewise, it’s easy to find users and business avatars who create certain products and services from your chosen world because it’s all part of the search function.  For example, you can click boxes to search for “Avatars who create Furniture in Second Life” Or “Scripters in InWorldz.” It’s fantastic for both the creator and the shopper!

Lanai: I think it is a great idea for avatars in any virtual world who want to expand their following and share what they do without all of the real world nonsense that we see on the leading social media sites. I think when both worlds are mixed it dilutes the expose to virtual world activities. What do you think?

Xandria: I completely agree. This site is for avatars by avatars. Also, when you join you will know everyone on is interested in the Virtual World Community! You don’t have to weed through anything not related to virtual living.

Lanai: That is a good point that every member there shares one common interest The opportunity to blog directly from is a great feature too. It allows avatars to exercise their writing skill, post their own press releases and share stories without the restriction of just status space. What other ways can avatars take advantage of the blog feature?

Xandria: The blog feature can be used in a variety of ways. I personally plan to host my own show called “Virtual Voyages” through it.  Haha!  In “Virtual Voyages,” I interview avatars from all over the virtual world platform. After the interviews are edited and complete, I plan to post them in my blog. Some of the interviews will be text based, while others will be in video format.  I am currently in the process of gathering information, filming, editing, and such for my first posts. If you or anyone you know would like to be interviewed, let me know! It is another great advertising tool. 

Other ways to use the blog feature would be to keep an In-World video public diary, use the blog as your storefront, record your adventures in the virtual grids, and more. The possibilities are limitless!

Lanai: Sounds fun sure, I'll participate in an interview, let me know when! So, with every social media network their needs to be a set of rules to follow to avoid cyber bullying, sexually explicit content or illegal activity. What rules do you have in order to protect users?

Xandria:  While encourages freedom of speech, we must also protect our community from those that would abuse others, upload illegal content, or post sexually explicit content. It is our goal to keep this network safe, sociable, respectable, and fair. 
Our TOS includes rules that will not allow illegal or copyrighted material to be posted, bullying, discrimination, slander, hate-speech, or other activities that infringe on the rights of others’ safety, wellbeing and personal boundaries. We also encourage anyone who sees this kind of activity, or is the subject of abuse from other members to inform us immediately so that we may take appropriate actions. To see our full TOS, please visit our website and click the “Terms of Service” the link on the bottom of our site.

Lanai: It is good to have a terms of service to protect you and other members.  Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers about

Xandria: is the place to be!   We encourage you to invite your friends, customers, bosses, staff, and everyone you know to join this fast growing community of Avatars.  The more Avatars we have, the more successful we all are. It’s a Win/Win situation!

Lanai: Thank you for taking the time to talk about I wish you the best of luck with this new social media network.

Xandria:  Thank you Lanai, for your time and thoughtfulness. Also, I would like to thank all who read this entire article. J
I hope to see you all at 

Don’t be afraid to say “Hi” once you’re there!

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