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Friday, July 4, 2014

Celebrating Independence Day in Second Life

Pool parties, endless sunshine and fireworks is what Independence Day in the modern day is all about. However, at its original inception and the times prior, Independence Day holds a deeper significance on the timeline of American represents the day that America declared its emancipation from the reign and taxation of the British Isle.

The original thirteen colonies grew weary of having to pay taxes to King George III as a voiceless entity in the British parliament. The colonies convened on June the 11th forming a committee that would pen a document declaring independence from the reign of the British monarchy’s tyranny.

Jefferson and his colleagues drafted numerous copies of the declaration of independence until it was perfect. On July 4th, 1776, the final draft was accepted, declaring the thirteen colonies free of the British monarchy. On the 8th of the same year and month, the declaration was announced to the public at Philadelphia Independence Square. On July 4th of the following year, the day was celebrated with bonfires, music, and reveling. In 1870, July 4th was proclaimed a national holiday in observation of the thirteen colonies gaining their independence.
The tradition of celebration continues to this day with grand scale firework displays in lieu of the bonfires, and the continued reveling with barbecues and picnics.

When it comes to celebrating the independence of the United States, residents and groups of Second Life are known to partake in the merriment of this pivotal moment of American history.

If you are a resident to stay home or rent out lodging for the excitement, there are few a venues to visit to get ready and stock up on your party needs.  To purchase and prepare for all your in-world celebratory needs, Nicoletta has established the 4th of July village. This patriotic plaza is filled with vendors that offers clothing, decorum, and other necessities for your Independence Day fetes.

If you are an avatar that loves to bacchanal, and live it up skating about town -or Sims, if you will- there are festivities about the grid. DeCuir is hosting an all-day event, free of charge, on the 3rd of July that will carry over into the 4th with fireworks, music, and dancing to appease the “nightlifer” in you.

Ashton Andretti will be also join the band of party hosts with his own round of Independence Day carousing at Northwood campsite with an hour of varied music, and BYOB drinking, chased with dancing and intense revelry.

No matter what it is that you wish to do, Second Life has all grounds covered. There will be no need to sit about wishing for a chance to celebrate your independence. 


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