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Friday, July 4, 2014

Spotlight On SL Fashion Model Nickle Sparrowtree - Jessii2009 Warrhol Reporting

Last Saturday was the debut show organized by Nickle Sparrowtree. This was a special show, which was in honor of World Pride. The show also was a Relay For Life of Second Life fundraising event. Many raved about the show, especially the organization of Nickle. I caught up with Nickle to ask her a few questions about her modeling career and her thoughts on Second Life.

JESSI:  So tell us about yourself, what made you first log into Second Life?

NICKLE:  I have been in SL a little over 4 years, I met a friend online who introduced me to SL so I came. I made an avi and once I entered, I was surprised that I could actually see these toons walking around and they were so ugly.. I don't do ugly (lol). I was in and out of Sl for 6 months with this avi that was not styled, I had no idea I could change it's shape, and once I had my avi fixed up and brought some nice clothes I started staying longer periods of time.. In my second month of SL I became a neko. I loved my tails and ears lol.

JESSI: LOL you don't do ugly, too funny! I see that you have a very extensive modeling career. Please tell us some of the highlights of your SL modeling/fashion career.

NICKLE: I started modeling in December of 2010 at Classic with Style. My first competition was the Calender which was in February 2011 which I came in 8th out of 10. I was very proud of myself. I learned a lot from CWS. Every saturday we did fashion shows, we had runway practice every day, We had a stying contest every day except sunday.. Model of the month contest. There was a lot going on plus schooling. Then I went to MVW school, I found out about changing my avi to a better shape. walking planks ,lots of lecturing, the color pallet and my season. I went on to exclusive where I learned walking basics, walking advanced, posing basics and posing advance. I learned basic styling advanced styling, I learned about being a store model, vendor model and runway model. I also had private modeling instruction from Ava Jhamin.Then I went on to lush where I did the modeling basics of walking the plank, styling genres and posing. I was a vendor and magazine model for October Studios. Where I also learned about SL Photography, and was a producer director for the Face of October in 2012. I've been in many Magazines. on many vendor boards, in so many fashion shows and I have won many competitions. 2013 I went to Mimi Boa Academy, where I refreshed on the basics. I am a model at L'Amour agency, a Producer/Director for L'Amour Productions and a Script writer for L'Amour Nexus University. I am also a model at Opium agency a vendor model for Katink and I am the Face of Romance Couture. I've been modeling for 3 and a half years, I've enjoyed the ups the downs and the journey.

JESSI: Wow that sounds like a lot of hard work, you have did so much in SL. What made you want to become a model?

NICKLE:    I would come into secondlife mostly because I love music and dancing. I am a club hopper and because I was always moving from place to place I never really got to know any one. I would just dance until they changed the music to something I didn't like then i'm on my way to the next club. Well that got boring. I was at a club dancing when someone sent me a notecard for CWS, I read the notecard and thought why not give modeling a try so I did. I was in a styling event for CWS and won first place with a $500 prize. they loved what I styled and I was hooked. Those were the days where styling was not out of a folder, you had to styling an outfit using more then one designer. It was awesome.

JESSI: So overall would you say it's tough for someone new to become a model?

NICKLE:    It is not tough at all to become a model in SL It's tough making it to the top. Some people make it because they are good models and some make it because of who they know. That' how that goes.

JESSI: I have always said, it's who you know, not what you know in some cases, but this is true in any industry whether in real life or Second Life. Let's talk about this show you just organized. I heard it was a success.

NICKLE:   I wanted to project a show that was diverse, and since LGBT pride was happening in the real world I wanted to do a show in SL, that didn't exhibit separatism in the modeling community. The show emphasized, Gay pride, World Pride and Celebration of diversity. It was a Show that represented Gay, Lesbian and Heterosexual In the real world things are changing, Gays and Lesbian couples can now marry in certain states. Plus there are so many supporters who are not gay or lesbian who feel we have the same rights as any other human being. I had Choreographed dances to songs with meaning, and a wonderful fashion show using the colors of the LGBT flag. plus models who represented gay, lesbian and heterosexual couples in the show. I have never seen a fashion show where 2 males walk together kiss and walk off holding hands. Yes the show was a success, I was really surprised that so many people who weren't gay or lesbian came out to support my show and loved it. The models who were in the show that were also a mix of sexualities helped to make my show a success it was awesome. Also Ava Jhamin model director.

JESSI: It is great that you chose to highlight diversity and in Second Life. Kudos to you for doing this!  What can we look from you in the future?

NICKLE:  More modeling , I am already thinking about doing another production that will  again include a fashion show. and maybe teaching.

My interview with Nickle concluded, but she wanted to add a special message to those special people in Second Life who have helped her to reach success:

NICKLE:   During my modeling career Ive had a few  people who were there to support me and be a very big part of my Second Life. That was October Bettencourt, and Ava Jhamin, I want to thank them both from the bottom of my heart. for their love friendship and support.

Also I want to thank my wonderful wife Jalissa for coming into my life and being so patient as I stood on pose stands to style, do fashion shows while she sat in the audience. Gave birth to our beautiful son Nickolas and held my hand while I was in the real world hospital even though she was from another state. I love her with all my heart and being , she is a dream come true.

You can catch up with Nickle on her official blog:

and on her official Flickr website:

And if you cannot get enough of Nickle Sparrowtree, check out this awesome Face of Romance Couture Youtube video featuring Nickle:


  1. OMG WOW IM SOOO HAPPY FOR YOU NICKLE *SMILES*, i know you worked long and hard to get where you wanna be and never give up on your dreams :) - sheilarose aiten ( tigerfish )

    1. Thank you Sheila, we both been through many ups and down and we both hit the pavement hard. You have accomplished so much also, being a designer and model, and Congratulations on your new baby.

  2. Thank you Sheila that is so appreciated.
    I would like to mention the designers who I collaborated with and thank them for their wonderful designs Solde Rothmanay and Violina Dyonysus you both rock thank you both so much

  3. For the most part Nickle has worked very hard to make herself into the great model she is today. She works very hard to accomplish those things that are important to her and continues to be a great inspiration to many. Thank you Nickle for the amazing things you do and for what you are and stand for. Working with Nickle has been a great honor and a learning experience to me. She is a true example of the world "fighter". Good Job Nickle!

  4. awwww! Brat, you are,were and always will be a Bright Shining light in my eyes. Great interview, great show and well great Niece...I <3 U

    Your Auntie Spirit Llewellyn

    1. I love you too Aunt Spitit (BOPEEP) lol and thank you for your kind words

  5. It has been a pleasure working with you Nickle. I have my camera warmed up and the runway ready.

  6. it was great working with Nickle for the show in support of Relay For Life. Thanks for a great fundraiser!

    1. thank you John it was a pleasure doing it. I was glad to be a part of something that was going to help other people, it touched my heart.

  7. Thank you all for your help and support , I'd also like to add even though they were not mentioned it was not on purpose, i was speaking about my early modeling career, which CWS had alot to do with but I will mention my aunt Spirit Llewlyn and my mom inlaw Reign Congrejo for being in my life period thank you both.


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