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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Commentary from SL11B- June 22-July 6th 2014- Lanai Reporting…

Can you believe that Second Life is just about to turn 11 years old? 

For those that do not know SL’s actual birthday, it is July 6th 2003. 

 On that day it will be precisely 132 months and about 3,960 days. In Second Life time that is a virtual lifetime! Through the year so much has happened and so many changes have been made. Creative people have come and gone and countless virtual memories have been made; many of which echo through the community when we are reminded of the past 11 years and who did what. We each leave are mark in one way or another. We build friendships that spill into our real lives and many even fall in love. We are a virtual world community and together we have made Second Life what it is today. It is a unity that breaks boundaries and crosses borders. This virtual world is a mixing and mingling of cultures and imaginations unlike any other. Each day is a surprise waiting to happen as none of us know exactly what each day will bring or who we will meet. It is an escape from the routine of real life and the stresses that are included; an ultimate creative freedom of expression. In Second Life we make our own rules, follow our own paths and meet each other from the inside out.  Our choices and decisions are what dictate our experiences, how involved we are and how much of ourselves we want to share with others.  We are the essence of what it means to be a virtual community so this celebration is for you.

Happy Birthday Second Life and cheers to the community that shaped you!

The SL Enquirer wandered around SL11B  and asked some of the guests what brings them to Second Life. What they do and how has it inspired them in their real life. Here is what they had to say….

SL11B Greeter, Dzox (6 months old; 184 days)

Lanai: What brings you to Second Life and what do you do here?
Dizox: I usually hang out with friends or met new people, sometimes I go to building classes or try new things like been a greeter
Lanai: Is this your first year being a greeter here?
Dizox: Yes, I'm only five months old on SL so yes it is also my first year on the party

Lanai: What does SL mean to you and how has it inspired you in your real Life?
Dizox: It means freedom, I can do whatever I want without being limited by society also It allows me to met people from all around the world so it is kind of magic how you can discover new cultures through sl. It inspired me to be more me in RL to be less conscious about the what other might think about me

 London City DJ, Keif Denimore (5 years 8 months; 2071 days)

Keif Denimore: I came to Secondlife back in 2008. Through a business connection with a realtor in Secondlife. Since I have been here I mostly DJ, explore and create, when I can. I enjoy the social aspect as much as I do the playing with scripts and my awful building skills :) I also help to moderate the London City Sim. Peace keeper and support assistant to the residents, if you like.

Lanai Jarrico: Nice we need more peacekeepers like you in SL.  What does SL mean to you and how has it inspired you in your real Life?

Keif Denimore: SL, has become an extension of my rl. Both socially and creatively, but also to allow me relax, such as sailing on the Blake Seas. Very relaxing :). Inspiration wise, it reminds me that everything is possible, that barriers that exist in rl arnt so real, having broken them in sl. I am more tolerant and more open minded, I guess. The world is not such a big place after all :)

Lanai Jarrico: you are right about that lol. Thank you Keif it was a pleasure to meet you.

Second Life is so diverse on any given day you can be on the same sim celebrating with people from different countries. This resident is from Germany.

Tjorben McKeenan, (4 years 10 months; 1789 days)

Lanai Jarrico: What brings you to Second Life and what do you do here?
Tjorben McKeenan: I heard of SL from a friend. He showed me some of SL and I am still here. I found some friends and now my favorite thing to do is sing in the ~O~ Lounge. I visit many Live concerts and sing Pop and smooth songs.
Lanai Jarrico: I like that type of music.  Can you tell me What does SL mean to you and how has it inspired you in your real Life?
 Since he mentioned his English was not very well, I asked him to answer in German…
 Tjorben McKeenan: SL ist eine andere Welt für mich, denke ich. Ich habe keine Insperation darin. Hier kann ich einfach nur mal abschalten und genießen.

 Translation: SL Is a different world for me, I think. I have no inspiration here. Here I can just relax and enjoy time”
Tjorben McKeenan: Es war mal mehr, aber das hat jetzt im Laufe der Zeit nachgelassen
Translation: It was sometimes more, but that has now subsided over time
The great thing about Second Life is we get to mix and mingle among all walks of life and talents. It was great to bump into this next resident. You may recognize his name.

Treet TV Personality,  RacerX Gullwing , (10 years old; 3656 days)
 Lanai Jarrico:  Hi Racer! What brings you to Second Life and what do you do here?
 RacerX Gullwing: I host the longest running weekly event in second life the giant snail races
Lanai Jarrico: I've been to that before pretty cool
RacerX Gullwing: yes were famous
 Lanai Jarrico: yes you are. So what does SL mean to you and how has it inspired you in your real Life?
RacerX Gullwing: well it means a real job to me sometimes made more in one year than I've ever made at any job before. I write scripts that make stuff go and get paid like a real programmer sometimes.
Lanai Jarrico: that is just amazing. You've been here a decade and seen many changes, where do you see SL in the future?
RacerX Gullwing: made learning games one year
Lanai Jarrico: nice. I haven’t met a learning game creator here yet. You are the first.
 RacerX Gullwing: well I see linden labs starting on secondlife 2.0
 Lanai Jarrico: yes, I heard about that…
 RacerX Gullwing: so I suppose in a few years when that comes out i'll have to span both grids
 Lanai Jarrico: Im thinking we still have a couple years before that really takes any effect. We shall see what happens!
RacerX Gullwing: me too hope they get the bugs out
Lanai Jarrico: I hope so too.
RacerX Gullwing: that was the joke the first few years were all in beta but it never really ended.
Lanai Jarrico: I came here right after beta
 RacerX Gullwing: ha it’s in beta
 Lanai Jarrico: well hope they iron out the wrinkles for that one
 RacerX Gullwing: yeah well should be simpler with new code from the start.
 Lanai Jarrico:  Let’s see what happened when it is launched to the public.

Second Life is an amazing place with talented people that create the atmosphere 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I guarantee you will find something to do, someone throwing a party, concerts, contests, hunts, creators showcasing their work and socializing no matter where you land on the grid.  I had a great time talking to the people I met at SL11B and I am sure you will do the same.
 SL11B is still in celebration and bustling with activity until July 6th, be sure to check out the time capsules, events, meet new people and see the creativity of other community members.
 Don’t forget to view the cake stage!

Happy Birthday Second Life


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