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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

London City Spotlight - Jessii2009 Warrhol Reporting

Nelson's Column, The Palace of Westminster, and Regent's Park! These are just only three out of many London landmarks and three places you can visit in Second Life! So where can you visit these great landmarks?? Why London City of course!

London City is the busiest London-British themed sim in Second Life. The location was honored by the SL11B organizers for being the only London-British themed sim to exhibit at the official Second Life birthday celebrations.  London City also just recently held their very first Relay For Life of Second Life event, raising over 30,000 lindens in just under two hours! This busy and fun location is owned by Torric Rodas and Billy Arrentire.I recently sat down with Torric Rodas, one of the owners and operators of the London City estate. Below are highlights of our conversation:

JESSI: Tell us about London City. Provide history. Why did you create it? What is the theme? 

Torric Rodas, One of the Owners & Operators of London City
TORRIC: London City started in 2009.  Billy and me were working in another place with a similar theme and doing all the work and having to give everything to the owner with full perms and we decided that since we were already doing all the work, we might as well go it alone, so we opened London City, themed around the real life area in London in England.

London City comprises of four regions,  London Soho for New users,  London Victoria for clubbers, London West End which is more residential and London Seaside for a summer holiday theme, complete with beach and pier.

JESSI: What are some of the events that are ongoing in London City?

TORRIC:  We hold weekly events with themes and concerts.  To date, London City has held over 300 concerts.  This coming weekend the theme is London Pride and Glastonbury with concerts from Dolly Parton and Cliff Richard, plus a ten hour set of live DJs.

Our nightclubs,  Bar Soho, The Crown and Juiced open every day,   Comptons, Worlds End Pub, Mickey Finns and Madame Lalas (LGBT) open at the weekends. This weekend our brand new Gay club called EDGE will open in London City3 during the Pride Event.
Another busy night partying in London City

JESSI:  How can one be a part of London City (as a tenant, merchant, or employee)?

TORRIC: All our team get in on the bottom floor and meet and greet other residents.  This allows us to see how the person is best suited to other roles, their temperament and skills.  From the greeter team, people move on to other positions.  This is the fairest way to recruit as it means everyone has a chance to excel in an area and move to it, rather than bringing new people in over them.

JESSI: What are some exciting things ongoing in the future for London City?

TORRIC: How about William Shatner in Concert.   We like to be quirky and the Shat is here, 5th of July.

London City Video of their SL11B Exhibit

My interview concluded with Torric, but he did have a few final remarks:

TORRIC: London City is the most popular destination in Second Life.  We estimate that one in three users born in SL will pass through London City within the first 3 days of their Second Life.   We hope they will remember us fondly as they continue with their journey and visit us regularly.

Check out the four sims of London City Today! Below are some landmarks to highlight some interesting places in London City:

Hub London SOHO and Regent's Park

Concert Area London City

Concert Area London City #3

London City Seaside

And while you are immersed in all thing London City, check out their awesome blog for more information, including events, merchant spotlights, and  useful information about the location:


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