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Showing posts with label fun. Show all posts

Sunday, June 19, 2022

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Island Weekend Sale Launches July 1st, 2022


Island Weekend is a weekly sale opening on July 1st, 2022. This sale event will offer brand awareness for all participants and intrigued shoppers seeking something new, with an added Island Style Vibe. The appeal of summertime, soaking in the sun, splashing in clear island waters, and sipping something refreshing, is experienced in certain areas All-Year-Around. With the introduction of Island Weekend, we hope to expand that cool and refreshing feeling throughout Second Life, full of Bold & Bright Colors, Fun Summertime Items, and Overall Design Uniqueness. Pricing at 99L for individual items and 50% off fatpacks. Deals many shoppers will enjoy! This event offers Refreshing, Fun, Bright, and Airy, all while offering an Island dream vacation feel. Think of it as a beautiful escape, and designers are on board with themes based on holidays. Every day can feel like a vacation. Join our inworld update group for exciting gifts, and giveaways. Or click on our Kiosk in our office to join the Subscriber list.

Any Questions, please contact Cocohantas. Island Weekend Instagram: Island Weekend Group: Island Event Office SLUrl: Island Event Website:

Monday, July 19, 2021

Paradise Of Fun Zoo- Stacey Cardalines reporting...


Most people never see exotic wild animals in person. I live pretty far in the country, and my animal sighting list goes pretty much dog, cat, raccoon, squirrel, mouse, skunk, turkey, various birds, and fish... nothing that the Discovery Channel is going to send a film crew out to document. I've seen sharks and whales, but I live at a beach and those are not unusual things there. 

What would be unusual is for me to stroll around suburban Massachusetts and run into a Rhino. Rhinos, who are much feared in Africa, are bad things to run into. They are very aggressive and territorial, and would most likely kill me rather than tolerate me moving through his realm. It would care very little if I told it, "No no, you have the wrong country, doctors in America don't think that your powdered horn cures impotence." I don't even think it would eat me, just kill me, mostly to let me know how things get done in Rhino Town.

I'd rather not be smashed into pudding by a livid horned monster who weighs 3400 pounds. My car, which would end your life if I drove it over you, weighs 2300 pounds.

So, a rhino isn't what I want to see walking around suburban Massachusetts. To spare you from other tales of animal violence, I am also not disappointed by the lack of lions, cobras, leopards, cheetahs, hippopotami (?), komodo dragons, alligators, polar bears, wolverines, anacondas, chupacabra, and Godzillas living in the moors behind my house. Giraffes don't have a reputation for violence, but I'd still rather not have one walking around by my rhododendrons. Africa, Japan, Indonesia... you can keep that stuff, guys.

That doesn't mean that, in a controlled environment, I wouldn't enjoy looking at a rhino. It's an amazing, even beautiful creature. I'd pay good money to go somewhere safe and stare at rhinos and lions and other things I don't see in American suburbia. That's why people make zoos.

SL, which reflects real life even when the tigers walk on two legs and talk, is naturally going to have a Zoo go up somewhere at some point. I found one while playing in water parks. You'll get a water park article later when the photographer and I return and I am wearing a more flattering swimsuit. But we did find a zoo.

Paradise Of Fun is a sprawling entertainment complex. It features a water park, a zoo, a mall, and a food court. I went through all of them, but... c'mon guy, there's a Zoo!

It's not a long walk, but it's full of cool animals! Sorry about the exclamation point, but everyone is a kid when they go to the zoo. Unless the adult likes to go on safari a lot, an adult and a toddler have about the same amount of in-person elephant watching time. They're both children, in that sense. I shall therefore conduct myself as one, which my boss here at the SL Enquirer will tell you isn't actually all that unusual. There are very few fully self-actualized adults in the field of sportswriting, and when you throw in the virtual world part... you're lucky that I can even write at all.

POF Zoo is a large circular area where you can move from exhibit to exhibit. You first run into some flamingos, and they are across from the elephants. They have three elephants in a cage that looks about the size of the one that they have UFC fights in, but it is tough to be cruel to virtual animals. You can't jump into the cage with them, even if you are a well-trained cheerleader with pretty impressive hang time for a white chick.

Never fear, because the next exhibit is the Lion and Tiger one. This one has a very short fence, but if you hop over it for a selfie, you sort of hover above the animals. Do note from my picture in the article of this exhibit that at least one mother had no problem at all bringing an infant to a lion den with only a 3-foot fence (which a journalist was able to hop over) between her and both the Ghost and the Darkness. She lived, by the way... I saw her at the Food Court later.

If you survive the Tiger exhibit, your next stop involves tropical birds. Unfortunately, the one that looked like Toucan Sam had no breakfast cereal to offer, so f*ck him and his exhibit.

Across the lane, we have giraffes. Three giraffes also occupy a Hell In The Cell-sized pen similar to the one housing the elephants. You'll notice that the giraffes were the only creatures who we didn't have to zoom the camera into their cage to get a good picture of them, one of the few benefits of being taller than your cage.

There's a river after the giraffe exhibit. As a true investigative journalist, I dove into the river to see if it had sharks or whales or Nemos in it and was an exhibit in itself. No such luck.

My next stop was Zebras and the previously mentioned Rhino. They were in cages, there's no way to jump in, I tried. I have a Slap animation I was going to try out on the rhino, but the zoo designers were one step ahead of me. I'd recommend not putting a striped animal like a zebra behind bars, which in a two dimensional game appear as big stripes. I could barely see the fellow.

They had a gross exhibit with spiders and snakes, but I only hung around long enough for one picture. I don't like spiders and snakes, even virtual ones.

Monkeys were next, I got a pretty good shot of one through the bars. He was funky like a monkey. You really can look at him in his cage and understand why the monkeys hate humans so much in those Planet Of The Apes movies. There were antelopes after that, they were boring, and that was all she wrote for the Zoo.

We'll be back for the rest of the park later, but for now... life's a Zoo.

Monday, March 15, 2021

Disney Themed Mini Golf - Stacey Cardalines Reporting

Golf is a fun game. It's also a rich man's game, which means that a lot of regular people can't play it. That's why the gods made Mini-Golf.

There's no need for clubs and country club memberships with Mini-Golf. You can show up dressed like you were about to go to Wal-Mart. You really only need one club, a putter, and they give that to you. The whole course takes up about the same amount of physical space as a CVS. There are no membership fees, you pay as you go. 

To make up for the lack of rolling greens, they use props. Tiger Woods may be able to drive the ball 300 yards and you can't... but can Tiger gets it through the windmill blades any better than you? Is Tiger good at golfing on carpet? Can Tiger come to terms with golfing through a lighthouse? I mean healthy Tiger, not car-crash Tiger or wife-and-mistress Tiger. 

Mini-Golf exists on SL. It may actually be preferable to regular golf, as all of mini golf is a short game, putting-type activity. SL, while wonderful, still has some graphical limitations that rear their ugly heads when movement-based activity occurs. You eliminate a lot of that with golf at short range, and that favors mini golf.

What could make mini-golf better? Disney characters!

I stumbled on to Cinderella's Castle while hunting around. It is a Disney-themed park. I haven't been down to Florida in a spell, but it looked similar to what I remember. The castle dominates the place, but we can focus on the Disney stuff later. We're here to golf. Cinderella has her own 12 hole mini-golf course.

Each hole on the golf course has a Disney theme, so you are golfing around Donald Duck, the Incredibles, Tinkerbelle, and Mickey Mouse. Although they are kid-friendly protagonists in the movies, Mickey and the gang are nefarious Obstacles to a golfer. I don't ever recall having a desire to curse at Pluto before, but I called him things that would make Dolemite blush today when he got in the way of my otherwise perfect putt.

Why does Goofy, who is a dog, wear pants and walk on two legs... while Pluto, who is also a dog, goes nude and walks on all fours? Thank God, I don't have to answer that one, we'd have to thaw out Uncle Walt himself.

There are 12 holes. I shot 3 rounds. I got a 64 my first time, which wouldn't be bad on 18 holes, but is terrible on a 12 hole course where the hole is 10 feet from the tee and you only have to hit it through Snow White's feet. My first round was highlighted by a 16 on the par-4 Minnie Mouse hole, which had water hazards that I failed to negotiate well. 

I banged out a 50 on my second round, and a Kim Jong-un style 34 on my final pass. I hit five aces.

The golf is easy enough to learn. You click on a hole to set up. It gives you a club. You aim it with the arrow keys and control the strength/release of your swing with the mouse. Play one round for fun before returning to Hole 1, getting a scorecard and golfing it for real.

This sim is aimed somewhat at children, and most of it is a mall, albeit a Disney-themed one. If you're into Disney, you'll love it. If you go as a couple and your BF tires of looking at Princess dresses, send him off to golf while you do what has to be done in the various stores.

Men are dead weight when shopping... which also why God made golf.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Giant Snail Race CHRISTMAS IN JULY July 20th at 10:30 AM SLT

On Tindy, On Oods, On Mae, ON Lobbie! It is Christmas in July @ Gullwingcoast at 1030AM SL. Every year we celebrate Christmas and your presents is required! Come dress up in your best Christmas theme outfit and you could win a prize. Come watch our Naughty Snail racers run around the coal race track while our guests on the good list comfortable eating cookies and milk on magical chairs and benches. Want to race come early and we will teach you. See you there!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Come horse around at Copacabana Country Campground

At Copacabana Country Campgrounds we want you to have the best experience possible and involve the whole family. If you’ve ever gone on vacation and thought “I wish I could bring my horse” We have the solution you’ve been looking for in Second Life!

We are proud to announce the addition of Daneko Equestrian center to the Coapcabana Country Campground sim. At Daneko Ranch you can board your horse, learn to ride, get basic medical attention if needed and much more!

Located in the South East corner, near the lake, the equestrian center is run by Dali Daneko and her family. It’s fully equipped with anything your horse may need and is completely free to campers! They even offer trail rides and training for your horse!

You can contact Dali Daneko (DaliDaneko) for information about getting your horse a stall while you are staying at Copacabana Country and be sure to check out all the other fun activities we have to offer! Everything from Archery to a Zipline and even weekly activities such as campfire stories and family movie night!

Copacabana Country is the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We offer various sized campsite and even luxury cabins at an affordable 1.5L per prim!
Come on over and make yourself at home! You can join our visitors group to keep up with everything we do! For more information check out our website or contact jadey (jadeylynn) or Pen (arthuris1974) Dragon.

Group: secondlife:///app/group/2545eaab-814b-289d-a06a-8725da4309ba/about

Monday, March 26, 2018

PRIMTIONARY @ Creations Park Mondays & Tuesday from 5-6pm SLT

After eleven years of continuous fun, PRIMTIONARY may just be the longest-running, most popular game in Second Life.  The rules are simple: the contestant puts together prims to build out a secret word, while the audience tries to guess the word within 10 minutes. The audience member who gets it right earns the privilege of building the next word. PRIMTIONARY is a challenge for both your mind and your building skills. From easy to impossible, we've got a level for you!

Primtionary ~ Copyright 2004-2016 Yummie Olsen

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Giant Snail Race - Oct 29th 10:30 am slt (Every Saturday)

Absolutely hilarious super silly fun!  If you like to laugh, this is a great event to participate in!  Each week, the giant snails take the track and race across a sim-wide obstacle course.  They wear colored scarves that correspond to colored seating.  The audience sits in the seats whose color matches the scarf of the snail they want to root for, and they are then pulled along with that snail, along the hilarious track that includes giant bouncing mushrooms, a maze with walls that are constantly moving, ramps with falling balls and cows.  There is dancing and cheering and ceremony and laughter.  There is also a weekly theme, with prizes given to Best in Show for decorated snails and Best in Audience for audience members who come dressed in theme.  This is an event where the audience can participate and can even get their own free giant snail and RACE!  Get your snail on!  It's the slimiest sport in Second Life!  This event includes voice,

* retrieved from SL Search

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Looking for a Fun Way to Prank your Friends? Visit The Joke Factory!

The store of choice for any merry prankster, the Joke Factory sells gadgets and animations guaranteed to shock your friends when they least expect it. From exploding toilets,cannibal refrigerators, attacking pumpkins to cartoon chat balloons, not so sweet rose bouquet, joke sprays and kick me signs. It is a great way to share in some silliness and laughter to break boredom.

Try the products out before you buy them!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Mackenzie's Mumblings: Have I Forgotton How To Have Fun? - Mackenzie Abbot Reporting

So, three years and a bit on Second Life and I’ve settled into a routine.  

When I first joined SL, I had no idea what I was doing or, indeed, what I was going to do.  Eventually I found my way and, like most single blokes, decided to explore the sex side first.  I drifted my way around various places, most of which were too full on for my virgin capabilities.  But, somehow, I found a nice little strip club and became friends with the dancers and staff, as well as the various patrons.  Soon, I was doing the horizontal pixel salsa with some of them.  Soon enough, I found DJing and began a whole new career, in a different circle of people, with different outlooks on life.  As my fan group expanded, I came across a BDSM club and began DJing and shagging my way around the staff and VIPs as before.  Eventually I found someone who was, I thought, just right for me and we started dating, eventually partnered and I settled down, away from temptation and all that came with it.

And that, gentle reader, is where I think it all started.

The freebird came home to roost and had his wings clipped.  DJing became a chore rather than pleasure and I ended up selling advertising for the fine publication you are now reading.  I stopped going to clubs and quickly became a frail beige creature with no immediate circle of friends and no inclination to do anything other than check to see which advertisers are due to renew and work out what needs doing at the SLE.  This is my own choice and I enjoy what I do, but it grinds a bit, you know? I became a little disillusioned with SL and quickly found out that I had aged well before my time.  I would rather sit and chat in a skybox somewhere or play table games than go to a club and throw shapes, either solo or with someone.

Mack and Alison, the SLE Ad Assistant.  (She wants me bad)
Photo: Mackenzie Abbot

I have strayed, I will throw my hands up to that.  I cheated twice and ended up having a child with a hostess at a club I used to work at.  It wasn’t something I was proud of but it was the danger, the thrill of maybe getting caught.  However, I never fully appreciated that if my partner ever found out, it would upset her immensely, and it did.  So I have kept away from temptation and buried myself in my work.

In other words, I’ve become boring.

Gone are the days when I could just head off to a club or a sim and just do my own (non-sexual) thing and just be Mack.  The Mackenzie Abbot of old is still in there somewhere, buried under a few layers of elasticated waisted nylon.  So how do I get out of the “drip dry shirt” situation I’m in now and start becoming more “ready to wear”?  I’ve no idea, but you can see my current frame of mind.  I’m comparing myself to shirts, for crying out loud!
Mack has got to the stage of being like an old sheepdog.  The eyes and bowels aren’t what they used to be; he’s maybe a bit whiffy.  A faithful old friend.  Yet, despite all that, you couldn’t shoot him in the face; you just couldn’t.  You just watch him plodding around and getting on with life.  You feel like you should do something yet you can’t.

Billy No Mates
Photo: Mackenzie Abbot

Maybe I just need to take time out and rediscover what it means to be Mackenzie Abbot again.  Obviously, there couldn’t be sex involved as that’s a big no-no.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t maybe just take myself off to a club or venue and take it all in.  I don’t have to have company all the time; alone time is good too.  Although, sometimes it’s nice to share your down time with someone.  Seeing as, at time of writing, my partner works nights and sleeps during the day, it’s almost never her; so I have to see if my friends have some downtime that they are willing to share with me.  If they do, great!  If not, I’m scuppered and the usual course of action is to log off and do something else, like watch porn.  Trust me, porn solves everything!  Fap Fap! Hooray!  (Sorry!)

The author, having finally lost his mind

So, before I too have to go and work for the man (job starts in 8 days at time of writing), I’ve decided to try and reignite my interest in SL by trying things I hadn’t done before.  Something that might work really well, or fall flat on its face.

But that, dear reader, is for another day.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Spotlight on Wild Angels Rock Club & Lounge

Rock Clubs can be found all over the grid but there is one in particular that caught our attention. Located at Sage Estates, Wild Angels Rock Club & Lounge is an active venue with regulars who often come together for great conversation and a good time. This club is owned and operated by CJ Torva and stays busy day and night featuring some of the coolest DJs on the grid that engage with the crowd and have a great sense of humor. You can expect to hear soft, classical and hard rock, top hits and even pop music.   Music and dance balls aren’t the only features this rock club has though. Visitors can participate in Truthball, Trivia, lucky chairs, random money givers and Greedy.  There are no strict rules and it is Bloodlines friendly.  We caught up with CJ Torvo to learn more about Wild Angels and what makes it so successful.

Lanai: When was Wild Angels Rock Club & Lounge established?
CJ: Wild Angels Rock Club & Lounge (Originally just Wild Angels), was created back in April of 2014 with strong encouragement from a few special people; Bry, Derekb, Decode Ashdene, Fishicus, Seabluetears and Lil Duckie with myself.

Lanai: What inspired you to create Wild Angels and how would you describe the atmosphere?
CJ: We only wanted a place that we could hang out together. Wild Angels was never planned to be the size it is now. I hope if you ask anyone about the atmosphere, they would say exactly that; a place all our friends can hang out together. We get wild, we have fun. To be a Wild Angel is a SL lifestyle. It's letting go of real life and coming to a place where it's ok to be different. But it's all our differences that make us alike.

Lanai:  Wild AngelsRock Club & Lounge has an impressive active atmosphere, what is your secret to success?
CJ: Lanai, you are not the first to ask what our secret is. It's just something you have to experience.

Lanai: Fair enough. What type of activities can be found at Wild Angels?

CJ: Wild Angels is and always has been a Bloodline friendly club. We encourage all Clans, Hordes, and Guilds here. Any of them may request their family crest or logo to be put on our walls. We also have Bloodline vendors and looking to add a refill station.  We encourage all Bloodline activities including recruiting with a couple basic rules; No random attacks, no spamming, No hunting from other families.
    We have also always been supportive of new players. We offer Lucky Chairs, Trivia, Random Money Give-a-Way and Raffles. We are also known to give a shout out to pass any transferrable items our VIPs can to new players to help them get started.
    Wild Angels also has a theater where anyone with a Wild Angels group tag on can access and enjoy a variety of movies including other television stations.
    Other activities? Wow, I mean we have weekly regular events like Wet Wednesdays where we party all day on the beach, BangFest Tuesday Night with DJ Satori and Bry where we play extreme heavy Head-banging Music. Under Wear Thursdays for the sole purpose of having a reason to party in our undies.
    But I guess what I really want to express is our VIPs ARE the Activity. We truly do have the best VIPs in Sl and always fun to be around. So when you ask what activities we have.....The Club itself is an Activity.

Lanai: I can agree with that.Every successful venue has key players that help make it what it is. Who makes up your team of managers, DJs, Hosts and dancers?
CJ: So much I want to reply. The simple answer you are looking for is: My Sr. Manager and best friend bryonyjasmine. The two floor managers that do an amazing job are Tipona and Selectiveheart. Satorijanelle is our very talented and passionate Staff Manager. We also have a team of 3 Event Postings Managers; Selectiveheart posts on Bloodlines and we also have Naposhh and Lilieah that do all our SL Events Postings.
    I do not want this question getting past without stressing the greatness in stage staffing Wild Angels has. Committed DJs and Hosts that also step up to cover a slot so our VIPs have that ready for them. We go deep in commitment and passion and dedication.

Lanai: Are you currently hiring? If so, what is the application process?
CJ: Wild Angels is always hiring.  We are always looking for a deeper selection of both DJs and Hosts to keep us rockin' and having fun.

    Our hiring process is a 2-step process.
    First, applicants get to meet Bry. Bry sorts out the potential drama makers and if they have what it takes to be a Wild Angel team member in attitude and spirit.
    Assuming they get past Bry, they get forwarded on to Satori where potential members show her what they got and can bring to the table in skill, potential, and originality that still falls in line of our standards.

    We take applicants extremely serious. It is our Djs and Hosts that are the faces of Wild Angels. What they do on stage and how they treat VIPs is a crucial aspect of growth and retention. We don't expect perfection, just professionalism. Perfection will follow when you understand what it means to be a Wild Angel.

Additional Information:
Group: cc2ddbe2-8584-48c0-e6b5-120362202200

Friday, May 15, 2015

Spring Hunts Happening Now in Second Life- Tea Couturier Reporting...

 Spring Hunts are just as fun as Christmas and Easter hunts if that is what you love to do in Second Life. If you pick the right hunts you will find something either you always wanted or something which you never thought of but glad you found.
I have participated in my fair share of hunts and am  proud to say I have picked good ones to participate in.  I’m here to help guide you in the right direction if you got the hunting bug.

Boudreaux lost his marbles and he needs them back in time for the tournament! Wearing your HUD, find all twenty marbles and hear funny stories along the way. When your HUD is completely filled, return to hunt HQ to collect your rewards. The hunt takes place in New Toulouse, an early 1900s-themed Louisiana community celebrating its 7th year in Second Life.

This hunt spans from  May 9th to May 30th
Hunt info:

The May Day Hunt at Cleavage! May 1st – May 22nd

Spring is well and truly here and Cleavage wants to celebrate the season with a hunt!  Designers will be offering hunters some lovely 1L hunt items with a springtime theme! 
Join the in-world “I <3 Cleavage group for help with the hunt.

Participating designers have hidden their hunt gifts at their shops at Cleavage. You’ll be looking for the strawberry hunt item below:

Doll Up May 25th – June 25th 2015

Applications Date May 10th
Any Other Info Application can be filled out online at

Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt
SLurl to starting location

Let’s Have A Makeover  05/01/2015 – 05/31/2015

The Fae Hunt /1/15 – 6/1/15
Release your inner pixie with The Fae Hunt. This grid wide hunt is themed around fantasy. Magic, elves, folklore, demons, wizards, castles, etc.!

Now that you have an assortment of fun themed hunts to choose from I wish you luck and Happy Hunting!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spotlight on Daddy-O’s – Silky Soulstar Reporting…

The saxophone solo from Gerry Rafferty’s Baker’s Street plays melodically in the background as a Playboy playmate wins the volleyball battle of the sexes against Daddy-O’s owner Mark Ussy.  Everyone is laughing at Ussy because the playmate is hardly attired for volleyball and is actually wearing a dress. But mind you this is no ordinary playmate. She’s SL Playboy Mansion co-owner Jennifer Beverly.

Later, a beautiful sunset graces the boardwalk at the shore, but people are drawn to the party inside the bowling alley and diner where DJ Weeblewolf Pinion spins more music in his own self-deprecating style.  Innuendos, wolf-howls, and silly humor soar as people mock, yet at the same time give into the celestial orb sploder.  It’s as amusing as it is rewarding, and enough to inspire you to get out of your IM’s and into Local Chat.

By itself, Daddy-O’s is a wonderfully creative entertainment destination for Second Lifers. The breathtaking sunset and sunrise views are perfect venues for couples to take in a romantic dance. And besides the aforementioned bowling alley and its monthly high score contest, a working pool table, large boardwalk, and unique shops also offer visitors good ways to socially come together and enjoy their time in SL.  

Even during times when no events are taking place at Daddy-O’s, visitors can click around the SIM and pick the songs they want to hear by using the Wolf Howls jukeboxes.  However, occasional social tie-ins with the SL Playboy Mansion adjacent on the SIM also give Daddy-O’s real entertainment cache from time to time.

Ultimately regardless of what is happening on SIM, fun rules.  And Mark Ussy takes his fun seriously-fun. That is about as serious as we need to be with that statement.  The SL Enquirer sat down with Mr. Ussy to see what the fun at Daddy-O’s is all about.

Enquirer: You have a lot of interactivity on the SIM, things to play with.

Mark Ussy: “I liken it to having a group gathering in RL at a local community park.  Missy and I wanted to develop a place where people can come and interact with each other. Use the SIM as it’s laid out to make their own fun regardless of whether an event is going on or not.”

Enquirer: The SIM’s imagery is kind of fun to browse. It feels a little bit like Mystic Pizza.

Mark Ussy: “I think our approach is pretty unique. We did it in retro to give it that feel-good, feel-at-home ambiance.”

Enquirer: Sort of summer at the Jersey Shore, or Southern California?

Mark Ussy: “Exactly! That is the kind of feeling we were inspired to provide. Heck you can bring your family here and enjoy a night out with no hassles ... just good family fun. Or bring your significant other and enjoy the dance areas, and the incredible sunset views at our Sunset Park as you dance to the songs you pick in the jukebox. It’s all up to you!”

Enquirer: You have a couple of partnerships on the SIM.  It’s a nice sign of collaboration.

Mark Ussy: “Along with our SIM partner the SL Playboy Mansion we get a lot of crossover crowds. They may do the event at the Mansion then come to Daddy-O's to bowl or just hang out. And Weeblewolf Pinion’s The Wolf Howls jukebox allows visitors to choose their music while they enjoy all that we have to offer on the SIM as well. We know that this is a real change in the paradigm of SL entertainment, and we feel it’s time to get the word out to all the grid about what we have to offer.”

Enquirer: That sounds interesting.  Are there any other SL trends you are keeping your eye on?

Mark Ussy: “In all honesty we try to stick to our core beliefs and mission. Sure we have our events, but we felt SL was so "events structured" that we wanted to give people the chance to just come and enjoy themselves in whatever form that takes...within reason of course.”

Enquirer: So it is all about the fun.

Mark Ussy: “As is our tagline … Daddy-O’s is where fun rulez!”

Indeed Daddy-O’s might be the best kept secret in SL. But rest assured that is not for long. Visit the shore, take in the atmosphere, and let your fun rule.