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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Poll - Do We Need a Legal System in SL?

April July?!!

Last week, Second Life Avatar, Holger Gilruth, posted an article on his blog, which stated that the Firestorm Viewer was going to be banned from Second Life. The reason he gave for the supposed blocking of the viewer is "creators of the Firestorm Viewer has stolen thousands of Login details with his products the firestorm viewer".

Of course this story was without any facts and was completely false. The story also drew a response from the Firestorm Project Manager, Jessica Lyon:

"We’ve been receiving reports of concern from our users today over another user by the name of Holger Gilruth. Holger has apparently decided to state on his blog that we have been stealing login data and that LL has blocked Firestorm and removed us from the Third Party Viewer Directory.  His motivation for such nonsense seems to be because we haven’t issued an update yet to address the flickr uploader problem" You can read the rest of Jessica Lyon's post by clicking here.

Second Life, like real life is going to have people who lie or try to damage the reputation of an individual or a business. In this case, Holger Gilruth did more harm to his reputation and self, judging by both the in world and social media commentary on his actions. In real life you can take a person to court for slander or libel. In Second Life you can file an AR report or hit the SL blogosphere. This leads to the question of, should Second Life have a different system for handling people who are out to ruin the reputation of an individual or business in world? If so, what should this type of system look like? Should it mirror real life courts or just be a mediator style system? Send us your suggestions and comments below:


  1. Players should be allowed to shoot lawyers in the head just like whores and druggies in GTA.

  2. I think there should be a standard legal system created by Linden Lab and Judges should have to go to school and learn those statutes. LL should examine the Judges activities in sl and determine who can be accepted to that school. I think a legal system is needed badly.


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