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Friday, August 1, 2014

SL Poll Results: How Do You Feel About the New Virtual World From Linden Labs

Well the public has spoken! Last week we asked our readers how they felt about the new virtual world announcement from Linden Labs. Below are the results:

The last question was option and asked our readers to provide their thoughts and comments on the upcoming new virtual world from Linden Labs. Below are some of these comments:

  1. ive signed up for alpha access to high fidelity. excited about the developements and oculus rift functionality
  2.  As a fairly new Member of SL and Loving it as well!....
  3. Maybe the new platform would be better being reimagined as SL 2.0 that way it would be the same stuff just upgraded but nobody would lose anything :) be great for accessability
  4.  SL is amazing BECAUSE of the users.... 
  5. They have figured it out and made it the best, so its important to listen to what "THEY " are asking for and only then will the new VW work as good as this one is...


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